Getting my wife drunk

I like to get my wife drunk at home, and watch her stagger around drunkenly.

Last night she was so drunk she staggered around naked in front of an open window of our apartment building and kept drinking and drinking until she could not walk or talk. She is SO HOT when drunk, something so slutty about my normally reserved wife getting herself bombed drunk and staggering around.



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  • Nice

  • She dose not have to drink sounds fun when she dose

  • That's not the Christian thing to do. You need some Jesus in your twisted, pervo ass!

  • Preach on, bro!

  • If anyone wants to post a photo of their drunk Ife or girlfriend in the reply section of this post,  I'm sure everyone will appreciate it.

  • On the run-up to Christmas my normally quiet 49yo wife of 23 happily married and faithful years asked me if it would be OK to go to an office Christmas party. It was being held at an hotel in London and she said she would be back at about 11pm. I agreed as she doesn't go out much and I wanted her to have a good time.
    At 3am the door bell rang and I woke up and went down to see who it was. There was my wife terribly dishevelled and a totally drunken mess being held up by two young guys. She was cross eyed, couldn't speak and could not put one foot in front of the other. They helped me carry her up the stairs and put her on our bed and as I had her legs I could see that she had no panties on. I pulled her skirt up and could see her p**** was very red, wet and open and it was clear she had been very heavily f-ucked....
    The two guys left at 6am after the three of us had taken it in turns to f-uck her senseless repeatedly !!
    She was still drunk at lunchtime and to this day doesn't remember a thing!!

  • Every now and then my girlfriend of two years will get really drunk,  just us two at the house.  She'll get drunk to the point where she can't even walk.  Last time she get drunk at the house,  she couldn't stand up and had to crawl from the bathroom to the sofa.  She ended up falling off the sofa and throwing up on herself. Luckily for me she recovered and managed to have s**. There's something about having her ride me and seeing her struggle to stay on top,  I find it really hot.
    I love watching her get drunk and wished she'd do it more often. Getting her dressed up and watching her drink is amazing.
    It's her birthday next week and she said she wants to start drinking at 10am and drink copious amounts of alcohol. I really hope she does.

  • My wife loves to drink and she has no certens on her windows she passes out i get the tall chair put it in the window and strip her nude and set her on the chair open her legs and i go to bed the kids on the street love itthay take picsor they come in and use her

  • Well she is not my wife, but we have been dating for about 2 years. She and I have read here often, so new years even was the perfect time to try out our plans. We opted to stay in, and party at home, and what a party it was. She promised me a sloppy drunk good time and oh man was it.

  • She is beautiful and so sexy, i would love to see more.

  • Damn. Would love to see more of her.

  • We like hotel bars. We will go away for the weekend, go down to the bar, I let her drink until she is a drunken mess, take her back up to the room and party time! This was a few weeks ago.

  • Love it. She is hot. Please share more if you have any.

  • My wife will be done breastfeeding any day now and the sixpence is killing me. I've been stocking up on all sorts of booze. When I come home From work with another bottle in my hand for the stock she smiles. I know it turns her on and know she gets a little wet. Well be getting her way f***** up. I can't wait to eat her out while she's chugging down whatever strong a** drink I make her. Just whatching a girl get drunker and drunker then stumbling and mumbling its great I miss it.

  • My wife and I lurve drunk s*x, she turns into a such s*** and does things she wouldn't normally. She gets off on sucking her d***** while we f***, she loves the idea of a c*** I her mouth while I'm in her p****, but wouldn't do it irl, she gets off on sucking my b**** and tonguing my ass. I usually get to unload in her mouth too, great fun.

  • We live on the beach, so our weekend routine is to take Mandy out to the beach, with a huge drink in her hand to get her started, then we go back to the house as she starts to get drunk and I start filling her full of booze, its always a blast!

  • What does she look like?

  • She is so beautiful and sexy. I would love to see some pics of her really drunk.

  • She is so hot and sexy, love to see her drunk.

  • Wow... what a girl

  • THX a lot for your great postings! My girl also likes to get bad drunk.... her problem is my luck: If she drinks she couldn´t stop until she is real wasted...

    Last time she was partying with her girls in town... First happy hour in bar and then clubbing and dancing - it was early morning my phone ringed - my girl slurred something in - i unterstand that she was complet wasted again - immediately i drove to the club and there she stands outside - guided from her friends - she had problems to stand - we carried her in my car and i drove home - but after a short while she had to puke and after that she passed out in the car - i had to carry her in the house.... these are some pics of my girl real bad drunk... Have fun!


  • Fantastic pics. Why not get a few friends around and wait for her to get as drunk as h***. Then strip her off and get all your friends to f*** her senseless?

  • This is so awesome. You are in total control.

  • My wife says she wants big c*** when shes drunk but when sober says she wilk never have a threesome.....

  • My wife always told me she was a virgin but when she gets drunk she tells me how many c**** she's had before we met

  • Sorry please take this link:

  • Wifey on her 8th scotch, she downed about half a bottle that night and then started doing shots after that. She was all dressed up for me before she got sloshed, and then the fun began.

    Holding herself up on the bed, slurring her words, and trying to stagger around sexily for me. I love getting her drunk for s**.

  • She is smoking hot. Any more pictures from the nigh tor other nights to share?

  • None others, that was the first one I took that night and she was drunk enough not to care! She was totally blasted in that pic, and was having a hard time standing up and speaking.

    I will have to try again and get her that drunk again so I can take some more pics.

  • Did she get f***** after that?

  • The Sexy Wife, after I pushed her to drink shot after shot after shot at home last night. What a fun night that was. Ever seen a woman too drunk to even talk? That was her. We had a great time. She was blasted drunk for hours and the s** was amazing. Too drunk to suck d***, but she just laid there for hours slurring her words and letting me have my way with her. She said she wants to do it again!

  • She is super sexy and looks totally wasted, love drunk women.

  • This looks fun. Anymore pics to share?

  • Date the comments.

  • You know its going to be a good night when your girlfriend staggers into the bedroom after a girls night out, smashed out of her mind, and starts stripping. Oh yeah last night was fun.

  • When she came back from the girls night out, did you check inside her panties? If you did you may have seen that some other guy had well and truly done her before she went home!

  • She is gorgeous and so sexy, and she looks so drunk. You lucky guy.

  • OMG, she looks so drunk and so sexy.

  • G*******, she's f****** hot. I hope you rode that all night long.

  • You guys are bad, making me h**** and all. Been divorced for about 4 years and not been with anyone since, this idea of getting myself absolutely shitfaced and letting someone just take me is really turning me on. I have half a mind to get myself drunk sitting here and take pics just to think of all of you jerking off to me! Ugh, so frustrated right now. I really need to meet someone.

  • Ill meet ya

  • Mmmmmmmmm f*** pounding my c*** thing about your hot wet c***

  • Want to chat about it?

  • Yes

  • 4 years, you're gonna be like mt Vesuvius...nice big bottle bottle of Vodka and a couple of hours... will take care of what you need

  • Post a photo give a general location and we can make it happen.

  • I will post a photo tonight, I am still single, but what I will do is set up a tripod, and take pics as I get myself drunk and god knows what else as I get drunker and drunker. The camera has a remote so I should be able to get some good shots for you honey.. I really want to do this I want to be someone's sloppy drunk s*** for a night, so tonight I will get ddrunk and think about you jerking off to me and my body as I get myself blasted! See you later sweety

  • Looking forward to those pics

  • There's nothing wrong with getting drunk every once in a while. But you should keep in mind her health and safety. You don't want this to become habitual for her nor do you want her to accidentally hurt herself while she is drunk.

  • I had a girlfriend back in the 80s and we used to do a lot of coke, and then drink tons of booze to come down from it. We never managed to get drunk but one night it hit her and hit her hard. She was on top of me having s**, and out of the blue she started slurring her words and getting very sloppy. As time went by she was having one h*** of a time staying on top. She managed to slur out that she needed to pee, and then she tried to get up, WOW My girlfriend was blasted, she staggered to the bathroom, staggered back out and plopped herself right on top of me again. We still had 2 bottles of jack left, so she started bouncing up and down and guzzling down the bottles. She was a blasted mess in about an hour, and could not hold herself up on top of me. She was hooked and we always managed to set aside a drunk s** night after that. She loved it

  • Love that, they get themselves really really drunk and then try to stay on top during s**. My wife gets blasted sometimes for me, she doesn't bother dressing up for the occasion because she never saw the need, shes like "I'm going to get smashed drunk, you are going to have s** with me, why bother with clothing" haha got to love it. She will get on top of me with a bottle, start guzzling it down as we have s**, and slowly get more and more slutty and more and more drunk and sloppy.

  • Yeah it was a routine after that we had to get her as drunk as possible every night we had s**. It would hit her the same way every single time, we would be talking she would be drinking and then BOOM, I had a bombed sloppy staggering nude slutty woman on my hands.

  • Sounds like fun, I had a few drunks for girlfriends it was great s**

  • It was amazing s**, she was such a w**** in the bedroom, and adding the wild drunken s*** routine really spiced it up. I knew from the second that night I saw her staggering into the bathroom nude that she was going to be drunk for me a whole lot more.

  • My late husband got me drunk a few times and the next day I couldn't understand why I was so sore in my puss then one Friday I got drunk again at a party and I found out why I was so sore the next day. My dear ole husband whom I thought loved me set me up with 7 guys all taking their turns with me in any hole they wanted over and over all night long.
    The only way I found out6 was I had set my Go Pro up to record what went on in my bed room that night and I was surprised on what was recorded. 5 hours of gang bang and after presenting the evidence to my dear ole husband he confessed it was with the same guys all the time ever since the first time I got drunk and f***** Larry in front of everyone and one led to another.
    We are no longer married and I no longer get sore on Friday nights.

  • Nice excuse. I love these women that claim to not remember anything when they are drunk. Nice try but you obviously desire naughty s** with LOTS of men.

  • I did this to my wife wen she was 18.years old she just that i ad bin with sum lady wen i was younger she as not so i fixt er up with my work mate that ad ask iff she wood f*** eith them at works party i told er to waer this yummy drest she no bra as you will get it nick just like your thong and stocking 8 ove the men from work ar guner give you a good old gang bang all night and sum will take you home and give you it all weak end you can set the dvd up to iff you i no you just to see how good you ar your frist time you will get the best f****** you will ever get and you no you will if i do say so my self and i will be giveing a good old f*** and you will no say no you will be after dowing it get next weak ends you no you like big c*** all the time so get drunk and go for it i no you will love it gailnyio

  • Looks to me like the person that wrote this was drunk as h*** too!!

  • When my wife gets drunks she goes from being an innocent church goer to a pure s***, who will do anything I want. One night we had some friend over for drink as the night went on all of them left except for my buddy. My wife was so trashed she asked me to help her to bed. I took of all of her clothes and laid her on her back and started kissing her. Before she knew it I took out some of her nylons and tied her hands to the head board. I then got up and open the door to our room at which point she was like what are you doing. I then brought my buddy. My wife was embarrassed but could do nothing to cover herself. I told her we both are going to take turns on you now spread your legs. Which she did. We both had her everyway a man can have a woman.

  • I remember the first time my wife got very drunk. It was on holiday and we had been drinking about the pool. By evening she was all giggly and a little unsteady on her feet. Although we are both in our late 40s we ended up in the disco dancing with other holiday makers. I put a shot of vodka extra in all her drinks I bought from then on and she was soon very very smashed. It was great seeing her lovely long legs all wobbly and staggering. Eventually I had to drag her off the dance floor as she was falling down. She flopped down in a chair sagging and with her legs wide open I eased her dress up so that her panties were on display and her crotch was very prominent. There was soon a couple of other guys with us and I asked if they could help me get her back to our room. As we walked back she was staggering all over the place and burbling things. She fell over two or three times and the lads helped her up and clearly feeling her b******. Eventually we got her into our room and onto our huge double bed. She was out for the count within minutes and I told the guys it was OK to strip her off. When she was naked we all stripped off and I could see that the boys were fully erect. It was the most erotic thing I've ever experience, standing over her unconscious naked body holding her legs wide open whilst the boys took it in turns to get their c**** up her and f*** her hard. Both of them came inside her and then left. I then emptied myself inside her before cleaning her up and going to sleep.
    Next day she was very hung over and sore between her legs. I told her that we had made love vigorously after we got back from the disco. She remembers nothing of being f***** by the other two guys.
    We're going on a cruise later this year and I'm planning on doing the same sort of thing!!

