Not fair.

I am a 23 year old female, Engaged to a 25 year old male, We have plans for a summer wedding and we agreed to do one thing for each other sexually before getting married, We did my thing and it was awesome, I may even add it to the regular rotation if he actually enjoyed it as much as he says he did, The problem arose when he finally decided on his thing, His words were and I quote "I want to watch a girl go down on you" end quote.
I have not been with a girl in any way other than kissing like girls tend to do to tease boys, I don't think about girls in that way and I have never put any thought into "Being with" a girl but...I told him I would consider it, I did, I thought it over and said I would on one condition, It was to be a girl going down on me, He said that, Not a threeway, Not me going down on a girl, just a girl go down on me and done and he said that was what he wanted. No jokes I spent a month thinking about who, How, When, Where and then made my move, My friend who I will call Pamela was the one I thought would be the one I would consider it with, Pam is my dopelganger and we are very close friends...Much closer now but we have been asked repeatedly if we are sisters or even twins but we are no relation which makes it even weirder that we ever even met and are friends.
New years eve we got drunk, I started getting flirty with her and she came right out and asked me when we were alone if I was trying to have s** with her, I straight up told her what I wanted and she played it off like I was joking at first and then when I asked if she was coming over she thought for a second and said "F*** it, Lets do this". Blah, Blah, Blah, We are back at the appartment, I lay back, Pull my dress up and she gets on her knees, She didn't waste any time and although I would have liked a little more foreplay she made up for it.
We are full on, I have my legs wrapped around her head and I open my eyes, My fiance is sitting in a chair jerking, Ok, All good. I lay back and then open them a minute later and he is standing beside the bed jerking, Ok, Whatever, Then he puts his hand on my b***, I push it away and tell him just to watch, He lays on the bed laying the opposite way to me so he is up close watching but keeps trying to get me to play with his d*** or suck it and he is frustrating me so I call a halt to everything. I tell him "No, Just watch and enjoy", He backs off and we go again, Well...He can't just sit back and starts groping her, I call a stop again and say "Nooooo, That is way off limits", and we continue.
So this goes on and on and I am getting more and more frustrated with him and have to stop again, We are all drunk and my friend is going down on a girl for the first time, I have a girl going down on me for the first time and my fiance is ruining it.
I tell him that this is what he asked for and if he can't handle it then we can just stop, He says he will get it together and I get on the bed, On my knees with my hea dand shoulders down, She starts and flipps my dress up then goes to work. I chose this position because I knew I would not last long like that and she, for someone who has never done it was a master at it, She had it going on and I am looking back, He is standing beside her basically jerking so I know what he is doing, He has his c*** right beside her face but she is busy and not paying attention to him, I feel that electric "Wave" flow through my body, I shiver, I feel it again and then....BAM the BIG O right there on my knees, Oh my good god what a mind blower that was.
Then...he comes, Pam is giving me the post O cool down licks, A little come down massage on my b**** and he starts to come on me back there, Pam is a good sport and keeps going and then he shoots a wad on the side of her face, She slaps his leg and says "Don't" very sternly, He finishes up on me and she was actually still going, Just totally soft and gentle, I was past the cool down stage and was actually starting to feel a new one building but then she says "No, You were told no" and he is trying to rub his d*** on her mouth. I roll over and she crawls up on the bed beside me, We kiss and hold each other a little and just relax.
He pipes up and starts saying he wants me to do it to her, I say "That wasn't part of the deal" and he starts in on her, "You want it don't you, Do you want her to lick your p****" Blah, Blah, Blah, Anyway he ends up totally ruining it and I probably would have done it if he would have just shut up about it and who knows, I may have even went for a threeway but it was his constant nattering that ruined it for all of us. She leaves and goes home saying straight up that she loved it and is h**** and needs to go home to m*********, She leaves after he basically begs her to stay and we will help her and then I am like "WTF dude, What happened to your brain" and now he is mad at me, He says I should have known that when he said that he meant more...Don't pull your s*** on me, That's what you said. That's what you got, I went way outside my comfort zone for you, You don't get to do this now, It's unfair after what I did for you.

Dec 17, 2020

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  • He is an idiot and doesn't deserve your openness. If he was patient and respected you he may have had his fantasy one day...but he wouldn't have deserved it.

  • He has NO Respect for you or your friend.
    It is All about Him and his wants and I didn't hear him ask you, he is only telling you and not asking.
    I think he sounds like a guy that is thinking about his fantasy only.
    You are a very special person and you Deserve a much better person than this guy.
    But this is only my option of him!!
    Enjoy your life possibly with out him!!

  • God you sound like a whiner. Chill out and realize the event had three people involved not just you. He might just be better off moving on from you.

  • Where was his brain! i'm glad u held your ground.

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