There is no Covid virus !!!

I'm p***** off with all the hype, panic and general bollocks about this supposed Covid virus .
There is no f****** virus !
It's a bad case of FLU !!! That's all !!!
The only people to die are those who would die soon anyway, they're just dying a bit.earlier
Old people and people that know they are ill and going to die early.
Like I say , there is no f****** virus !!!

Dec 23, 2020

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  • Take a look at the leaked contracts the Pharma companies have made with every government in the world and it becomes obvious why we are seeing the bullying, psyops marketing and forcing of vaccines. According to the contracts, the governments still have to pay for the vaccines even if they don't work, cause death or a better treatment exists. The vax psyop bullying is because of greed only. The vaccine is a clot Shot, and the injuries are being covered up. Pfizer was levied the largest criminal fine is US history. Says alot.

  • I'll hazard a guess that a good third of the morons in this thread bleating about hoaxes are dead now. My only complaint about this virus is that it's not as good of a cleanser of stupid people as it could have been. 2/5 stars for lack of effectiveness.

  • The cure is worse than disease. That is if the 'killer of the monster disease' exists!

  • It's not healthy to judge without all the facts and if we just believe everything we hear, see and read, most of us must be STUPID!

  • So many innocent people have died because they had an adverse reaction towards the Covid-19 vaccines. This is a travesty of justice! More people will die from the Covid-19 vaccines than the monster of the killer virus, itself. Where is the safety and efficacy of these vaccines? No where to be seen!

  • The covid-19 policies are draconian.
    All the unnecessary policies will come to the surface, one day.
    The immunosuppressed and many other people who have diseases, should be vigilant all the time.

  • What were their true causes of death? They most likely had other health issues!
    How many die of poverty every week?
    How many die of prescribed medicines every week?
    How many die of old age every week?
    How many die of other diseases every week?
    There are so many people who die every week and if they blame it on Covid-19, this is called false reporting of deaths.
    If this was a killer of a monster of a disease, we would all be dead now!
    Does the media have a frenzy about other serious deaths? No!
    Stop cherry picking again!

  • Sixteen deaths this week, sure, 11 were old folks, but 5 were under the age of 30, one was only 9. Right here in my community so I say you are not correct.

  • Trumpie lol

  • If I ran things, people who deny this virus and then catch it themselves would spend their last gasping breaths anywhere other than a hospital. You want your freedumb, c unts? Here it is-- the ditch you get to die in while staring at the open sky. Good riddance!

  • Nice individual you are! Don't wish death upon your fellow man. Educate them about the TRUTH that is hidden from the 'all seeing eye!' Do you believe everything you hear and read?

  • Waah, boo hoo, etc etc. I'll wish death upon anyone who I think deserves it. You covidiots just can't handle having your own sociopathy thrown right back in your faces. Cry some more, loser!

  • He wishes death on people who deserve to die. The human race needs culling, get rid of the stupids and the world will balance out!

  • Hitler never died! He is alive and kicking, in many disguises! The frightening thing to grasp, is that he is fully alive in some of the people we trust our lives with!

  • You need to respect/honour the truth tellers! People like you need to think outside the box!

  • Whereas people like you need to think more and spout off less!

  • That is exactly what we do -Think more!

  • Think about it logically:- This do called virus is just a bad case of flu and the only people dying are those due to die soon anyway , old people and people with health issues already such as C.o.p.d.
    The virus is actually a blessing in disguise as their are too many people on this planet anyway which is why a politician somewhere has manufactured this flu based killer.

  • Control the masses. More people die of prescribed medications than Covid 19. Is the media making a song and dance about it!

  • Correct. All this unnecessary panic is ruining the world .
    Think about the method of recording deaths:- If you have a Covid test and then die within 28 days of that desk, you will be recorded as dying if of Covid
    Complete nonsense.
    Just think how much politicians are saving financially by cancelling route operations and treatments. Those people then die before claiming their hard earned state pension.
    This Virus ' is man made and released on the gullible public.

  • Denial is a dangerous and powerful drug.
    I was a front line health care provider from day one of this nightmare and have watched people die from it!
    Comments such as yours are akin to s****ing onto the faces of the exhausted health care workers that are being pounded into the ground by this! It doesn’t help matters when idiots in power encourage views such as yours!
    Virologist’s have identified this virus using tools you have no understanding of. It is not a flu! We have specific tests to identify flu infections! It is idiots like YOU that are unwittingly contributing to some 3000 Americans a DAY dying- and MANY more suffering permanent disabilities taking many horrible forms.
    It is people like YOU that are driving this nation apart, causing health care providers to take untenable risks and further fueling the flames of this virus spread. It is nothing short of a National discrace!