  • Would love to hear how the cruise went

  • The cruise hasn't happened yet due to work commitments, but over Christmas I took her for a weekend break to a very nice hotel in London. We went out on the town and I made sure she had plenty of wine and some cocktails. She was plastered when we got back to the hotel, but we went to the bar and drank some more listening to a live band. It was clear my wife was drunk and there was soon a couple of young guys chatting to her. An hour later, she was slurring her words, cross eyed and rubber legged and I asked the two guy for some help getting her to our room. One guy said he had to go home, but the other guy agreed and helped me get her into the lift. On the way up I pulled her skirt up and showed him her tiny panties. When we got her to our room, he knew what was on offer. Then for only the second time in our marriage, I watched as another guy f-ucked my wife senseless and then f-ucked her again when she was passed out.
    The cruise is this year!!

  • Wow would love to have watched the journey from the hotel bar to the lift perhaps next time you are in London!

  • I love getting my wife drunk, she loosens up with just one or two beer. when she gets totally drunk she is really fun to be with. she wears and does things she normally wont do.

  • I had a few mate round last week to play card while my wife went out with her friends she came home drunk and feely sexy so my mates took turns f******, she was f***** in every hole posable and after they had lefted she had c** running down her thighs so i then f***** her with all there c** running out of her c*** and her a***. The boys want me to set up another f*** session soon and they an't bothered about the cards

  • I got my wife drunk last week and let her get f*** by two black teenages, she love it now she can't get enough black c***

  • I went out clubing i got so drunk my hubby sent is mate to get me and he was after f****** with me my hubby told me lots ove time but he was 65 .years old my mates say he f*** just like a 20.year old he tuch me to is house put a p*** vid on it got me and him in ready to f*** all night and is c*** was a monster 18.ins he f*** me well good all night long ha video it all night me sucking is big c*** now we f*** evry weak my hubby as well he video it for me and him he f*** realy good to iff my hubby duse not f*** me he duse all night gailnyfio37dd a c*** happy wife bob ask me if i wood like a good old gang bang with 6 well hung mate all with 12/16.ins and vido it for him and my hubbys mate i can tell you its well good to getting f*** every night all night all my hubbys mate come to the house now making p*** d.v.d lots ove c**** gail37dd

  • If I get my wife really drunk she lets me have a*** with her, then cleans me up after.

  • I love drunk s**, my husband keeps me drinking constatnly if we are home. I love getting really sloppy and then having him carry me to bed and pound me hard.

  • Wow great picture. You look really very very drunk there. Did you get f***** after that pic was taken...

    email me .....

  • Getting Julie warmed up for the night She is on her second bottle of wine and 6th beer. Drunk, naked, and perhaps the sexiest woman I have ever dated.

    She and I both love s** when she is blasted. In a few hours, she wont even be able to talk, walk or move, just slur how badly she wants to be f***** by me

  • Have you ever seen her getting f***** by other guys when she is drunk?
    I've got my wife drunk and f***** at it is the most h**** thing you will ever see!

    email me...

  • Your behavior is despicable and your wife should stop drinking and leave you.

  • And you should f-uck off !!

  • Got the wife good and plastered tonight, she was rubbing herself and the wall was holding her up. No better s** in the world than drunk wild s**

  • Wow she is good and drunk, yeah once they get drunk they cant keep their hands off their p****

  • Can't believe I found this post. I love getting dressed up, mini skirt, very high heels and a low cut top when i go out and I go out with one thing in mind. To get totally smashed! I drink so much I have no idea where I am at the end of the night. I can't walk, can barely talk and latch on to the nearest man that will have me. I beg to be taken back to his and be f*****. Most of the time men can't resist a girl with big t***, especially one that is so plastered she can't say no to anything so I usually get exactly what i want, which is c*** and more booze!! I know I'm a s*** but I just love drunk s**.

  • My wife likes to get drunk and pass out. I then get to take her ass, she never lets me otherwise. I'm addicted to it. When she orders shots I get an erection. I like to cleanup my creampie and started taking pics and vids

  • How I can see any pictures?

  • Wow this post is still here? I started this years ago, figured it would have been deleted by now. I came back to check on it, stopped checking on it about a year ago and its good to see its still going strong.

    In honor of this let me share a pic from a few weeks ago when we were on Vacation in Vegas, 3 bottles of Vodka and my wife was a MESS, she didnt walk in front of the window nude lol but she managed to get herself blasted drunk and thanks to me, very satisfied at the end of the night.

    We do this about once a month, never more, she likes it but we still only do it at home. Anyway, here is to years worth of posts, the wife that started it all.

  • My wife is also very straight and conventional but when she gets drunk she really comes out of her shell and then turns into a nynpho. I always try and take advantage but stil won't let me take her in the A***. Great fun!

  • Why do I get my wife smashed drunk and have s** with her? because she looks like this and nothing is sexier than watching the weight of her b**** pull her forward when she is drunk off her ass.

    She has managed to pack on some weight in her hips as well. S** with her is an all night adventure the drunker she gets.

    I present you with, Kayla.. the wife of 4 years now. No I dont share her, but yes, I will ask about pics of her when she is really drunk.

  • She is so hot and sexy, I would love to see her drunk.

  • Well it took a while but I finally got one of her blasted, Kayla had been drinking all day yesterday, I kept pouring the drinks into her, she was playing her usual drunk blonde bimbo routine as she got more and more smashed and staggered around our home half nude. I helped her get undressed and off to bed she went after we had s** a few times in her very VERY drunken state. Take a look at this glorious shot of her passed out with those huge b****!

  • Wow, those bolt ons look good, I bet she has a hard time holding herself up once she gets good and drunk. Titty Topheavy. I would love to see some pics as she gets herself drunker and drunker (and less and less clothing) BTW love what the drinking (and probably some eating) has done to her, she looks nice and curvy like a woman SHOULD Look.

  • Damn, one look at her and I was rock hard. I cant imagine living with a woman that hot, my p**** would never go down

  • DAMN, I sure hope you dont take her out drunk, because you would have to peel the guys off her. Are those t*** real? She looks amazing.

  • My wife used to think it was stupid, she didn't get it. She figured how could she be more desirable to me drunk and sloppy, but after a few nights of drunken s**, that changed her forever. Now its a weekend once a week event, she will dress up sexy, I will slowly get her plastered and she will stagger around for me drunk off her ass trying to dance and be sexy, and once I cant stand it anymore, the night ends in mind blowing s** for her and I.

    I see everyone likes pics, so here she is on New Years eve last year, she was a drunken MESS Of a woman, and I think we had s** for an hour on and off after that night. It really amps up your s** life.

  • I been married to Jill for only a year and last Saturday we went to a party we were invited t and after the first drink Jill became quite flurtageous. There was a Hispanic dude there a big guy and for some reason she was hanging onto him like you wouldn't believe. When they were dancing he'd grind against her and she him, Man she's never danced like that with me so I quit watching her. She's over 21 and supposedly she knows what she's doing.
    About three hours later I went to find her and after half a hour looking I found her alright, This Hispanic guy had his c*** buried deep into her puss and she was giving another a BJ. I was going to turn away but didn't I found it really arousing to see her being doubled like that. Then the guy pulled from her and shot his c** all over her chest and belly a full five big squirts, I never seen so much c** from one guy and I wish I could so much. then the guy getting the BJ came in her mouth and he told her to swallow and she did. Man I had a raging h****** watching them do my wife.
    Later Jill came to me she was a bit on the messy side but I didn't say anything about what I saw and she told me she invited a few to come over next Saturday for a get together. A get together ???

  • Actually my wife likes to get me drunk and have s** with me, she likes me to get all sloppy and hard and hump her

  • Not nice of you to do to her. Actually it is quite cruel. Get a checkup from the neck up for yourself.

  • I currently live with 2 woman in a poly relationship. New years eve they both managed to get each-other very very drunk. I took pics and then took care of business on both of them once they managed to get themselves so drunk they could hardly stand on their own.

    We have lots of fun normally and have been living together for about 4 years now, but this was the best s** I have had with both of them ever.

  • Dude! Absolutely the best action ever posted here! I truly hope this is NOT the last time we see these lovely girls, I shutter to think the amount of cash I would shell out for video of these two in action, a sober to wasted thing would be amazing.

    Really hats off to you and thanks!

  • My wife came home last night so drunk. She could not walk in her six inch mule shoes. Her friend said she drank six rum and coke and 4 tequila shots
    She told me she wants me to get her pregnant.

  • Be careful. My wife did this - came home totally smashed for several weekends in a row or stayed at home and got drunk - we had fantastic s** - she was so slutty - then she got pregnant. Cant drink when you pregnant, can't drink when you are breast feeding, can't drink as the kids get older (don't want them to see mummy drunk) - f****** worst think I ever did was let her get pregnant

  • Man I hope you f***** the h*** out of her

  • Does she walk in front of windows undressed when not drinking?

  • Does she give great head ?

  • All i can say here is what the f*** are you thinking. That's your wife, why aren't thinking about her health. Do you know what that much alcohol can do to a person! F****** moron, I don't usually say that but you qualify for it. I hope she leaves your sorry ass and finds a descent guy.

  • Highlight the link, right click and copy. then right click in your browser box and then press paste, this should enter the link into your browser box. then press enter and it should take you into the photo.

  • Can someone tell me what I need to do to view the pictures you posted of your beautiful drunk wives.

  • Copy and paste to browser

  • I love drunk s** with my husband, but this pic shows why I no longer go out with him and let him get me drunk in public. I tend to shed clothing the drunker he gets me. I did have fun however.

  • Did you get f***** by any of the other guys around there?

  • Gorgeous! Amazing body and nipples haha.. Just enjoy life, its good to let loose, you are very stunning..

  • You are beautiful! I hope your husband treats you well cause you deserve it

  • My wife got so drunk one night at a party that we went to on the way home she took off all her clothes in the car and started sucking my c*** until she passed out, so I felt like having some fun and when I pulled up to the house I saw my 65 year old landlord in the driveway and asked him if he could help me carry her in the house, he was more than happy to help. I took her from behind and he reached under her knees to carry her from the front. On the way up the stairs inside I made like I accidentally fell backwards on the steps and he fell right on top of her with her legs open wide he got a few feels before he got up but I was hoping he would have stuffed his face in her p****
    when we got into the apartment I asked if he could stay with her a minute while I ran down and got our stuff out of the car and he was more than happy to, I don't know if he did anything to her while I was downstairs but I hope so.
    Now he is all smiles when he sees us and she does'nt understand why he is so friendly all of a sudden but I do

  • That story starts just like one of my favorites as well!

    I was living with a woman while tending bar, and she used to come wait for me to get off work some nights. She got pretty drunk sometimes, and one night while driving her back home, she got completely naked in the car and started sucking my d*** and fingering her p****. When I started to pull over in a secluded area to f***, she told me not to--she just wanted to get home and f*** in bed. Sadly, she passed out on the way with her head in my lap.

    When we got home, I couldn't wake her up to go inside. I went around to her side of the car to get her out. On an impulse, I slipped my finger into her p****, thinking I would just sneak a taste. She moaned a little, but stayed asleep. I dropped her seat back almost flat and climbed in between her thighs. She pushed her hips against my finger, so I added another and started slowly f****** her with them. I licked her c*** as I twisted my digits inside her, and she moaned and twitched. When I couldn't stand it any more, I whipped my c*** out and slid all the way inside her with one long thrust. Her eyes were closed, but she moaned in rhythm to my strokes.

