Wife wanted some too

Back when I was married to my first wife, at first we stayed very faithful to each other. But my own desires for different got me going back to see this lady that did rubdowns at her house and finished them with a dandy ** session, with her ** out. I had been seeing her a couple of times a month long before my wife and I even met, so I didn't see anything wrong with it.
But, of course, I got caught and there was ** to pay. Her idea to get even was to get rubbed herself, except in the 60's there almost was no such thing as any guys doing massages and the wife was not into girls at all. After one of our glorious fights on the subject, I blew my stack and told her to just go out and find some guy and get laid. Surprise, she did exactly that. So, I did too, then so did she, more fights, more BS. We ended up breaking up over it but not before there were lots and LOTS of "incidents." Let's face it, ** other people right in front of each other just to ** each other off is pretty bad. So, when I found my 2nd wife, I took a different approach which I will relate later on.

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I watched my step daughter in the hot tub

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