Well, he did what he promised to do


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  • Yep

  • Trump is a moron and idiot and very delusional! it is because of him that the crime rate in America has sky rocketed! He is also a liar,crook,criminal and failed leader! People have to be stupid to follow and support him!

  • Have you forgotten Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert F Kennedy, the American Civil War, slavery, segregation, high school shootings, domestic terrorism?

    All of these things happened before Donald Trump.

  • Hmmm... all persons whose ideology doesn't match your dumbed-down one. What a coincidence!

    Lincoln was a Republican, before that party became the one of brain-damaged toddlers. Nice try, little one. Now go eat your hot pockets and watch some more Faux News.

  • Yep. And the pressure is building. Certain people are going to learn the hard way that they are not the only ones capable of terrorizing people around them. Sleep well Qtards ;)

  • This right f ucking here. Saddle up, b itches.

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