    Usually, I am courteous enough to not put my full weight on her when we f***--she's pretty small. This time, I laid on her belly and chest, my face buried in her hair, and humped for all I was worth. She was in no shape to protest, and I definitely took advantage of the moment. Sooner than I wanted, I was shooting my c** into her clasping p****.

    When I carried her inside, she wrapped her arms around my neck. When I put her into bed, she pulled me down for a kiss, and mumbled thank you. When I asked for what, she said "for taking such good care of me"

    To this day, I don't know if she meant the carrying or the f******!

  • Thats literally rape

  • Me and my mate was in with a p*** dvd on wen wife come homw well drunk she ad er cheerleader out fit on well sum ove it she ad a bra in one and er thong she sed can i dancs for you and bob you have no undis on well beter for you to then bob was up for it and ad a hard ready to f*** er she ask you wood like to f*** me i no jim told you got a 14.ins c*** let me see it first then we will see bob sed is it ok jim i sed yes she is up for a h*** ov a night c*** all night and she can take it bob so you beter be up for bob tuck er to bed and wowee he f*** er like a mad man she was well in to till 4.30 in the moring she was still going like mad on top ov him riading him he ad bin after f****** for 1 year he nade up for that in one night now he comeing back on sunday and she did not like the lad but she well likes is monster c*** all night er p**** is stil hot from satterday jaygailnyfio37d i will put the next e/p .2 next

  • When my wife gets drunk she gets nakedshe has a geat body 36GG t*** and loves to show them off shes 42 last weekend she sucked me and 2 buddies off

  • She looks an absolutely great ride; you're a lucky man.

  • My wife Linda has always been a bit of a prude. I love her, but plain old s** can get boring after a while. Last weekend we spiced things up a bit, I told her that I had never seen her drunk and wondered what she would be like, she laughed about it, and told me she would try it on the weekend.

    We had a great time, she got so amazingly drunk and the s** went on for hours. She even let me take pictures and then encouraged me to post them and now we are planning on doing this once a month. It was a blast.

    Feel free to enjoy the pics.

  • Fantastic

  • She's HOT! Please send more!
    Do you have an experience project page or a tumblr site?
    - I'd love to post her to my tumblr site at

  • Can i just say your wife looks fantastic love her t*** mmmm thanks for sharing . love to see more

  • Ooops. I hope this pic was posted under your wife's consent. She looks like a very lovely lady. ( i hope the posting of the pic was not done by a jilted lover )

  • I am his wife, and yes it was. I liked it so much because it was the first time in my life I ever was able to let loose while having s**. He got me so drunk by the time that first pic was posted I was having a hard time holding myself up and had to use the wall.

  • Wow, she is hot, that last pic of her on the bed she looks SMASHED drunk too. I would not kick her out of the bed. T*** are nice too. She looks like a great time. Maybe we could talk you into convincing her to do a drunk video? Seriously, she is adorable.

  • Thanks, I am his wife, and yes I was pretty well blasted by thatlast picture, We are going to try again tonight, I have had a few drinks already and plan on getting even drunker thanbefore, hopefully he has fun, I know I will. I love this, I felel like the sluttiest bimbo when drunk, never felt like that before, it makes me feel likie I am a totally hot bimbo.

  • You are totally Hot, but I wouldn't say bimbo, I would say you are a Seductress

  • Thanks, I guess its just a feeling that I am a drunk s*** to be used, like some drunk bimbo that turns me on. I feel the drunk coming on, feel myself wanting to have s**, feel the NEED to get myself drunker so I can feel more like a drunk s***. I ts hard to explain. but thanks, I plan on doing a lot more pics and a lot more very drunk sessions with my husband

  • You are awesome !!!

  • My wife's sister came into town, and I told her to bring me my wife home from the bar a smashed mess. She staggers into the house at midnight and was bombed, I was in heaven, I could never convince her to get really drunk and sexy but I finally got to experience it. Here is a pic of her, a total mess, after she tried to get dressed "sexy" for me. WOW she was a h**** mess, some of the best s** we have had in our 4 years of marriage. She is a plumper too for those that like them a bit on the chubby side, I have been trying to convince her to pack on a few more lbs. Here is Kelly in her drunken slutty state. She even asked me to take pics of her as she staggered around half nude.

  • She is hot.. perhaps my favorite type of woman, plump to fat, red head, and drunk. Nothing better in the world.

  • She is gorgeous, I sure hope she decides to pack on a few more pounds, and we get more drunk pictures.

  • I need to take some more pics, she has a huge beer belly now, even bigger than that pic, and loves drunk s** with me once and a while. Her ass got huge and wide and those t*** are now even bigger.

  • She is gorgeous and very sexy, I hope she gains weight and gets drunk often.

  • The gaining weight part is easy for her, besides I like bigger women anyway, the getting drunk part was hard, I had to convince her sister to do this, she is not a drinker, but after that night (and the s** that followed) she was talking about doing it again at home.

  • Never got my wife drunk enough to walk around naked (she's a bit of a prude). Back in the early seventies though when we'd go out drinking she would pass out in the car on the way home. I'd pull up her top or skirt to expose her to truckers we passed on the interstate. She never wore panties with skirts and rarely wore bra's with halter tops. To bad this was before cell phone cameras.

  • Every time my wife gets drunk, she starts talking about all the guys that f***** her when she was single. With enough alcohol in her, she will even do it when my friends are there. One night, she told her best friends husband , how she got her cherry popped on the first date she ever went on. Four times during our marriage, I have allowed four of my friends to have s** with her after she got drunk.

  • I had alot of fun getting my wife drunk to because she would open up and then i could do anything i wanted or get anything i wanted sexually. Then as time passed she just stayed drunk. She died at age 45 of cirrhosis. After i took her off life support i watch for 4 more hrs as her body died. Foam running out of her mouth, lose of all body fluids and then just the whites of her eyes were there and she was gone.

  • When I get my wife drunk she will f*** anywhere we have been in the back yard and in clear view of the neighbors house and she will drop her pants and bend over and f*** we have f***** in the garage with the door open at the back of the car I took her dress off she was completely nude and sucked my c*** and f*****. she also likes to get it in the butt when she is super drunk she will even beg to be done that way

  • Where is Michelle? Were any photos and/or videos posted anywhere? Her three photos are driving me crazy, and I have to see more.

  • Weird j*** off!
    today, was a kind day. kind because, i met a lotta people and i made out with one of them. i met ma childhood friends Erythia and Sam. then we went out for lunch and played some games in the park. then after they left i browsed some toon p*** and masturbated to it. it was also the fact that Erythia had turned into a beautiful woman, with nice burgundy dyed hair and nice and firm looking b**** and good amount of ass topped with all her white skin. i was in awe, when i saw her after(must have been around 4-5 years) a long time and was thoroughly overwhelmed to notice how curvaceous she had become. so basically i was jerking off to Erythia, watching hentai. how weird could it be! But wait, it ain't over! i dunno i must've been on a s** frenzy i guess. it was raining today and it felt quite cold. so i was wrapped in ma blanket and was feeling cozy and everything, when ma cat Mori jumped in the bed and started rubbing herself off my face. i dunno the warmth of the blanket, superimposed with the nice furry touch of my face and plus Erythia's voluptuousness, all in all made me go for one more shot. and so i came. i felt good and had a nice nap thereafter (as i had fallen asleep with all that buttery snug and intimacy). so i got up to find my hand inside my undies and all coated with the stickiness of the whitish cream and who esle but Mori sleeping beside me. but even after waking up i still had the image of Erythia's tight nipples and round bums in my mind. And yeah! she's got a tattoo down her waist which i had seen while she hauled herself down the see-saw.

  • Maybe you should look into a bit more why you find it hot to see your wife in a whole incapacitated state? Is this fair to her that you get off this way. Maybe you all could reach a sober compromise? Just saying...

  • Oh yeah, last nights result of getting the wife drunk. Went out, she got a bit tipsy, got home and ended the night by getting herself stumbling drunk smashed. We planned it out perfect, and the night was fun!

  • She is gorgeous.

  • Shes beautiful, you're a lucky guy

  • Nice picture.

  • H*** yeah ! Tell us the story. It looks that we had a great time.

  • Very nice. Looks like you both had a great time. Thanks for posting.

  • Wow she looks good and bombed. Love it when my wife gets really sloppy drunk, the s** is great

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  • Oh yeah, Nicole likes to party a bit too much and of course I encourage it.

  • Now that's what I call a drunk wife. Incapable and virtually out for the count.
    All you have to do now is push that little dress up over he ass and open her legs...then get down on top of her and slide you c*** right up her and f*** her senseless!!

  • Wow, you know how to get your women drunk.. nicole looks BLASTED

  • Wife and I love to have s** when she is drunk. I think she likes it more than I do, and I like it alot.

    Some pics from start to finish, guzzling down beer after beer until she is a sloppy drunk mess, and then staggering around nude using the walls to hold her drunk sexy ass up

    LOVE having s** with her when she is drunk

  • Oh god she's completely gone!! Look at her eyes, she's not going to remember anything tomorrow so do anything you want to her and call the lads it too. Get as many c**** up her as you can even after she gets knocked out!!

  • She is beautiful, and she looks totally smashed in the last picture.

  • I love u

  • Well she got my d*** hard, nice t***

  • I would love to see to see her nude and drunk

  • My amazing wife, the first time we went out to a party and I convinced her to get amazingly drunk. She kept asking me in a super slurred voice "if she was drunk enough to take home and f*** yet"

    I love this woman, give her some booze and she is a total s*** for me! She was actually going out of her way to get blasted and then slutty, notice the t*** out while doing the shots!

  • Yes, she is amazing. Remember when she excused herself to go to the restroom and came back with the big smile? I f***** her and sent her back to you dripping.

  • You must be very proud of her.

  • And one more, she got herself BLASTED at this concert we went to a year ago, was soaking wet from the water sprayed onto the crowd, we ended up s******* in the car for hours.

    The booze is also packing on the weight on her too, and I love my women drunk and plump

  • More of this beauty please

  • Wow hot!, look at all that fresh chubbiness from all that booze. Got to love it.

  • Awesome. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your sexy drunk wife.

  • Hey, you are not alone. This post came up as my wife and I were searching this topic. My wife Dawn and I were having a few drinks last night and I mentioned to her that I never had s** with her when she was drunk haha that was all she needed to hear!

    She told me she was going to show me what good sloppy drunk s** was like.. and we were at home so I was not going to stop her :) Within an hour or two my wife could not talk, walk or do much more of anything other than crave s**.

    Completely nude in my living room stumbling around and a very VERY slurred voice asking me to have s** with her. Sucking on her t***, staggering around like a w****, I was so turned on it shocked me. Watching my wife just go totally nuts and guzzle down booze to get herself drunker was a turn on! THEN she slurs out that she wants to get drunker. WOW did she become my s***.

    We had a great time and she thought it was weird that I liked having s** with her when she was so drunk, we googled it and here we are. I think we are going to make this a weekly thing. My wife went from sweet sexy woman to hot trashy bombed drunk nude staggering w**** and it was a blast!

  • That is awesome. Sounds like you both had a great time. Hope to hear about more of your adventures together.

  • My wife c** home well drunk and c*** happy wen she bin out man hunting she never mist out yet i have not cus she is well randy wen she a c*** 4 the night it get er well randy she like c*** all night she is well happy wen she geting c**** wen she is on the beer she f*** and just like the best wife in the world i love 4 that god no how good she will be wen she is older 20 years on she will bee well hot wife she is now and she as not ad a lot ove c*** but she is well brill at f****** jaygailnyfio37d

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    never in my life have I met a more lowly, cunning, cheating, heartless, humanless, greedy m*********** in my life. I have good reasons to hate the Chinese.

    1) They think they are superior. If you cant speak their language even if their are in YOUR country, they wont accept you. UH HELLO??? You are in MY country So YOU have to speak MY language f****** yellow skinned c***.

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    3) They bring sickness to others. Swine Flu, Bird Flu(Avian Flu?), SARS, and God knows what else. Can they NOT look at an animal and think whether they would look good better as soup or stir fried??? Why are they eating everything??? I bet if given a chance, they would eat s*** as well.

