I confess I asked my girlfriend for lingerie this Christmas

I confess that I decided to share with my girlfriend that I wanted pretty lingerie for Christmas. She laughed it off, thinking I was joking. I wasn’t. I asked her to sit down so we could talk. After a hesitant yes, she sat on the bed and I shared my story, my confession with her. I explained how I have been crossdressing since I was very young, probably since I was 5 or 6. She asked if I was gay (seems to be the automatic go-to when people hear that you crossdress. I explained that no, I was straight but that I enjoy dressing up in the prettiest bras, panties, camisoles, slips, nighties, dresses, etc.
I explained that for some CD’s that means dressing up and going out. Not for me, I dress and stay inside our home, or if I am going somewhere I underdress; typically that involves panties, camisoles, sometimes tights or nylons. She said why haven’t I seen you in panties? I stood up and dropped my jeans to show here the pink, lace panties and white tights I was wearing right then.
I am so lucky because I know when some of my fellow crossdressers share with their SO it can get quite mean and cruel. She sat calmly and asked a lot of questions, then said she needed to think about it before we went further. A few hours later she came home (from a short drive) smiling and carrying two bags from VS. she said two things;
1 - No wearing her lingerie or dresses without asking permission, and
2 - If I am going to wear panties I need to wear them everyday, or not at all.
Can you guess what was in the bags and what my answer was?
I confess I love this woman sooooo much!

Dec 25, 2020

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  • This warmed my heart that she accepted who you really are ❤

  • I love wearing my wife’s panties when she’s out and even did so once in bed without her knowing until she woke up but then sadly she thought it weird and got up straight away and had a go at me saying it’s not for her. It’s upsetting as I thought she’d be ok with it especially as I told her it really turns me on. I think I misread how she’d react as a few weeks earlier we were away and she was up for us having some sexy fun in the hotel. Unfortunately she got a tummy upset and nothing happened, we went to bed during the daytime and I asked if I could play with myself whilst lying next to her as we weren’t going to have s** and she agreed, I then said I’d like to wear her black lace panties to do so and she agreed although I think she was very sleepy and
    probably just said anything for some peace and quiet. I got very turned on wearing them next to her and pulled her hand close so she could feel me soaking them and very quickly c****** in them, the sensation of her fingers getting c** on them through her panties that I was wearing was electric.
    I’m pleased you have been able to continue your cd with your girlfriend you’re a very lucky guy!

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