Sucking by gay male.

I want a steady gay head giver that loves to swallow str8 guy c**. i prefer gay male cocksuckers as that is what i like wraped around my c***.there is nothing better than when the lips slide over the head on the way down to the base over and over travel to get regular c** load removal..and maybe other s** as well.i really love to get sucked off.

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  • I go on grindrrr alot. Best place for me to find a think meaty c*** to suck.and most of them are striggt dude like you. Don't like to talk. Crusin made easier this way. We meet up, they get in my vehicle, and pull it right out. And I go to town. I dont stop until every drop os out. Then they say thanx and get lost.

  • Where are you ? area?

  • I meet some one new from double list. this guy knows how to get the best c** load from me. spends about 45 min or so working over my c*** shaft and head. has now sucked me off around 60 times now. says i have the best load he has sucked out.and a nice thick c*** shaft and head made for sucking.i love it when the lips pass over the head on the way down to the base of the shaft .

  • Area you are in? ill drain you every day.

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