I am a sub mwm who can't get her to spank me

I need to be caged, spanked and then pegged or?

Wife won't... But need it so badly.

I am 62, easy on eyes, pudgy, small man b**** with average endowment that should be locked up as I am forced to submit to, otk, caged, pegged and ???

Near fredericksburg va

Dec 23, 2020

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  • Part 2:

    After she has been spanking you for a few months, go to her with a confession and a request for help. Tell her you have a masturbation problem and you have been trying to stop but can't and need her help with it. Tell her that you would have more energy for chores and more desire for her if you could stop masturbating--in other words, benefits to her. She may suggest you confessing each time and spanking your or otherwise punishing you. Let her try that for a while. Then confess that you have still been masturbating but not confessing to her, that you need something to stop you completely. Bring up the idea of a chastity device. She may be put off and you may have to wait to bring it up again. Maybe show her a factual article about how it works. She may say she doesn't care if you get one but she doesn't want to be your keyholder. Go along and lock yourself up. Put the key somewhere she might see it, like in your bathroom medicine cabinet. Eventually her curiosity will get to her and she will ask about it, or you will be in bed about to have s** and you have to excuse yourself to take it off. Make sure that she sees the benefits: you desire her more and you have more energy to help her, take her places, etc. After a time she may agree to be your keyholder. Now you are totally under her control, even though she never expressed that she wanted to dominate you.

    I am going to stop there. Getting her to peg you is really the "last frontier" and many wives will never agree because it seems like they are turning their husbands gay, plus there is less direct benefit to them than with spanking and chastity devices. But if you are being spanked and locked in chastity, you will be one happy submissive husband! I am, and the process above is what I followed.

  • Don't go outside your marriage. Work harder to help your wife dominate you. Most wives will accept their husband's submission when they see how it benefits them. The trick is to be submissive and benefit them BEFORE you get what you want (spanked, caged, pegged).

    Start doing a lot more chores around the house--so that she will definitely notice. In bed, start giving her more oral s**, asking if you can lick her. When she makes comments like "What's gotten into you? Why are you being so helpful?" tell her that you feel guilty about how you used to treat her and it was wrong of you to not be helpful and you want to be this helpful guy but you may need reminders of your new promise to her.

    As things continue, doing all these chores will lose their luster and you will start to slack off. She will notice and probably say something. You apologize and say "Yes, Ma'am" and thank her for reminding you and say it is helpful when she does so. Now you have created a situation where she is in the dominant role and you the submissive role--without her even realizing it!

    Keep being submissive in bed too. Ask her for s** and if she says no, do not complain, just say "Yes, Ma'am." Offer to lick her without any pleasure for you.

    Keep going with this process. When you forget to do a chore and she reminds you, say that it would help you remember if you were punished for forgetting. Let her determine the punishment rather than suggesting spanking. Maybe she will fine you. Maybe she will give you extra chores. Maybe she will forbid you from going out with the guys. Thank her for punishing you, and prove that it works by doing a better job with your chores. Ask her for more chores. Tell her that she should not have to do things like bathrooms, and take over cleaning them. Put her on a pedestal.

    See part 2

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