Her tiny little white skirt

I was at the bar yesterday and there was a much younger crowd than normal. A lot of ** young ladies most of them wearing leggings showing off there tight little ** and visible thong lines. Than a girl shows up wearing a tiny white pleated skirt that looked so ** good on her! Then I catch her bending over and I could see her white thong. I wanted to chew a hole through the ** of them. I felt ashamed because she was only maybe 19 years old and she had my ** at full attention all night just lloking at her hot little body

Mar 18

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  • Nothing sexier than a peek at a cute girl's **.
    Bare **'s should be saved for the GYN's office visits.

  • I'm the oldest of 8 in a strictly religious family. Twenty five years ago I got a scholarship to a university in Houston. Thankfully it was 8 hrs from home. lol
    My wardrobe was very conservative. After the school year started, my roommate took me out clubbing on the weekends and since we were the same size she let me borrow her cloths. She did a complete make over on me. She took me to Victoria's Secret and I bought my first pair of thongs. Before we went clubbing the first night, I wore a crop top, no bra, mini skater skirt and heels.
    We met a few frat guys, had a few drinks, smoked a few joints and went to a club. I had the best time dancing on a crowded floor with hands feeling me up. During my four years in college, I'm glad I was able to live the experience.
    I hooked up with my roommate a few times and had 11 one night stands. Each wore a condom. lol
    I guess I should mention, I had a boyfriend back home the entire time and we're married with kids to this day.

  • Short skirt and thong, she was showing off for you

  • Interesting how us guys are so visual. Fixated on what we can't see. I guess all about what we can't have.

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