Dirty fantasy

I don't know how to start this so I'll just get right into it. I'm a teenager and I'm still a virgin but I'm extremely kinky. I'm not claiming it's real at all, this is just a strange fantasy of mine.
I want multiple men to corner me and take turns using my p**** and degrading me. Hitting me and calling me a dirty s***. Then I want them to shoot out their c** all over me and in my mouth multiple times until they're satisfied. I want to be a toy that gets f***** roughly and then thrown away like trash. I can only c** when I finger myself hard and fast but it isn't enough for me, I want a thick c*** inside me f****** me over and over until I'm a drooling ruined mess. I want them to make me beg for d*** and make me their dirty w****.
It might be hard to believe based on what you just read, but I'm very shy. I don't think that'll ever happen to someone like me, no one ever notices me. But still I thought it would feel good to get it off my chest

Dec 22, 2020

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  • Oh wow, that's quite the dirty fantasy, I can relate to this of you, I thought about that as well. I feel ya.

  • I want the same but I wana do a little coke first maybe we could link and find some guys... I'm not shy

  • Email me: nobody2050@yandex.com

  • I say it's unlikely to link, doing coke is dangerous, be careful, I want what is best for y'all, stay safe.

  • I'd love to chat with you. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

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