    4) About animals, THEY HAVE NO ANIMAL CRUELTY ACTS in China! So yeah, you can see a man skinning a dog alive at the curbside and people would encourage the man. These people have no hearts.

  • Partially true, but keep your other idiocy garbage to yourself

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  • Listen here, little racist b****. This is America, a free country but you have no right to speak of the Chinese in this way! How would you like it if somebody called whatever race you are retarded ghoulish drunken sluttish freaks? You may say that you don't care, but some of us in the world do, ok? And by the way racist brat, you don't know what you're talking about. The fact that you actually have an opinion formulated from that piddly little brain of yours is respectable but keep your thoughts to yourself. No one wants to hear of your trash anyway, c***!

  • WTF is that ?


  • Well it's been a while since I posted so I wanted to share a few more pics of my wife when she was drunk off her ass After a night of having drinks pushed on her by me...she told me to make sure she stayed covered if she got too drunk and I made sure of the opposite:) I even had her lifting up her party dress as we left the club. She was toasted and didn't care who saw her pretty littlw body. I'm going to get her wasted again because she just isn't the same woman when she's sobee. Wel enjoy!!

  • That is one ugly b****

  • Stahp talking about yourself. its hilarious.

  • No i never have but it would be erotic to see how far she would go when drunk. i like to get her pretty messed up so i imagine she would do about anything :)

  • Cool pics - she's way hot, bro. Ever p*** her out when she's drunk?

  • Yes I did. We needed the money, but the black guys were to big for her.

  • Well you don't love her or you would respect her some day she will wake up and leave you.

  • Bet her mom or father wont be proud

  • Very nice, she looks good and blasted, I love it when they get so drunk they have to stuggle to stay on top of you when you are f****** them.

  • She is beautiful. You are one lucky guy.

  • When you got her drunk, you need to call your buddies over so they could party her gooood...use her throughly, you could video, and enjoyed the hold show...Next morning, only thing she would remember is her sorest, which you could explan as her wanting it long and hard and you gave it to her goooood

  • Your a sick freak would you want someone to do that to your sister or mom how about a daughter. you have problem.

  • My wife loves to flirt at the bars and clubs and men buy her drinks i am long gone home to bed by then she'll go out with a see thou to no bra and short skirt no panties she will hit hit a hand full of bars and clubs i hear she sucks c*** when i get up to go to work i go out shes in the front yard spread c** all over her running out her holes i just get in the car and go to work i live on a main road any one wants to use her any time no matter how many men long as you want free

  • wowee my wife is just the same wen she is drunk i sum time think she wood f*** enny one wen she all the men in the pub or we go in i get ask can i f*** ye wife iv bin told she f*** well good all night and she like to video it sum tim iff youv got a big c*** and she like 12ins and over she riad well good all suck c*** to she like two men so she can have c**** in all the i get ask at lest 6 time every night i was guner get er a g******* but she like them a lot i got er fixt up with one and she love it ask wen can i have it a gen i have to have go sum time but it best to just see how she like it more fun then she tell me after how good a f****** she as had she no that get me well randy she say i f*** er lot beter wen she tell me and we put the dvd on we made ov it gailnyfio37d//jim

  • What is your problem that's not love why be married.

  • Some guys really get off on seeing their women being used by other men. You can't define love for anyone else.

  • Coming from you this is all prolly a crock of s***, but if you're married you certainly don't deserve to be! Annie

  • Annie, go f*** yourself

  • Annie, I would love to lube your ass, and f*** you all night.

  • This is not true Annie. This is fun when used in private. I know from personal experience. My wife was a non-drinker. The first time I made her tipsy was on her birthday on wine. I kept telling her just once for me. She drank a few glasses and felt buzzed and the s** was damn good.

    Then once again I got her drunk. She initially resisted but later give in. After that we do it from time to time and I tell you, its a great escapr from routine.

    Don't believe me. Try it once in private !!!

  • Here is a fun pic. Got my wife drunk at her Christmas party this year, we snuck away and screwed a bunch of times in her cubicle. She was smashed drunk. We had fun.

  • Blaaa blaaa blaaa what a dumb f****** idiot if you cant put anything constructive you should really shut the f*** up your so f****** clever you wont even put your name to the s*** you put on here
    david storm

  • Hey, and one last thing, anyone on here realized that none of these people have anything going for them expect for their bodies and s** lifes? what happens when its all over for you guys and women? what happens women when you lose your looks one day? what happens men when you lose your looks one day?, how about all those wifes in the TRASH HEAP now? do we see the cold truthful outcome of what is going to happen to these types of people written up here, NO WE DONT!!!!!!!! can someone have the courage then to write the truth up then?

  • Wake up to yourself - my wife is average at best in bed until I get her drunk - then she gets as h**** as h*** and wants to f*** and suck as much as she can - basically she goes from being a quiet, shy thing to a s*** - the more she drinks the louder and wilder she gets. She lets me get drunk, she wants to get drunk and she is my wife. I don't abuse her - she wants it - all I am doing is satisfying her.

  • Why don't you get her drunk and then bring your mate and let them f*** her one at a time

  • Why don't you get her drunk and then bring all your mates round and get them to f*** her one at a time

  • I have and it was great.

  • She's not in her right frame of mind, if you did nt want a shy wife why did you date her,what happens when she becomes a diabetic like my dad was could nt drink anymore.what would you want a guy to treat your mom sister or daughter like husband loves and respects me or i would nt be dumb enough to be with him

  • Why did I date her - she has great t*** and used to get drunk most Friday and Saturday nights. Why did I marry her? She got pregnant. What will I do when she can't drink anymore? - divorce.

  • Well. That's f***** up. Hopefully by the time she can't drink anymore you'll be so old and unattractive that no one else will take their pants off for you anyway, and it will serve you right. If your marriage is based on s** alone, you might as well divorce her now and stop setting a bad example for what a relationship is for your kid, and give real love a chance (as broad as that definition can be).

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  • Yup...We will go to h***, h*** yeah..but till then we enjoy and as long as there are two mutually consenting adults involved, there is no problem at all. RIP you spoiler...

  • A while back I promised you guys some pics, so here they are. Wife and I on vacation, Took her down to the restaurant in the hotel, started her drinking down there, and then broke out the bottles of Vodka when we got back to the room. Its the 4th time she has been drunk and this time it was amazing. She was a totally smashed s*** for me.

    Here are the pics, lots of them as she got herself sloppy drunk for me

  • Awesome. I hope she gets drunk for you again, and you post more pics for the rest of us.

  • Would you want pictures posted of your daughter when she is a young lady.its ok until it hits home


  • This is beautiful. You sure had a blast that night. Try to get her drunk at least once in month. :) Love her...she made me so hard. XOXO ! Want more pics !!

  • Loser no respect for women or her health.

  • What an outstanding drunk woman!!

    Cannot wait for more. Please tell us there will be more :)

  • If my husband disrespected like that I'd file a law suite.

  • Truly outstanding pics...what a beautiful lady, drunk or not...but especially drunk! Please post more!!!

  • DAMN, your woman made me so hard.. she is perfect.. big t***, plump, sexy looking and good and drunk! Cant wait for the next set of pics

  • Hey lets see some of your sister or mom you got a grown daughter............loser

  • 2 ans ur question yes

  • On weekend we have a few friends over. Con drinks as much anyone. She wear little as you can. After most friends goes home and four or five male friends are still here. We talk Connie into taking more off and when she does the party starts. She has large t*** and loves showing them off. Our friends share them and other things to go a long with them. We do this a few times a month. She has had friends over during the week and they bring some friends with them. They all share her and she likes this. We have a lot to talk about when I get home.

  • Sounds like she like what she doe and the more the better. You are luck and make sure you share photos. This sound like someone I know and she is good at it. She like when you bring friends over so there new c*** and new f***.

  • I would love to have a wife like this. I like when a couple share her body. Wives love to show off herself. It sounds that Connie likes s** and know what she want. I would like to meet them and have Connie take care of me. If you have pictures please show them Connie I wish you luck and hope you suck and f*** a few hundred men.V

  • If you give address and phone will call back

  • And get every S.T.D KNOWN TO MAN

  • Sounds pretty hot. I love the feeling of my girl after shes been used.

  • Well, looks like my wifey had a bit too much last night. She loves sloppy drunk s**, we have always had our drunk s** nights, and she true to form, started drinking around 8 PM last night (With a whole lot of help from me) and managed to get herself totally blasted. We have posted here before and always got good comments on her pics when drunk, so here is another one, Julie, drunk off her ass, on our dining room table, laughing, happy, sloppy, drinking even more being my sexy drunk wife. no better feeling in the world than having s** with her as she is so drunk she can hardly talk.

  • Have you got he so drunk that she has been f***** by other guys?

  • Very hot!

  • Pierced t****** too? nice, bro. I'd hit that!!

  • She is a beautiful woman - wish she was mine - Id get her so drunk as often as I could - she is SEXY and the more I look at her the harder I get

  • Sooo your saying you want to mess up her health over drinking all the time. that's also fattenindont for condoms

  • Been a while since Sharon was good and drunk, so I took her out to a club last night and told her to go nuts, and nuts she went. This was her as she came out trying to hold herself up with her t*** spilling out of her shirt. I love to get her good and boozed up and then take her home for s**

    Got her home and f***** her good!

  • Awsome h**** babe. she looks like she was made for c** to be pumped into her. do you have any more pics?

  • I must see more of her. Interested in trading some pics? My drunk wife for more of her drunk?

  • Awesome stuff. I hope you have more pics of her.

  • Nice

  • Here is Jen. We have been married about 2 years, and I told her I wanted to get her drunk one night. Took her out, did shots, she was just on the verge of getting totally smashed before this pic. I finished her off with shots of Peach Schapps at home that night, she was a blasted mess! So much fun in bed. This is her in her bra (Yes, 2 of the many reasons I married her, she has some huge b****) and skirt. Trying to talk her into some nude drunken shots.. she had a great time and wants to do it again, but wants me to get her super drunk at home only. Does not like to be out and be that drunk

  • Wow she looks great in black and such a sexy smile xxx . your a lucky guy

  • Shes a beauty.. Lucky b******

  • Chunky but cute! Probably gives great head - all the bigger gals give hot b*******.

  • Well at least even tho her worthless husband has no sence she has a little

  • Would luv to see her too drunk to walk - bet she gives good s** when she is drunk

  • Great looking girl. Please keep us posted if you manage to take more drunk pics of her.

  • You should have more respect for the woman,we needs pictures of you boys naked and abused to see how you like it

  • Wow, she is cute, chubby (Which I prefer) and has huge b****. Nice. Bet you she is amazing in bed when drunk.

  • Awesome. I hope you manage to convince her to pose for those nudes next time you get her wasted

  • I love that, too!
    When my wife gets sloppy drunk, she gets way slutty!
    I remember her totally naked in the front seat driving home one night...road head for me, fingering her p****, and c****** like a fountain. I had to pull over behind an office building and f*** her then and there.
    Lately, it's just been sleepy-time when she drinks. I still take advantage of her, but I don't f*** her...that last shred of moral fiber is still hanging on.

  • Uhhh yeah cause that's called rape you idiot have some kind of respect for the woman a good sharp fist to the crotch will work wonders on these kind of low life good for nothins

  • Hope you enjoy our vids of passed out "toy part 2 in passed out wife" and pick slutload....then once you see that one you can search by uploader in bottom right and get 3 more. Let me know what you think at wifesvideos at yahoo

  • I FINALLY convinced my wife to get rip roaring drunk for me while on vacation this year. She always thought it was strange that I wanted to do this, but last week while in Vegas, she looks over at me while we are out and says "Get me really drunk tonight"

    That was all I needed to hear, took her to the liquor store on the strip, got a big old bottle of Grey Goose, and let her go to town.

    Back up to the room, and she starts guzzling it down. Within an hour the bottle was gone, she was nude, and f****** me like a wild woman. We must have screwed like 20 times that night as she got drunker and drunker. She would kill me if i posted the nude pics, but here is one when she started out, you can imagine what she looked like after that huge bottle was done!

