Wife Susan

I have posted several experiences that Susan and I have had and we have gotten a few comments so This happened a year ago .

Well first after Sue agreed to be shared she laid down a few rules and they were that if she was going to be shared she intended to enjoy it also and she told me that she was going t s**** the guy and enjoy it as much as she did me and I wasn't allowed to stop her if she wanted to Kiss and make out with the guy .

I was so into wanting to watch some guy f*** her that I agree to it and at first I had some very strong regrets but now I have gotten used to it .

Back to the post we had watched a movie and stopped before going home to have a drink and we were talking and Susan was looking around then she said I will be back in a few minutes and she got up and walked over to the bar and started talking to this young guy with a cowboy hat and boots.

I watched knowing that something was up as they talked then she pointed over at me and said something and he looked back and forth between her and I a couple times then he shrugged his shoulders and Sue took his hand and I figured that they would go out to his car and f*** but they headed toward the men's room and she was laughing and they slipped inside.

I laughed the she is so daring an I was tempted to go and see what they were doing but I sat there sipping my drink several guys used the men's room but none of them acted surprised or anything.
I guess it was almost 10 minutes before she came out and walked over to me with her mischievous grin but her mouth was closed her eyes dancing with mirth and she sat down and I asked Well ?

She opened her mouth and there was a puddle of c** on her tongue and she swallowed and started laughing and she gasped out we better go before we get licked out .

Once in the car she told me she took him into the handicapped cubicle and had him sit on the stool with his pants around his ankles and she sucked him off.
se is very daring when she wants to be. Once she picked up a guy at Lows and sucked him off in the front seat of his pickup.

Dec 18, 2020

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  • My wife and i married 30 years but split up for 3 years in early days . we got over it and been happy since . during the split we both played around and that was each of our own business . but lately we been having alot of cocaine s** or poppers on nights away and its turned our s** into very wild nights and use of toys and tales of other partners have come out but has turned both of us on . now we often react s** both had with others . her telling me about guys f****** her and me confessing to f****** her friends . but what turned me on most was her telling me never had a*** s** with anyone only me n even that i never got to c** inside her ass . well we both high she told me what it was like getting f***** and it turned me on.but her telling me she wanted my c** in her ass . drove me wild . i fingered her p**** and her ass . then bent her over n my c*** slid into her p**** . they all f***** me but want u to b only one that f***** my ass i took my c*** out her p**** n slid it into her ass .tigjt at 1st .but then slided in wow tight . i f***** her hard slapping her ass

  • My wife and I also split for a short time , she admitted to several affairs , one of which involved her having a s** slave. She met this guy on the train after work . She said she could tell he was weak willed and would do anything she wanted him to do. She wound up controlling him sexually which she loved and enjoyed the power she had over him . She had him eating his own c** after s** and soon was pegging him at will, her will.
    We are back together now but she still has her s** slave to control when ever she wants.

  • Awesome wife

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