When I tell the story about how I lost my virginity I say it involved a cute guy I met while on summer holiday with my parents at the beach age sixteen. That story is totally fake though. Actually it only involved me and my little brother's large plastic octopus bath toy when I was twelve. That was a long time ago, but it felt enormously shameful at the time and it's still just shameful enough that I'm sticking with the beach story forever. If anyone ever even asks the question again, that is, now that I'm an old married person :)

Dec 18, 2020

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  • Its not shamefull at all. Nothing hapend actualy.
    it was a normal thing more or less.
    Technicaly the virgin skin (hymen) often get demages or breaks while sport or Tampons insertion.
    Technicaly it not loosing virginity.
    Because it not a sexual act.
    So you can totaly just say your first s** with a guy , was loosing virginity.
    Also even if you see this bathtoy storry as loosing virginity, its still ok. Cause well its like Masturbation . Which is also normal and totaly ok.
    After all s** is great, S** feels nice. There is nothing shamefull. People use all kinds of objects for masturbating.
    So yea i would say its anormal thing all in one.
    and you lost your virginity later.
    Cause the breaking of hymen can happen from diffrent things. Even non sexual things. It doesnt count as virginity loosing.
    Only a full sexual act is counting as "virginity" loosing.
    But its a nice storry thx for sharing

  • You are right sister

    You are not broken by a toy. It’s your first c*** that counts

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