I killed my sister's pet cat

What it says in the title. I don't know if detail is necessary. Of course I covered the whole thing up, so my family has no clue. I don't particularly care if anyone believes me; I just had to get it off my chest somehow. My sister deserved it, by the way.

Dec 22

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  • Shouldnt be pot delete

  • I’m not sure what you expected venting that here, but you aren’t going to get anything other than hate from me, or anyone else. As far as I’m concerned, killing yourself would be a less morally corrupt act than killing an innocent pet.

  • Why did you kill an innocent animal?

  • You killed her p**** and a cat....ohh

  • No. Not a chance, chief. No way. No matter what your sister did or failed to do, she most certainly did NOT "deserve" to have an innocent and beloved pet killed. In most places in the United States, what you did was a criminal act. For which you could --- and should --- go to jail. And that's just your offense against the civil authority. It doesn't even begin to describe the physical and emotional trauma and injury to your sister. You should be ashamed, but you won't be, because you're mentally ill. SICK. You're a psychopath and a sociopath. Oh . . . . . . . and you are also a piece of worthless f****** s***. CAT s***.

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