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I am your typical bored housewife, Married somewhat happily I guess, 3 kids, 37, 5'4" 135 lbs, Blonde, Shoulder length hair, Blue eyes, and had a ** job 3 years ago. My life is...Mundayne, I have lots of friends, I work, I volunteer, I do and do and do but I feel like I am stuck in a rut.
I went to see some family a month or so ago and when I did I ran into someone, I hadn't met her before but we got talking at the grocery store and she invited me for coffee the next morning so I went, Immediately I noticed she was dressed...Comfortably, T-shirt and shorts...Nothing else but hey, it was morning and we were at her house, 2 cups of coffee in she starts asking about my...Chest. I don't usually bring it up but if someone asks (Girls) I am not shy to talk about it, Then ** spirals out of control and she has her top off, I was like "Wow, How did we get here" but...She asks about mine and I show her.
Keep in mind I have known her for a total of...Hmmm...About 3 hours at this point, Soon we are standing in front of each other ** and I am giving her my opinion on her ** as I hold them and she is feeling mine very...Uh...Like she is inspecting them, I probably let my guard down a bit because she was being very...Non sexual about it but...Then she asks about nip sensitivity and she starts touching them and they pop right up which I guess she seen as her cue and she kissed me, I paused, My brain just stopped working completely for a couple seconds and then kicked back in.
I am standing in the kitchen of some girl I have known for 3 ish hours, Neither of us had a top on, I am still cupping her **, She is rolling my nips between her fingers and we are kissing. I didn't want to freak out, I just calmly pulled back and put my hands on her wrists and pushed her hands down, I looked at her and said "I'm sorry but I am married". Never thought I would say that to a girl but anyway she puts her hands on my waist and my feet and like glued to the floor, I was not moving so she pulls herself closer to me and our ** are touching and she BEGS, No ** BEGS me to...Whatever with her and I am so scared and so nervous and I explain to her that I never have and she offers to guide me through it and be gentle. I spend probably another 10-12 minutes ** before getting back to my top and putting it on, She is visibly disappointed but I leave on good terms, We add each other on facebook and we text for a week before she asks if I want to come visit her, I carefully decline and a couple weeks go by before she asks again, I carefully decline and Tuesday she asks again, says her kids are with their dad and she will be all alone.
Now here is my question and I don't want to hear from some dude sitting in his moms basement ** to my story...I want to hear from females who:
A) Are currently with a girl.
B) Have been with a girl in the past.
C) Have been in a similar situation.
D Married but have had thoughts about doing something similar.
Can this be a random thing?
Did I already go too far to back out by making "Friends" with her?
Is it cheating...Plain and simple...Is it?
I have not decided to do it, I have not been with a girl so this is completely uncharted waters for me, I wouldn't have proabably ever thought about this if it hadn't happened the way it did and I never thought I would be with anyone but a guy however the situation is intriguing to me and I find myself getting aroused at the idea but I can't decide if it's the idea of a girl or the idea of something risky and sexual in nature.
I would appreciate some advice, Guys...** it and move on, No comments needed.

Next Confession

Not fair.

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  • Go for it. What is the worst that can happen? You make a close friend.

  • The best response to “Is this cheating?” Is, ask your spouse. We can’t define this for your relationship.

  • Hah... just experiment with her.... enjoy....

  • Ok, I am an older male but please read. First let me say I am a very feminine married male and often explore my feminine side. The reason I tell you this is to be honest with you. I to was going no place in my marriage, when one of my wife's male relative's had to move in with us, this put a big cramp in my lingerie wearing as I didn't want to get caught by him. well instead of staying for just a few weeks it turned into months, it was now summer time and when I knew he would not be around I would lay around the back yard in just **. One day he caught me (and here is where it gets like your story) snuck up on me and was very interested and try to convince me to let him touch me, I refused and told him I was not into men. He then asked me if the wife knew about my ** stuff, I didn't answer but he could tell by the look on my face that she didn't, well he was touching me and made me touch him, then he did a lot of things to me that I will not but here but after a while I got used of it and we became great friends after that. I guess what I am trying to say is that if it will not ruin your marriage and you enjoyed it at all is go for it what have you got to loose? if you don't like it you don't have to try anything else with her but if you do well it just might spruce up your ** life with your hubby if you want it to. Hope i did not offend you

  • Fascinating.

  • Yes you should! And don’t waste another minute.

    I’m a 49 year old Mother of 3. Been married 25 years. About 15 years ago when the kids were small we had neighborhood play dates. My neighbor and I grew quite close. She ended up walking in on me while I was showering. Next thing I knew we were showering together , ** each other and kissing. It was amazing and we still enjoy each other’s company today.

    I love my hubby but nothing gets me as aroused as being with Andrea. I love it when we kiss and when she licks my ** I gush. No man has made me gush

    Since her hubby can’t get it up any more, she joins Jim and I for a ** regularly for the last 7 years or so. I love to watch him ** her hard. She is petite and he is hung so it is hot to watch him go “all in”. The only requirement we have is that my hubby can’t ** her without me and I get to lick up the mess.

    Being with Andrea has made my ** life complete. We have ** much more often together (girl:girl) than we ever have with any men in our lives even our husbands

  • Mam, with all due respect, I do believe the young guys in their basements reading this & slapping Sammy actually have useful advice. I think I can speak for all of us, so here it goes: Two milfs bumping their pink tacos is not an act of being unfaithful. At your age it is totally normal to think about & then become aroused at the thought of another woman’s body. Your not having ** for Gods sake. It’s natural to be curious!! If you have ever laid in bed at night & were having impure thoughts & slip your hand into your lace ** & rub one out, that’s as good as the actual act. Don’t be sorry you dint do it. If not for yourself, do it for us???

  • I have been in your situation, I was also married...21 years, At 41 I had a situation arise where I went out on a girls night and found myself voyeuring 2 girls I knew or thought I knew quite well, We had all gotten trashed and I dozed off on the couch, I woke up later and heard noises, I was at my friends place but knew her husband was away until monday so I was...Curious, I peeked into her room and seen the two of them full on. I watched for a bit then quietly sneaked out but that image stayed in my head. 3 years later I had an opportunity and took it, No one knew for over a year and we continued a relationship then my husband and I split. I chose...And this was just my choice, I chose not to have a full relationship with her but to just be FWB. It doesn't have to progress to a full relationship, We tarvel together, Hang out with all of our friends still and no one has any idea.

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