Landlady to sugar mommy to wife

I'm now 23 female. Born into a small town family with not much though I managed to put myself in a 2-year college health program with part-time jobs. Moved out after landing a healthcare job in a big city at 21 which came with a decent pay allowing me to provide for my younger bro who just started college.

However I'm unable to save much for myself after paying rent and sending bro cash. I started searching for an additional part-time job by asking around including my landlady. She runs a few businesses and offered me to be her part-time assistant. She's always been a friendly and helpful landlady so I agreed. I worked the hospital night shift so I'd swing by her office during the day to help with paperwork and stuff, she offered a good hourly rate too.

After a month or so she started getting more touchy like hugs etc and started asking me about my dating life and sexuality, I answered honestly that I was single and bi.

Some time later at her office when it was just the two of us she asked me if I found her attractive. Despite her being 11 years older than me, she had a finer bod than me and her sultry face only complemented it further. I told her what I thought and she asked if I'd like to get naughty. I was very shocked at the moment I just nodded and we did it on her office desk.

The next day she texted me saying I didn't have to show for work and she'd like to meet me for dinner instead. I agreed and we arranged a time shortly before my hospital shift. Over dinner she made me an offer, s** twice a week in return for what she's paying me, free rent and I don't have to work for her anymore. We had a great time so I agreed right away, besides, I could use all that extra cash.

Fast forward a year of our relationship, I was 22 and she was 33. She had a new offer. I quit my job, move in with her to be her domestic sugar baby, I'll do the chores, cook and provide her companionship and adequate s**. In return, she'll provide me an allowance double of what I make at the hospital and pay for my bro's tuition fee upfront. It took me days to think it over but I agreed, and it was a decision I did not regret.

Deeper feelings surfaced since living together and 6 months later we got married. Fast forward again 6 months which brings us to today;

I'm now a 23 y/o housewife married to a wonderful 34 y/o business woman who was my landlady, then sugar mommy to now partner. Thank you for reading my life story :)

Dec 16, 2020

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  • Hot. Two good looking women as well.

  • Lesbians are hot i will join you both while you have s** mmmmm cheers navie, And i will do you both very nicely.30y/o white guys, fit and healthy, no smoking not alcohol. You both will enjoy .

  • Ok then 🙄

  • Hmmmmmmmm

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