    Now she understands, and wants to have a drunk s** night at least once a month, I think she really enjoyed being a drunk s*** for a night, and I know I enjoyed her like that.

  • My wife is a prude and never lets her guard down.

    Then last year we stopped in a nice hotel in Majorca, the first two nights were the usual, a meal in the hotel and then two drinks in the hotel bar then bed.

    The third night we had the usual meal in the restaurant, but when we went in the bar there were no tables left so we had to sit at the bar, the two guys behind the bar started to chat to us, we'll more to my wife. I noticed that when we ordered a drink my wife was 90% alcohol and 10% tonic.

    After 45 minutes in the bar she did seem quite drunk and as she went to the wash room she looked unsteady on her feet.

    I carried on Talking to Tony behind the bar as he was working alone as the other guy had gone on his break, after 10 minutes I said to Tony that I would just go and check on my wife, Tony said
    She'd be OK as he'd seen go on the washroom on the cc tv.

    Then he gave me another drink and said as the bar is now quite would I be ok while he went to the toilet, I said no problem.

    After 5 minutes more neither barman or my wife had returned, I must say I was starting to wonder where she was. It was then I notice near the till behind the bar one of those security televisions where the screen is split into four.

    I went behind the bar to check out the screen, camera 1 was the bar, camera two was the hotel reception, camera 3 was the passage to the washrooms and camera 4 was the television lounge.

    It was on camera 4 that I could see a picture that looked like a p*** movie.

    There was a woman on a sofa she was on all fours giving a guy a b*******, but at the same time her dress was resting on her back and a second guy was banging her from behind,

    It was then I thought, that dress looks just like my wife's, my usually serious wife was getting it from two Spanish barman, I must admit that a found it a turn on, maybe it was the drink but I just wanted to watch her show her wild side

    After a while the guys came back as did my wife minus her knickers


  • F*** yeah - she is HOT - Id be getting her drunk once a week and having as much s** as I can

  • That is one beautiful lady. You are a lucky man and drinking it straight from the bottle. That is something.

    Perhaps you can get a few shots as she progresses some night. I promise, none of us will tell. cc

  • Wow. Beautiful wife, and a great drinker! Looks like you both had a great time that night. Hope to hear about the next time.

  • H*** yeah, if you can convince her into some nudes while drunk that would be awesome. I bet she was a drunken sloppy mess! Love doing women likt hat.

  • I thought I was the only one who enjoyed doing that to his wife.
    There something that turns me on to treat your wife like a .... when u know she is not.

  • Can I come by ?

  • What is wrong with you, I'm glad I married a Christian man

  • Yeah he will respect you until he gets bored and finds something better

  • Is she black - nothing better than a drunk black women for s**!

  • I like to get my wife drunk and watch her suck off our single male friends.

  • You have no respect for her or her parents why don't you say that to her parents see what they say.

  • Me too! She has sucked off all my friends. If u get near portland . Glasstop

  • My wife love to be nude around the house.When she stay nude and shows my friends her body. They enjoy her body in many ways. She started having s** and now they bring over their friends and she have s** with them. She has had photos and movies. She loves group s** and enjoy showing all.


  • I have always been "pervy" about looking at Dog s** on the internet, girls (especially obvious wives)letting dogs lick their c****.. My wife would kill me for even mentioning it but ONCE, about 2 years ago after coming home after a really drunken party on New Years Eve we started to make love on the couch and she was so drunk that she passed out afterwards, laid back with her legs still open wide and, after I had let our Boxer dog in and snapped my fingers in front of her p**** he licked her clean without her knowing (I think) anything about it. I grabbed my camera and now HAVE about a dozen photos of my OWN wife having her p**** licked out by a dog. Despite, (she says)thinking b********* is "totaly disgusting". I bet she would die if she knew her photo (not her face showing) is on the ontgernet with a dog licking her own c***.

  • Damn where can I find these pics. Sounds so hot I got an instant h******.., any clues or tags to find these?! Would love to rub one out to this

  • I too got my wife so drunk she past out and i got our dog to lick her p****. she would kill me if she ever knew what i did

  • I did a vid with a guy i am sure is on the net. she is a lucky lady. so want to do a dog. get her drunk again i will c** with you and suck her c*** with your c** in it.

  • I have a dane the neighbor keeps most of the time. One weekend night I had a new date over and drinks went to s**. I put her on some pillows and got behind her. I finished and she wanted to lay there. I washed up and my dane came out of the bathroom. I know he jumped on the bed, I head him jump. I did not say anything, she had played with him earlier. I just locked him in the bathroom while we had s**. When I came out he was licking her between the legs and air humping. I said and did nothing. She was letting him do it and moaning. I watched from the door. he got on her and tried to get it in her. She sprung up and screamed.
    YOU WANTED THE DOG FYUCK ME, YOU SICK F****** B******. she got dressed and I drove her home. She accused me of setting her up. I ask why she let him lick her p****. She said she thought it was me. I seriously doubt that. I really wonder had I not been there;
    I ask my neighbor if he did any thing to her. Her head dropped and said, he tries to hump my leg some time. I know that's wrong. the dog is bigger than she is. If he jumps up he is taller than she is. She is only 5-1 and 135 lbs. I think she is f****** me dog.

  • You need to get counselling. That is sick, unfair and morally despicable.

  • Yes your dog needs to be with you and not molested by your sick F.....IN ....NEIGHBOR. also your sick and need help if you think its ok for the dog to do be better off with a normal person.

  • You are wrong

  • So very very wrong

  • Wow. Wish I could have seen that view at the window!

  • Why ain't any of you p****** posting? Cat got your tongue? Hee, hee. Meow.

  • I like to get my husband drunk at home. I make him act like a male stripper for my friends. If he gives me any back talk, I kick him in the nuts. I know. It's a strange relationship, but for us it works.

  • Gee the guys get pist when it's turned around but its ok for women to be molested when drunk pictures taken good for you but I would nt kick him in the nuts I'd never do that.

  • A******

  • Nutter!

  • A******

  • W*****!

  • Dickwad!

  • We have several single male friends. They all know wife will want mmf when she gets drunk enough. I am orally bi so I encourage her to drink when we go to parties so she will invite a man back to our place for us to enjoy. Love to have sloppy seconds after creampie. Love to cleanup the men while she watches.

  • My sincerest apologies for being such a j*** when I posted MEOW hundreds of times in these confessions. I found God and I won't be bothering you anymore. And my sincerest apologies for all the people I annoyed. Yours in Jesus, my personal Savior - Meow

  • Blah. Blah. Blah. Just go!

  • Don't be rude heaven is real h*** is real that's why I'm fighting with what I should do, this guy I know from high school wants to hook up with me and wants 2 of his friends to join in cause we plan to record it. and he keeps hinting he wants 2 more of his friends to join us so 5 guys I don't know what I want to do.we are all over old enough to figure it out.but I just don't want 5 guys, 3 is stretching it.but every time I say no to it he finds away to bring it back up.maybe I should just do it get it out of his system.

  • Meow sucks!

  • I love it when my wife gets a little tipsy. After a few drinks, she gets slutty in a way I like and she will do anything I dare her to. I dared her to serve my friend and me topless. And, wow, she did it with no hesitation. Sober she is a prude and never would have done that. I can't wait until the next time she gets a little loaded. I got a list of sexy things I'm going to make her do.

  • Next time get she gets drunk get her to strip off and then invite all your friends to f*** her and fill her full of there s****.

  • Drillnya mana pondan??

  • Show some pics. It didn't happen if you can't prove it.

  • Pervert no respect for women

  • Yeah, let's see dem pics!!!

  • My wife gets me drunk and makes me show her girlfriends my s******. Not that I mind or that I'm real drunk. I'm hoping to get a little more play out of that action. I'd like to tap a few of her hot friends.

  • I like to get my boyfriend drunk and watch him do crazy things. Sometimes it backfires though. He squeezes my boys too hard and omg does that hurt!

  • I love to get good and drunk for my boyfriend when we go out. The drunker I get the better I know he is going to do me at the end of the night. I have been known to drink so much he has to carry me out of the club then take me home undress me and have s** all night.

  • I get just like that but one night is mate come with use i did not like himto much but wen i got drunk i sat on him he got well hard it was well big to i ask my hubby how big it was he sed you will se wen you get home he ssk me iff he cam iff you ok it i just woowee yes ok he can iv got to se how big it is bob is mate slipt is hand up my legs and got is finger in my p**** he sed you like that i bet woow i sead you ar well good at it beter than my hubby if you ar as good with your c*** you will be ok all night jim will get out ov bed and let you f*** me daft all night i will video it so you se it later on i was well drunk he got a taxsy home and we had a well brill night wen igot up bob was still in bed so i got a photo ov is c*** soft...and hard ans it was all over 18INS I CAN TELL YOU IT MADE ME YELPP A LOT MY HUBBY SAED I WAS AT IT 10ININ TILL I WAS SAYING MOREMORE BOB HARDER GET IT UP ME WEN CAN YOU C** OVER NEXT SUMO I HOP WILL ASK JIM IFF IT OK IT WILL BE I NO IT WILL TO NIGHT THEN HOPE YOU AR AS GOOD TO NIGHT ALL NIHTER TO NIGHT THEN GAILNYFIO37D

  • Sounds like an awesome time

  • The OP is a chicken s*** P****!

  • My friends would kick your a****.

  • I remember that dude, lol.

  • I F****** Hate The Chinese confession will always be on top hahahaha

  • If I could remarry it would be to this stunningly beautiful woman

  • Could not see tghe pix...said it was private. Is there a password?

  • That girl is amazing. So hot. So drunk.

  • She is stunning. Great drinking

  • Who wants to see the pics of my wife posing naked drunk off her ass?

  • Send them to

  • I do too

  • Yes please send the pics to me and of both words....

  • I would love to see them!

  • im a 18 year kid from miami let me see ur wife pleaseeeee

  • Yes, I would love to see photos of your drunk wife> I'm into that too and enjoy playing with her when she's drunk or passed out.

    Please send to me at:

    I will respond with my comments and can share some of my drunk wife.


  • Who doesn't?

  • Sounds awesome. I'd love to see that

  • Http://

  • She's hot!

  • I take my wife to the bar and we start drinking. She is normally very reserved but once she starts getting buzzed, i know its going to be a fun night. I usually can snap one or two pics before i get to obsessed with f****** this drunk s*** that she's become. at the moment, she is pregnant. i can't wait to take her out again and get her so f***** up she stumbles out of the bar. I love seeing her wasted out of her mind and doing things shed never dream of sober.

  • My wife has been extremely drunk about a dozen times in the past 25 years. On two occasions, I shared her with a friend of mine. He's a perv like me. She was so f***** up, but not actually passed out, she never remembered it. She has had memory loss a few times and this was like that.
    We kept it pretty dark and didn't say much. She loved it at the time and I loved it more. If the opportunity presents itself again, I'll take complete advantage of it. Even if it's only driving around with her exposed to young guys. Maybe let them touch her or even c** on her.
    That would be f*****' wild for me..

  • I do the same with my wife who is a school teacher. but once she gets to a point I let some of my friends f*** her. she is so out of it she dosent know that 4 of our friends have used her for a c** dump. I love seeing her used and I still get her drunk at home.

  • Where is the video, i would love to see her getting drunk instead of reading about it

  • Ok so.. Here. We. Go.

    I finally convinced my wife Wendy to go for it. Oh boy did she ever go for it.

    I took pics of the whole thing from start to finish. Started out with shots, and more shots, bottles, and then out to our backyard to polish off another bottle, then back in our hallway BLASTED out of her mind and half nude. I didn't take any shots after she almost passed out, just took her to bed and screwed her for about an hour. She was a wild woman, I have never seen her get into s** THAT much before.

    She agreed to let me share the pics and plans on doing this some more in the future. This was the best time we have had s******* in easily 14 or so years.

    Enjoy the pics guys, from the way she reacted there will be many many more.

