I snorted cocaine off a hookers ass hole.

Dec 16

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  • Someone's been watching "The Departed" and thinks they're Jack Nicholson! LOL

  • Delicious! I totally envy you! Congratulations!

  • I also slurp peanut butter off my dogs peen, will you high five me for that too

  • No, because it's gross. Catching up with a real pro, however, is MAGNIFICENT and should be praised and admired!!

  • Too bad, you gotta accept the entire package bro

  • You gotta get over yourself, bro. Those things do not go together in any f****** way, you brainless cretin.

  • You need to grow a brain, bro. Just because you're in denial doesn't mean they don't go together like peanut butter and... well, apparently, dog peen. LOL

  • #yousickmotherfuck#

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