Brother in law gropes

My husband's sister's husband whenever he gets a chance gropes me and try to feel my p**** and press my b****. I try to avoid being alone in his presence. I am unable to complaint thinking of family relationships. I am afraid one day he may rape me.

Dec 17, 2020

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  • Tell him if he doesn't stop you will tell everyone in the family and then be sure to let your husband know what's going on and what you intend to do. If the BIL does it again, punch him in the face, hope to break his nose and kick him so hard in his b**** he'll wonder if he's still a man. Then I would announce to the family that you did that because you had to protect yourself from this rapist. (You may also want to make a point of turning on your phone to record whenever he's around. It's kind of nice to have some proof for the few who. may not believe you.) Then let everyone know that you will never go to any family event again if he is going to be there or you will call the police on him and he'll forever be branded as a s** offender. IF your husband does not defend you and stand by you, you may want to start consulting with an attorney.

  • In a similar situation I was forced upon by my BIL and now he enjoys f****** me whenever he wishes.

  • Do you swallow?

  • Yes. It’s a sin to waste c**.

    You need to swallow it or have it c** inside of you

  • When my arrogant, thought could do whatever he wanted to, future brother in law and dentist, went to a football game with a bunch of us, and my hot older sister, he groped her ass twice before she told him to lay off, and, told me to stay behind her to block his hands from going up her ass, he'd groped her so tight. She took the first one as a fun, playful, drunk thing, but the second one, which I saw myself and was already moving behind her so he'd keep his hands off of her, was tight and more inside her crotch than an ass grab.

    He continued to laugh and carry on with a few guys, then rudely asked me "Why are you blocking that hot piece of ass from me? Not like she's giving it to you", which he was wrong but she and I kept that to ourselves. Even if she hadn't have told me to stay behind her to keep his hands off, I would have anyway. One, I hated the guy, and two, nobody was grabbing her ass but me. I kept him away all day. He never did it again.

  • Honey, let him have his fun. Shoot he probably a good f***.

    Personally I’m jealous. It’s Christmas and my hubby is upstairs right now f****** my 1/2 sister. I wanted to f*** my Brother-in-law but he is too drunk to get it up.

  • My brother in law started flirting in a similar way and I was one day submissively raped which I enjoyed. We keep the s** activity still.

  • He can't rape you if you let him have it....

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