  • Great pic of Wendy and she is really smashed in the last pic. Lovely with her legs wide open and I bet ready for some c*** too. Be nice to see a movie of her staggering about before falling down and getting f*****.

  • My hubby did the same with me wen i get drunk i a well nyfiowife he got me drunk wen we waer out we met is mate i did not like well i was well gon my hubby sed sit on is c*** gial i sed no he sed bob let er se your big c*** and she will sit on bob so i was well drunk he got it out and it was harf way downe is leg so got hold ov it and woweee it went well bog so i sat on it ok bob puld my leg so he cud get is c*** in them he got is 2 finger in my p**** and figer f*** me 4 harf ahour till i was well wet then just sed to jim ny hubby lean over a min just look at my c*** and he just sum how got it well up my p**** and just give me the best f****** i have ever had i just went a bit mad at it jumping up and downe that mush he c** up my p**** to ar three time i jused to my hubby can take him he sed he is comeing with us can we all get in bed then you can lave me to it with him is that ok i will put the dvd on to video it all night so that whot we and we ar doing it 2//3 time a weak my hubby say a happy is the best way to be he is happy to im jus c*** happy all the time hop to be doing it in the next 5..years or more gailnyfio37djim


  • I did same with my wife for years Miss goody two shoes until I slapped the booze in her than real w**** lick your bum suck your d*** off with no waste f*** anyone and every body no problem............

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the series. It would benice to have more series in here. How about it fellows?

  • Yet more screen shots from, shock horror.

  • Now that is how I like my women, drunk, staggering and nude. She is hot!

  • Holy S*** dude, she is drunk, wow that is hot, if only I could convince my wife to do that AND let me take pics. Damn, my d*** is hard just looking at those pics.

    Great shots.

  • Wife and I have been watching this page for ages, I finally convinced her to get good and drunk. She is 28, name is Kelly and she has never been this drunk before in her life. I had her a drunken mess quickly and she was posing nude and asking me in her slurred voice to take pictures of her.

    If I didn't get her pregnant last night, it will be a miracle, we had s** about 20 times over and over, and she got much much drunker than this pic! She said she liked it and wants to do it again! Next time she wants to start in public and get very drunk, then have me take her home and make her get drunker. Both of us are glad we tried this.

  • Love that sexy bush and amazing nips. Bet that p**** tastes soooo good!

  • Oh yeah, she got those nice wide sexy hips and very nice t***. Good job now post some video or more pics she is smoking hot.

  • She has great b******, betcha had a good time.

  • Make a video please.

  • Any sexy girls out their got really drunk lately??? Please tell us about it or better still, post a picture or two.

  • The Wife and I are always trying to find ways to spice up our s** life. There is a road sign in our neighborhood that reads "Dangerous Curve Ahead". I have been trying to talk my Wife into posing naked in front of this sign. It's the Holiday weekend and we don't have to work tomorrow so we have been drinking pretty heavy. It's midnight and the neighborhood is empty. Most people have Monday off so they have gone away and those that have to work are a sleep already. I suggest she get naked and we drive over to this sign and take a quick picture. She says she will do it but I have to be naked also. I figure it's a half mile at the most and it's midnight, who is going to know ? So we both strip down and drive over to the sign. Would you believe the police drive by? This Cop walks over to the car and shines his flashlight inside and asked what is going on. I try to explain but he wants us to get out of the car and walk to the back of our car in front of the police car head lights.My Wife has her arm across her chest and her hand is covering where her "bush" use to be. The Cop asks her if I am forcing her to be there and if she is covering marks on her body that I have inflicted on her. She assures the Officer that she is there on her own free will and drops her hands to her side to show him there are no abuse marks. Now my Wife is moving from one foot to the other and I know when she gets nervous she needs to pee. I explain this to the Officer and he tells my Wife she can go over my the bushes, "but it's dark and I don't know what is living in there". He suggests he and I move over to the side of the car to give her some privacy and she grab onto the bumper of my car and relieve herself there in the light. I look back and there is my Wife with her legs spread open so she won't pee on her feet, hanging onto the bumper of my car with her ass aimed at the headlights of the police car. I also notice the Officer's partner in the front seat adjusting the monitor that is probab

  • I have no one to blame but myself for this one. Got myself good and drunk last night, and of course hubby, seeing me in this state, helped out. I was a total mess by 10 PM at home staggering around nude. I had to hold myself up just for this pic. I knew you guys would enjoy it and hubby loves to share pics of me bombed, so here goes. I don't look too blasted in that pic but trust me, I was totally wasted, slutty slurring mess.

    We love drunk s** here! Well, lets rephrase that, my husband loves s** with me when I am his sloppy drunk fuckdoll lol and who am I to complain!

  • Mmmm...lovely long legs and Id love to see her walking about staggering all over the place. Looks like she is way off balance there and about to fall backwards onto the bed. Hopefully with her legs wide open and giving us a good look at her open c***.

  • Too bad about the bad b*** job. That right t** needs a revision.

  • Dont be so f****** rude. There's nothing wrong with her right b*** you a******.

  • She looks fantastic.

  • Thank you for the post. You look like you had a great time. As you do this from time to time, share some photos with us. We love them and protect our posters. cc

  • H*** don't feel bad I am and have always been a cockold so I get my wife drunk with my male friends and she neck with them and feel her up of course I have her dressed in sexy mini skirts dresses tube tee tops three times I saw her get it all the way.....a guy at a party not knowing she was my wife told me how he went into the john to take a p*** and she was sitting there p****** drunk and without a word she blew him off today she has became Mother Superior and not only forgot it all, but tells me she doesn't drink........... b****

  • My wife loves to get screwed when she is drunk. The problem is she hardly drinks anymore. When we were first together both in out late twenties she would get high and drink then do anything sexually that I wanted. Over the years that continues just not so frequently. But this past weekend I took her out and she had a few drinks. I had gotten a joint from a guy I work with and when we got home I stopped the truck about half way down our driveway. The driveway is about a 1/4 mile long and is in the woods. It was so dark that I could hardly even see her. we smoked the joint and then I asked to step around with me to the back of the truck. I lowered the tailgate and she went to sit on it. I stopped her and said I had something else in mind. I grabbed at her and told her I was going to bend her over the tailgater and f*** her until she screamed. She made like she did not want it but I knew better. I forced her over the tailgate and forced her pants down to her ankles. She was telling me to stop and all, but when I ripped her panties off I could feel her p**** was all gooshy wet and that meant she wanted it. So I f***** her hard until she came screaming out. I forced her to her knees and made her suck me until I was about to come then I pulled out and shot all over her face and neck. The next day she asked me when we can do that again.

  • You are one sick individual. What a nice way to respect your wife.

  • It's not disrespect as they both like it. I don't like all the forceing but you may not have used a much pressure as it sounds like. Hope she had fun.

  • She was definitely playing along. It was all in good fun.
    And best of all is she is into it.

    Have not had any wild drunken s** lately. Just the normal drunken s** :)~ \i/. She really likes playing with toys after a few drinks.


  • The long awaited drunk pic of my wife.

    2 bottles of wine and one bottle of vodka later.. here is what is left. Man did we have fun that night.

  • What a body! Yummy

  • Cute girl. Nice trailer. Was she born in that one?

  • Very nice.

  • Now that is one hot drunk c***. I love drunk women

  • Id love to get my c*** up her whilst she was drunk like that!!

  • This reminds me of a wife I had a long time ago. She loved to get drunk, when she did then she would get h****. It was nothing out of the way to play with her on the way home. Some times she would take her clothes off in the car and ride around naked until we got home. Then we would have a wild s** time until we fell asleep.

    What always amazed me was that the next morning she never appeared to have a hangover. Well except one time, but that is another story.

    Sorry guys, she got all the photos I had taken of her back before I learned she was divorcing me. cc

  • Nice! Thank you for posting this.

  • Wow she looks hot and proper drunk. Got any more you could share with us??? Please!!!

  • Debbie where are you?? Please update us on your latest drunk behaviour, your drunken antics turn us fans on so much. Would really love to hear from you!

  • Its been ages since my husband got me drunk, but last night we decided to have some fun, and here are the results. I was a drunken staggering mess!

    We decided we need to do this more often. We both love drunk s** and I now LOVE to get laid when I am drunk off my ass. He keeps wanting to take me out to a bar and get me drunk but I am not sure I am ready for public sloppy drunkenness.

  • Now those are some big, beautiful T******! Does you man spend time pleasuring them properly? I wouldn't let up on those nipples until you were c****** in your panties. THEN I'd bend you over and f*** the snot out of that wet gash.

  • Sweet!

  • When you do go out in public, be sure to have photos taken and posted on this site for us. You will have a great time and we will really enjoy living the night through those

  • You look super, go out and get p***** in public. No underwear, go for it.

  • are a delicious drunk lady!! Please describe the evening in greater detail. Even better, do so after a few glasses of the wine you are holding in your hand. After all, this is a Confession site, and from the looks of it, you were quite a naughty girl that night!!

  • Hi, yes very naughty, in fact I dont remember most of it, but my husband said I was quite a sight to behold. He says I kept asking him to f*** me as I staggered around, nude with a bottle of wine in my hand. I ended up doing shots later, and by then I dont remember much, that pic there was after be downing 2 bottles of wine ALL by my little self. I just kept drinking and drinking and getting drunker. All I remember is getting laid lol and laid. I cant imagine going out and getting this drunk because the second I get drunk I get super h**** and start shedding clothing.

    Who knows I may try it just yet. All I know is after the other night I know I love drunk sloppy s**.

  • So guys, I went out and my husband got me SHITFACED in about 2 hours, He had to help me to the car, wow I got myself blasted and I loved every min of looking like a drunken lush on my husbands arm

  • Yes it would be very exciting to do this in public. Who knows? you might have some fun and give some guys a thrill. a little groping never hurt (just make hubby is ok with it)

  • Mmm again..what a wonderful description! I do believe you have become the new darling of this confession post. Please post more when you have a new escapade. Better yet, type a confession before you start, partway through, etc. Does that sound like fun? Meanwhile, would love to see more pics from the recent night.

  • Your husband is a very lucky man - u r beautiful babe.

  • Hi I have no idea to like s** with drunk women, Many years ago I model for a website where the owner gets me drunk and does video. He took me so drunk I could not walk but if you like imagine I am your wife and you are get me this drunk!

    perhaps I can post more video.

  • That was very good. Please post more videos. Thank you for this

  • Bet you don't. Your not this model!!

  • Please do so....

  • What,every comment on this page is dead already,that is all right with me.if this page is dead,than bury it in a grave yard already,goodbye forever web was nice knowing you.die in peace already.........

  • I don't think this site is dead. I just think that everyone is waiting for someone else to post first, so what about it gang? Let's get some stories and photos going again. cc

  • Where is everyone? Nothing happening on this or any post for a long time!

  • I think Debbie must of gone sober on us!!

  • Hey gang. There must be at least 1 site with videos of women getting drunk and staggering around. Doesn't anyone know of any? cc

  • Http://


  • Oh yes. Thank you very much. Good to know there are really other sites. cc


  • Great locations. My Drunk Star looks good also. Thank

  • There are some recent postings, but certainly not many. Perhaps they are like me. My first wife and I had a lot of interesting times but I just don't know how to put them into words. I found out that she had a lot more adventues than I did with her, but of course that is another

  • What are you and your spouse doing for a long time ...sweetiee ? Why dont u tell us a story ;)

  • So Saturday we went out to dinner. I had several glasses of wine. Knowing exactly that getting me drunk would result in wild s** I was all for it. He had stopped at the liquor store earlier and bought some airplane bottles of flavored vodka and I had several of them on the way home from dinner. I was pretty drunk by the time we got home. I gave him a b******* while he was driving, not getting him off but getting him motivated to do me good when we did get home.

    I stripped off my dress as we walked from the garage to the house. We live in a secluded spot off the road so being naked outdoors is not very risky. When we got in the house he went to make me another drink and I laid back on the couch and masterbated while waiting for him. I love to finger myself when I am loaded and I love to be watched doing so.