  • A national disgrace is when you blind the people from the TRUTH!

  • You are one of the many foolish gullible sheep taken in by this pandemic nonsense.

  • Like I said: Where is the proof and evidence. So many people have diseases because of prescribed medications. If it was a killer of a disease, we would all be dead by now!

  • We are sick of the lies, games and propaganda! How many professionals lie and make something look like the disease, when it is not, if you know what I mean!

  • I was going to say that Americans are all stupid and illiterate. You've just proved my point- YOU'RE THE DISGRACE -you can't even spell the word.
    You people misspells and misuse the English language:
    (l) Right now used correctly means immediately yet you lot use the word all the time when you could say currently, at this moment in time, now or presently.
    (ll) Why do you incorrectly spell words to match their pronunciation ?
    Colour for example is correct where as color is incorrect.
    There are many more words that Americans misspell but PRESENTLY I forget.
    You don't recognise the work 'twice ', preferring to say incorrectly 'two times'.
    Get my point ?
    America - where everything is big including your heads.
    Makes me glad to be English and not American.
    Loud mouthed idiots responsible for the causes of much of the unrest in this world.

  • Stop justifying yourself with useless dribble!

  • Much of the unnecessary and futile unrest in this world is sadly induced by incompetent people, greed and incongruous POWER! Don't treat truth tellers wit contempt especially, for highlighting dysfunctions and corruption in systems and processes!

  • I give that a B-.

    "You people misspells and misuse"? You meant "misspell". You used "work" when you meant "word". If you're going to chastise people for language, don't s**** it up as badly as they do.

  • Word' was changed to 'work' by the stupid autocorrect installed by Microsoft in my phone. I apologise for incorrectly typing an extra letter 's" on the end of misspell and blame by big fat fingers for that one error in my tiny phone keypad.

  • Preach! I feel for healthcare providers most especially. They and everyone else with half a working brain can clearly see this has gone as badly as it has because of the retards among us who should really be cleansed from the human species.

  • The R***** is you of course! If we don't agree with the RETARDS or have a different opinion or can see beyond the SMOKE and MIRRORS, of course we are RETARDS, just like YOU!

  • Lol! Nice argument style, did you learn that from your playgroup? Go hug someone on a respirator and share your 'flu' with your dumb little friends, the human race needs culling.

  • That includes yourself!

  • You're all over this post, aren't you? You're so cute when you're offended...

  • You are not right in the head!

  • And, again. So cute.

  • Stop writing nonsense, you dribbling fool!

  • You're so ugly because you lack neurons and are illiterate!

  • The people who work in the healthcare system would bring the killer of the disease, out to the rest of the masses. |Do you think all health care workers wear PPE gear to prevent infection? There is no such thing as keeping the virus confined. Health care workers, who go in and out of their workplace are spreading the diseases despite, all the provisions/measures, put in place. Yet, loved ones are not able to visit their loved ones in hospital or nursing homes when there is a lock down. Give PPE gear to loved ones also, so that they are not denied any rights of visiting their loved ones. If this is ‘killer of a monster of disease’ exists, we would all be dead by now. This is a fact! Even if we all lived in a plastic bubble , there is certainly no escape. The chain of asepsis will always be broken! These vaccines, are not what they make them out to be! They most likely induce and are capable of evolving new diseases. Sick people do not need more diseases added to their weak and frail bodies. Everyone, open up your eyes! This is how the Governments of the world begin to control the masses.

  • Where is the proof and evidence?

  • Where is YOUR proof and evidence?
    In any event, fools like you are incapable of seeing proof and evidence you don't agree with.

  • If we think outside the box, people like you label us retards. A fact: you are the r*****!

  • Slavery is misery

  • This is called chemical warfare on the masses and the Governments of the world and the media are using FEAR to indoctrinate the masses. People are to scared to speak up! Democracy has been eroded since corrupt agencies in Government, took over!

  • The masses do not want to know the TRUTH!

  • People are like sheep and gullibly do what they are told.
    Virus ? Balderdash ! What a load of nonsense !
    There is no danm virus.
    Wake up people !

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