All of my friends terrify me

I am a 17 year old boy and I am terrified about what my friends think of me. I am constantly afraid that they see the worst in me, and I tend to panic when I'm around them. I already consider my self kind of....uhhh..."Degenerate" as a whole. I'm Claustrophilic Technophilic, Masochistic, have a Feet, Macro, Water, Hypno, and Spit fetish (among other things) and I feel like if any of my friends really knew that, then it would ruin our relationship and they wouldn't want to relate to someone like me. Maybe I'm just paranoid. But I'm starting to wonder how well my friends really know the "real" cliche as that may sound

Dec 16, 2020

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  • Pathetic t***.Grow a pair.

  • Okay, fetishes are completely normal. I have a fetish for f****** vaginal discharge lmao, and yeah I feel you about the spit fetish too. I've explored both fetishes and found people who've explored them with me, completely 'normal' people until doors are shut and curtains are closed. Everyone has their kinks.

    But these are private things for each person. You share them only with the people who'll get behind closed curtains and doors with you, only with people you'll practise them with. And ALWAYS ask what they like and ask for permission before doing stuff. Or you can talk about your fetishes online in communities of people who also enjoy them, though I'd recommend making a separate burner account for that sort of stuff lol. I guarantee some of your friends are in those communities with anon accounts already.

    I know damn well that at least a 2/3 of the people I know would consider my fetishes f***** up, but it doesn't matter at all since I won't be sharing those moments with them. As long as a fetish doesn't harm anyone, it's fine. And if a person likes to be tied up and smacked/degraded then that's not harming them, you're just triggering their fetishes.

  • Everyone has their degenerate fetishes. that being said its good to put some limits on your fetishes.

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