    After downing the cocktail he made we screwed like crazy. I am still sore from it.

    Drunken s** is the best.

  • So last few weeks have been very stressful for my wife and I. I brought up the fact that I have never seen her really drunk. That was all she needed to hear. We had just got home from a party next door, and she decided to show me exactly what I wanted. Man was that a wild night. The most fun we have had in bed in ages. She is not normally a heavy drinker so this was an experience for her. We plan on doing it again soon!

    I didn't take any other pics because she would not want nude pics of her online, but this was the start, she almost finished that whole bottle of captain in one shot!

  • I can't get the picture. The site says it either doesn't exsist or has been removed. Any answers?cc

  • THIS is how I like to be taken home by my man, He will take me out to a bar, get me drunk and sloppy, (I do a pretty good job on my own but he always takes me over the edge), takes me home, and f**** my brains out. I love being drunk and I love drunk s**. He had my friend take this pic of my last week.

    Its not only the guys who like drunk s**, some of us women love it too.

  • She looks like she has been knocked out by chloroform. She is still ready to take a big up her though and when she comes round she will have a huge o***** whilst she is still groggy!!

  • I want to see more of you like that. How about some more pics?

  • I'd get drunk all the time in the service and had this asian girl i'd meet up with to f***. Her parents were p***** at her and hated me because I wasn't a "proper" boyfriend lol. I must have pumped hundreds of loads in that girl.

  • Nyone know where I can get video of a woman drinking form start to finish? Free or pay doesn't matter. Used to be a few around but the site closed. Some were great and some were ripoffs, but guess that's the way it goes. And to all you ladies out there, bottoms up.

  • Nyone = Anyone. Sorry, my finger slipped.

  • Oh, that looks so good. I've never had a gal quite that drunk but close. Keep up the good work and

  • Its so nice to know i am not the only wife on here, who enjoys this too ....

  • I remember when I had seven of my mates over for a game of wife played hostess supplying the drink. after we had been playing for about two hours i noticed my wife was a little bit the worst the wear with wine and was showing a little bit to much cleavage and the lads were encouraging her to get her t*** out,so i walked up behind her and open her blouse and pulled them out the lads gave a cheer and she paraded round rubbing them in there faces. after awhile she said ok boys who want to f*** me first my mate bob said i do and looked at me do you mind i have often wanted to see someone f****** her and said its ok and in no time he stripped her and his self naked and buried his c*** all the way in her and they were f****** like crazy. the rest of the lads quickly stripped off and queued up waiting to take there turn to f*** my wife and i also stripped and join the queue and by the time i got to f*** my wife her c*** was soaking wet with c** running down her thighs and my c*** felt like it had slipped in bowl of warm wife was like a rag doll laying on the carpet with c** running out of her c*** and soaking the rug.she was love ever minute of it,and since then she as asked if we to do it again, i said ok i get the lads to arrange it.

  • Debbie catch us up on what you have been doing since your last posting. You sure seem to have a wild time on the weekends. cc

  • What have you been up to Debbie? Pretty quiet lately.

  • Awesome, glad you had a great time

  • I FINALLY convinced my girlfriend to get super drunk and let me take a few pics. She was smashed off her ass in short order, after a few bottles of wine, then I moved her on to shots. This was the result. She loved it and got more slutty and h**** than I have ever seen her and we have been dating 4 years now.. Her name is Christine. She plans on letting me get her rip roaring drunk again in the future.

  • When you do get her rip roaring drunk, will you let other guys f*** her senseless?

  • Great pic, very hot. I love the dress and sexy boots.
    A drunk woman in sexy boots is the best.


  • I'd love to be there and buy her a few rounds of drinks if you two go out. cc

  • Oh that is a cuty. Looks like she is a lot of fun.

  • Shes loads of fun sober but this was her first time with me getting her that drunk, she was sloshed, she actually fell over after that pic, and all she wanted was s**.

    Her next drunk night, she wants me to take her out in that dress and make her drink twice as much, to be a sloppy drunken chick in public. I cant wait.

  • Don't forget to take lots of pictures, when she is at her drunkest:)

  • Oh I will trust me. I wish I took more that night, but she was more interested in staggering around than letting me take pics.

  • MMMM! We like your drunk girlfriend. More Pleae :)

  • Very hot

  • Drinking has always made me h****. I am shy when sober but after some drinks I loosen up quit a bit.

    I love it when we take weekend trips. We drink a lot and have s** like crazy. I like to keep him hard and deny o***** for hours and hours. I dress like a s*** and make him take us somewhere. As we drive I stroke his c*** or m********* for him. I have let him use a remote controlled vibe one me when we are at dinner. My p**** drips just thinking about it.

    I will do anything he wants when i am drunk.

  • Is that you honeydew?

  • Hmmm, longer and more descriptive please?

  • PLEASE. When is your next update?

  • Hi guys, just alittle update, i got drunk again over the weekend, saturday nite i was suspose to go out with the hubby, but i was drinking and got too drunk and we had to stay home lol

  • When are you going to give us another full report?

  • Hey Deb Deb, how about some pics of you when you are super drunk. We love those kind of pics here. Perhaps a set where you get progressively drunker?

    Oh and why the heck do you have to be married darn it.. I would love to mess around with you, you sound like a lot of fun!

  • Hi Deb. We have not heard from you in a while, you still getting drunk?? Please update us soon!

  • Hi guys, my hubby and i just found this site and love this page, i have always been a drinker lol , we have been married 15 years , the first few years i just drank alittle on the hollidays and once in a blue moon , then one night i get really drunk at a friends house and drove home, i stumble thru the door and too my surprise i could tell buy the look on his face he was turned on :) he f***** me so good that after that i started drinking more usually on friday nite or saturday nite we would be at home i would drink all nite with the help of my hubby, i would stumble aroud the house drinking and talking to my friends etc... i would end up so drunk i would have to have help to our bedroom lol where he f***** me good ..... then after about a year of this my drinking got a little worse i couldent wait for him to come home on friday nite with a bottle for me , i would start drinking and get so drunk , then saturday was much of the same , then sunday was my day to get rid of my hangover while hubby was home to help with the kids ...then i couldent keep to just drinking friday and saturday , i would drink all day sunday too , the whole time my hubby would be so turned on.... then monday i was my day to sober up after the kids got off to school , i would litterally do notheing all day but lay on the couch... then one monday the hubby calls me and asked how i feel he knew i was wasted all weekend , i told him baby i could really use a drink and he said ok sweetie just dont get drunk u have to get the kids from school , i was so happy and i was a good mom picked them up with no problems , when i get home though i started drinking again , i drank beer and vodka and by the time he got home i was drunk off my ass i could barley walk didnt have dinner ready but the hubby was rock and we had amazing s** , right now i am getting so drunk i hope he f**** me good tonite ....

  • Tell us more, please.

  • Is this a true story, or someones dream?

  • Duh, Dingleberry, of course it's true.

  • I like thinking it's someone's story :)

  • Morning guys, i am so hungover this morning, hubby kept me drunk all weekend:) now i am paying for it lol, i just want to get the kids to school so i can go back to bed lol,

    my yahoo is drunkendebbie if any drunk wifes or hubby wanna chat, my hubby loves it when other guys encougage me and i like to chat with other wifes,

    xoxo debbie

  • Debbie, some pics please! So hard thinking about your post! Wife is pregnant and I can't wait until she can drink again!!

  • Hi sweetie, i will try and get some pics up soon:) how far along is she and was she a big drinker before you got her pregnant ?

  • Yes, need the pics! So envious of the husband! That is exactly what I would do!! I love feeding my wife drinks, she is due in two weeks, lucky for me she keeps telling me she really wants to drink wine again! can't wait!! she was a bigger drinker when we dated and now with two kids and one more on the way she cooled down. something tells me she might like some more wine....of course i will help her out!

  • Hi sweetie, glad she is looking forward to drinking wine again :) maybe she will be come a big drinker again and Become the drunken wife you so desire, have you told her how sexy she is when she is drunk Hun ? My hubby gets so turned on when I drink, I hope you are the same with your wife.

  • Your doing that to a lot of us, not only your husband!

  • I hope i make all you guys hard :)

  • You sure do. More postings please?

  • Well, hello! I just came back to the site, and here you are getting drunk! Please post another after a few more drinks, and maybe discuss the things you end up doing when you get loaded, as you are now.

  • Glad you liked my story bAby :)

  • Did you get drunk this weekend Debbie?

  • Yes I did baby I ve been drinking all weekend

  • Debbie are you able to go on line and tell us if your drunk yet?

  • Fancy telling us all about it? Would make me so hard :)

    I find your drinking such a turn on!

  • My drinking turns me on too

  • Hi Hun, I am glad it makes you so hard ;) Saturday I got out of bed around 12 and by one 1 the hubby all ready had me drinking beer lol, as the day progressed he kept giving me beer, after about six cans I was feeling good, then he would say come on Debbie lets do some shots lol, I was getting drunk at this point :) about 4 the hubby said lets go and get some dinner, and I said baby I don't think I can walk to good, he just laughed, so I stumbled to out bed room and got dressed in a little skirt and a top that showed my t***, He takes a bottle of vodka with us, he had me take a couple swigs of vodka on the way to the restaurant, I could tell he was getting hard :) we for to the restaurant and he had to help me out of the car, I was feeling good, so we sit down and order dinner I got light dinner I didn't wanna get sick lol and of course he orders me some booze, we have a great dinner and I have about 4 cocktails and I Am feeling good, I am rubbing his c*** under the table he is hard as a rock and he whispers in my ear keep drinking baby, so I do, it's finally time to leave and i am so f****** drunk, I have a hard time walking he has to help me to the car, we get to the car and I stumble and fall lol he is now in front of me trying to help me up, I tell him to take his c*** out, and he does and I blow him right in the parking lol :)

  • When you go out in short skirts, do you go without panties and bra?

  • Oh god I am so hard for you Deb - my wife used to be such a drunken s*** before we had kids. Your husband is one lucky man - please keep sending us your stories.

  • Glad i make you hard baby :) does your wife ever drink anymore for you baby, how much of a drunken s*** was she before the kids ?

  • Hi Deb
    No she doesnt drink anymore - hasnt been drunk in years. When I first met her she quite happily f***** and sucked in bars, carparks - whereever I wanted it when she was smashed. She was happy to get her t*** out and would often sit on my lap and let me finger f*** her. The drunker she got - the easier she was. They were the best days!

  • I love your stories. My wife hasn't come home feeling good in quite a few years. But I fondly remember those days. I'm reliving them through you. Keep it up. Thank you.

  • She needs a nite out with the girls hun :)

  • More more more. It's b**** time.

  • Sounds hot. How can we talk in private?

  • My yahoo is drunkendebbie

  • Is that email or messenger?

  • Messenger

  • Debby are you OK. You haven't posted anything on here lately and I'm just wondering. The last time I was with my wife she came home from a Christmas so drunk she almost had to be carried to the bedroom. We were days away from our divorce so that is the reason she was not with me. I have had to help her at times from parties but this was worse. Did get to have a little

  • Hi everyone,

    I really wish this thread had sone credibiltiy, I know most of us who would love to trade places with this guy, but the reality is I think it's total bullshit. Only a guy in too this fetish would know just how to "send us up", I know its frustrating. The bottom line is that pix tell the story, I'm sure like a lot of you guys, we have pix and videos of our wasted wives that we would be all too happy to post we're we not fearfull of the consequences. I know I would, I have a vide of my wife smoking a giant joint from sober to high just to illustarte the transition to the point of a f***** up, over-weight fat ass bimbo that is by the end of it so wasted she cant make coherant sentances. reality is, some of the posters have the ability to pos pix and others like myself are just f***** because they cant take the risk of a co-worker of colleague somehow coming across the posting and as a result, s******* up their career. Really a total bummer.

    Here are some links to my postings of my wife incredibly f***** up...

  • Wow, just checked your pics, looks like your wife has really packed on some lbs, so sexy! You need to do a sober to drunk video of her, I would love to see it, she has the perfect body for getting nice and plump and drunk.

