Wife Susan

Several posts now about my wife Susan and this one happened when we were still swinging with other couples.

Dennis and his wife Karen were older but still in very good shape they had been swinging for many years and were very much in love with each other and Susan had been with Dennis several times so far and Karen and I had gotten together a few times to.

They had a son Daniel that was 18 and he was aware of his parents activities and one day Dennis took me aside and asked if Susan would f*** him because Daniel has seen Susan a couple times and had asked his dad to pass on the question to me.

Well Sue agreed at once and we were waiting for him to show up drinking coffee and Sue was laughing as we talked then the knock on the door .

I opened it up and there stood Dan in his sweat outfit and I let him in he seamed nervous but Sue walked up to him and French kissed him to loosen him up and it worked he began to really get into it until Sue started laughing and pushed him back saying easy tiger we have several hours.

Then she stepped back and said you are a very good looking boy with open admiration as she sized him up and I could see ins c*** outline in his pants and sue saw it to and looked at me with her sexual leer and said I better blow this young guy he looks like he is ready to explode and she too his hand and said over here to our Padded couch foot stool.
She pulled her blouse over her head to free her very firm b****** with her inch long nipples then she kneeled in front of him and took the waistband of his sweats in her hand and smiled up at me and asked aren't you even going to film this her eyes twinkled with mischief as she pulled his pants and shorts down .
I grabbed my cell phone and turned it on catching his c*** as it jumped out of his shorts and Susan sad WOAH as it bounced up against his belly laughing as she grabbed it in her hand .

Damn he had a nice sized c*** 7 inches or better and it was all swollen up ready for action as Susan began to stroke it then she spit in the palm of her hand for some lube and looked up a me a cute smile on her face and her eyes sparkled with excitement she said boy is he ever ready then she licked her lips and sucked his c*** head into her mouth and started to giggle but only for a short time because Daniel grabbed the back of her head and shoved his whole c*** to the back of her throat and she gagged around his c*** and tied to pull away but

Daniel would have none of that and he began to frantically f*** her mouth as thick strands of saliva flooded out of her mouth around his c*** but he started C****** in seconds as Susan was trying desperately to swallow her saliva and his sperm Daniel stood there with hands full of her hair pulling her lips up against his pubic bone hunching her mouth until Sue managed to push him back and his still hard c*** fell out of her mouth .

Her hair was hanging in her face and her lips looked bruised but she grinned up at me and said WOW that boy packs a big load and she began to laugh taking his still hard c*** in her hand and she milked out a couple bubbles of his c** and licked it out of his p*** slit.

Sue asked Daniel if he had ever had a b****** before and he was still breathing hard and said no but it was great and Sue laughed still stroking his c*** and was surprised it was still hard

Susan had him lay back on the carpet and then she pulled her skirt and panties off and mounted him and guiding his c*** into her and she began to ride his c*** slowly talking to him wondering what plans he now had after graduating sliding back and fourth on his c*** and he said that he was going to sign up for the community college and become a male nurse and we all talked now as Susan rode his c*** and every once in awhile she would ask him if he wad going to c** but he said not yet but it sure felt good so after about 20 minutes Sue started rubbing her c*** and said that she was going to c** and she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes in concentration and both Daniel and I watched her face as she rode him faster and faster then she started to breath harshly her b****** flopping up and down in front of her and her hair was hanging in her face .

She looked slightly demented both of her hands were on his chest now and whimpering sounds were coming out of her mouth then her body began to j*** as she was still ride his c*** and she moaned and fell forward onto his chest her harsh breathing was the only sound in the room then her o***** finished with several quick thrusts of her hips as she ground her p**** against his pubic bone..

For long seconds she lay there gasping for breath then she began to laugh and she pushed herself erect looking down at Daniel with a sexual grin and said don't be in a hurry to go yet young man I am not through with you yet and for the next three hours I watched them try every position and Dan came three times but Sue said she only came twice but it was good.

Dec 19, 2020

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