My wife Clair and I started out with a swing club when our children were very young and over the years we have visited other clubs with friends being very careful not to bring our swinging circle to where our children would know .

Clair has had many lovers over the years Black, White, Asian, Mexican you name it but now we were in our middle 40s and our children are on their own and I really prefer watching her with other men more than ** some other guys wife so we have shifted into wife sharing lately and Clair still a very attractive lady so we have no problem finding guys to ** her.

Rod a guy we have met with a few times came by last night wanting some action so we moved into the living room and put on a ** tape of her and another guy we had met with.
It wasn't long before we all got into it and Clair laughed when we both started fooling around freeing her 36 _B cup ** and biting them as Rod had her skirt pulled up around her waist and Clair raised up so he could push her ** down around her ankles.

Clair opened her knees so that he had access to her ** and he started ** ** her as they kissed and I chewed on her ** while I used my index ** to rub her **.

Clair was getting very wet and her ** was sending out a delicious doer So I quit and pushed Rod's hand out of the way and started to lick her ** and she really likes this she had Rods ** in her right hand and her other hand was on the back of my head holding my mouth on her **.

I was taking y time enjoying this and Clair would moan in disappointment when I stopped to catch a breath and she was sucking in his tongue as though it was a ** now and her body was responding to us .

I knew she was close to the finish line and she was really holding mu mouth on her ** now grinding her ** against my teeth then she moaned around his tongue nd her hips jerked and I saw her tummy muscles contract and I taster her ** as she came is I eagerly licked her clean as Clair leaned back gasping for breath she sighed then laughed her tinkling laugh of release as I licked her fluids.

We talked and kidded around for a few minutes and when she could breath normally again she said OK Jim I am going to ** you off than I am going to take Rod into the bedroom ad ** him.

Clair gives great head so I stood and dropped my pants as she kneeled on the carpet in front of me and she took my ** and licked my ** head like a lollypop and then she licked my shaft and sucked on my ** for a short time then she mouthed my ** and she started to ** me and she can ** my 7 inch ** so she did this several times then stopped and said warn me before you ** and who was I to say no to that Rod got behind her and lifted her ** up so he could ** her to an I was having trouble watching her mouth on my ** and his ** in her **.

Clair must have been a little distracted at first with a ** in her mouth and one in her ** and then she was in control letting him ** her but concentrating on my ** and I warned her that I was going to ** soon so she stopped her ** and only sucked on my ** head stroking my shaft with her fingers.
I felt the pressure of my release build until my ** built up to my release and it almost hurt when my ** exploded and Clair was sucking and swallowing as fast as she could but a lot of my ** was flooding out around her lips and running down my shaft and coating my ** as she milked my ** for the last of my sperm.
I had to pee so I dashed into the bathroom and washed myself off after taking a leak and Clair and Rod was already ** in or bed
I was still breathing hard as I watched the wrestle around ** in several different positions until Clair came again and then Rod finished up to.

I so much like our lifestyle and my wife is the only woman that I want.

Next Confession

Idiot Kirk camorn

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  • What a lucky lady. I’m jealous

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