  • Wow, I love BBWs and drunk women, I would love to see a vid of your wife staggering around drunk. She is hot!

  • Agreed!!

  • My wife isnt a big drinker so I was surprised when she had several glasses of wine at a freinds NYE party. On the way home she insisted we stop at a pub that was still open - I assumed she needed to pee. I was amazed when she order a vodka and then another. By the 3rd she was in my arms kissing and rubbing up gaisnt me - her words were slurred and her hands were all over me. Watching her stagger and stumble back to the car was soooo hot. The drive home involved lots of fondling and kissing and her top came off to reveal her sexy t***. Watching her get out of the car and falling over on our front lawn, her legs spread wide, giggling uncontrollably was amazing. We barely got into the front door before we started having s** up against the wall- it was the best night of our lives in years. Lots of oral, lots of f****** and lots of o******. The next afternoon when she got out of bed, looking very unwell, she told she had found this site and wanted to see if getting her drunk turned me on. OMG YESSSS is the answer!

  • Wow! What an awesome story, especially that your wife initially found this site and turned you-and herself!-onto it!! Because frankly, from following the evolution of our posting site, now instilled with new vigor, let's have some real fun and post more stories like this, as well as photos and maybe even videos!
    Naturally, such nights as described above happen spontaneously, so they need nor could have any photos or visual memory. The stories alone are a turn-on. Would love it if your wife wrote the same story from her perspective. What motivated her to decide to get so carried away(mmm!)? And what did it feel like for her to do this with her partner?
    This is a very strong turn-on for men, experiencing their lovely, maybe otherwise mild-mannered wife, get completely shitfaced drunk and hugely h****, under controlled circumstances, when it is nobody else's business, either occasionally or regularly.
    I would be fascinated to read (and maybe see!)more accounts like those already posted, especially by women!



  • Yes, definitely post experiences, photos etc. I come here regularly to see if any of the original people are still posting, or even new ones who find this passion. Also remember the sloshedwife website for posting "naughtier things, including videos!?

  • This is definitely still an active topic! Please share your stories and pictures :)

  • Yes, this sorry is still alive. At least I am interested in this topic. Thanks.

  • Sorry= story.... :)

  • So after reading here for months, I decided to ask the wife to give this a try. I was met with "Wait, so you want me to dress slutty and drink until I cant walk right?" She thought I was nuts, but eventually gave in and tried it last week.

    She was a natural, kept on drinking and drinking, getting super sloppy, and man did she look good too. I had to sneak a pic of her barely able to stand and holding on to the bed frame for support, she hates pics of herself and would have ruined the whole drunk if she knew I took it. What do ya think? Good and drunk? We had some mind blowing sloppy s** afterward, good lord is she hot when drunk. I have never seen her drunk like this before. After she said she had fun and wants to do it again. I cant wait! She told me to watch out, because next time she is going to the "drunken w****" amount of booze!

  • Sorry, stupid image hosting, I had to hunt around for a place that would let me post it anon. I linked to the direct image but here is her pic

  • Both sites worked for me. WOW, what a beautiful wife you have. Enjoy, and thank you for posting. cc

  • I want to meet your wife when shes drunk

  • Drunk s** is alright,as long as it is between two guy's.i hate gay's and lesbian's.just fat q****'s.and ugly disgusting Lesbian's.should go to h***.

  • L****!!!

  • A bad word,prohibition.To Alcohol,the cause of,and solution too all of Life's problem's.sorry,i just had to say that.that is my best line from Homer Simpson.from the T.V show, the Simpson's.

  • Drunk s** is almost always great s**! My wife tends to become a whole lot more 'adventurous' after a night spent drinking vodka and coolers. Ass play is always on the menu during those nights. Here is a pic:

  • WOW, what a delicious looking a******! I would gladly eat that and lick that for hours, even after you shoot off in it! DAMN, I want to use your wife in ways that would horrify her when she is sober.....

  • Well, I guess being persistent works. Been trying to get my wife Jennifer drunk for ages now. I have read these posts and the idea of my wife getting all drunk and out of control just turned me on.

    Here is the one picture she allowed me to post. It was one h*** or a party at home :) I have bugged her about a drunk s** night for months now, and on Friday she finally agreed. She says she liked being out of control drunk so who knows, I might get another night of fun soon! All I know is she was WILD in bed after a few bottles of wine.

  • Crap, the pic didnt upload, try here

    Its hard as h*** to find a place that allows you to post nudity this was the only place I could find.

  • Wow she is blasted, thats just the way I like my women when having s**. Nice and sloppy drunk.

  • Damn dude she is fine

  • Wow, cute, big t******, a bit of meat on her, she is perfect and she looks nice and drunk! Cant beat that bro

  • I am sorry,whenever i drink alcohol.i always think about digging my old man's grave.Because i hate him so much.He was a bad father.

  • Hello web is time for you to go to death row.your time and joy is up.time for you to pass away and die in peace.Leave and never come back please.

  • Never, Drunk s** must live on! We will never give up getting our wives and girlfriends drunk.

  • My wife got quite drunk the other night when friends were over. After they left we went to bed, I ate her p**** for about a half hour then f***** it until i was ready to blow. The whole time she's talking real dirty about how she loves my c*** deep inside her hot wet p**** etc.

    When I was ready, I whipped my c*** out of her and shot my load over her stomach/t***. Was awesome.

    At new years she was so drunk she was flashing her t*** at me and our friends, let me slide my hand into her jeans for a play and let a male friend feel her b**** after I asked her to. The s** that night was mind blowing!

  • Add me to the list of guys who like it when their girl gets trashed. Here is an example of a typical night with my girl, first getting drunk at a friends party, and in the AM Still trashed drunk and staggering around naked. I got little sleep that night haha we screwed all night long as she drank her face off.

  • Oh yeah thats cool, she looks drunk off her ass in that last picture. My girl likes to get wasted from time to time and I always take advantage of it !

  • My wife almost never drinks, but I talked her into a night at home "partying" last night. The shots just flowed, and before I knew it she was a mess. A real turn on. We have done this before and I was wondering if it was a turn on for other guys, sure enough I found this place.

    Since everyone wants a good picture, here you go, you can tell by how low that bottle is she was pretty well slammed in this picture.

  • Wow, those t***! If that were my girl, I would keep her AND those t*** drunk 24/7. Nice! Got any more of her, I would love to see her staggering around drunk and top heavy.

  • I do something similar, however my wife does not know anything about it and would never really approve. I just have to wait until she drinks on her own accord, usually we are nude in the hot tub. Then after a couple of drinks she will have me get her another and I slip a roofie in her drink and she is passed out cold soon enough. But within 30 minutes or so she reawakens but is so out of it she never remembers anything. And then I just have my way with her doing stuff she would never do on her own. I never take pics though because I don't want her to find any proof of it. But I do things she never allows like lick her a****** and f*** her p**** then her mouth, i've even f***** her ass a couple of times. I clean her up after and put her to bed. In the morning she never remembers anything but she does say her p**** or ass is sore. she never really asks what we did, I think she figures I don't know that she is so gone and wants me to think she remembers or something.

  • Hot Tub is where my wife likes to drink too, she practically does the same thing as your wife, she passes out after about 4 or 5 tequilas and a few beers and she is helpless with no memory. Oh she makes things up like she remembers but she doesn't get the story quite right. One time we had our close friends over which isn't something new, but this night my buddy and I talked his wife into groping and kissing and going down on my past out wife, best time ever.. next day she never remembered a thing, except for the making out part. We told her and all the happened was her face got blushed and called us a liars and looked at my buddy's wife and told her she better never! It was funny!

  • What is a roofie

  • A guy who repairs roofs of houses

  • I just met another woman after my divorce. She was totally not my type, but so damn cool, when she asked me out I could not say no. I mean she did not have "my type" of body, (I like big butt and huge b****), but something about her was just right.

    We went out the other night to a bar, she had a few and I decided that i would test the waters. I started buying her shots and very strong drinks (thanks to my friend the bartender) and next thing you know, this woman was PLASTERED. We went back to my place and the s** was mindblowing. She went on for hours as drunk as she was, slurring her words, stumbling around and falling off me a few times. Turns out she likes drunk s**. A lot. We talked about it this morning and she is totally up for an occasional drunk s** session. It was so hot seeing this girl that I think I am really into getting drunker and drunker, staggering around, slurring and becoming totally slutty for me. I did not get a chance to get any pics, but I asked and she said she would go for it next time and I can take pics of her as she gets drunker!

  • My wife doesn't like s** much unless she is drunk. When she drinks she gets super horney. When we first got married I would talk my wife to go braless to parties, to show off her smoking body. She would tell me about all the men paying attention to her. I found this to be so hot. Then one night she asked if she could bring home one of the men at the party. I was a little buzzed so I said that we could go home and continue to party there. She started getting frisky with him at our house, and this turned me on so much that we ended up in bed together. I got so hot watching her suck him off, then we all got naked and I watched him f*** her while I was next to them in bed. When he was done I took my turn with her. I came so hard! This led to a lot of drunken orgies with most of my friends. I think that one of the hottest times was when she got drunk and sucked off two of my friends while I went at it doggie style with her.

  • My wife rarely drinks but when she does, she ends up being a ton of fun. She will be drunk and the best part is usually the 30min drive home. She pulls out her 34DD t*** out and starts to play and suck on them. She will finger her shaved p**** and flash her t*** to every trucker we pass. She usually ends up completely naked in the passenger seat sucking c*** while fingering herself to o*****! Great times!

  • That is so my wife too.......what catergory is this

  • What do you mean by category?

  • What category mean's often does your wife drink it minor or a major problem for you.

  • Well folks, I finally talked Michelle into getting drunk in public. We went to a bar, and I got her drink after drink, after wine, after shots.

    By the time this pic was taken, she could not stand on her own and could hardly talk. She staggered out of the bar, I took her home, and we proceeded to have a great night

    Man she got amazingly drunk, it was wild to watch everyone looking at my smashed drunk wife as she staggered around in the bar guzzling down drinks!

  • Nice view of her c*** as well...did anyone else get their c*** in her because in that state she would have let anyone f*** her!!

  • Mmmmm...nice view of her c*** as well...did anyone else get their c*** in her because in that state she would have let anyone f*** her!!

  • Wow..she is totally smashed. Love to get my c*** up her whilst she was like that.

  • Mmmmm...she is totalled!! I bet those lovely long legs were all over the place when she got up and I bet you let her stagger around for a while in front of the other people. Did she fall over and display her slit to all the other people in the bar. Lastly, did she get f***** ?

  • YEEZUS - that is one drunk ass b****!

  • Yup, I am pretty much a drunk s*** when I drink, I was smashed in that pic, I need to get hubby to take me out and get me f***** off my ass drunk again. I love s** when I am drunk like this

    --Michelle slowly becoming the lush.

  • Very nice indeed.

  • Wow, someone is a bit tipsy lol thats just the way I like it when my girlfriend gets like that. Great pic.

  • Looks like you both had a great time. Thanks for posting.

  • I had an awesome time, hubby just kept pouring the booze in my, my p**** kept on getting more and more wet and h****, and of course that leads a lush like me to keep on drinking and getting drunker

  • Wow, now that is amazing, I bet you she was super sloppy drunk! She looks so smashed in that pic, way drunker than her first pics here. You are doing good! Just the way a girl should look after a while drunken night. So sexy

  • Yeah pretty much my life revolves around letting my husband get me drunk and hump the h*** out of me. Im really starting to pack on weight as well, so now at least I have some t*** when I get drunk to play with.

  • I love getting the wife drunk once and a while as well. I will tell her to get all dressed up, take her out, get her downing drinks, and take her home once she is too drunk to walk. Nothing better than doing your wife when she is a drunken mess, she becomes a wild s***!

    Here is before

    And here is the best part, the after

  • I'm a husband who thinks this post is great because it shows the very lovely lady totally sober, then quite smashed in the sexiest sense. How about all the couples match that, along with perhaps several shots showing the progression into the state we all love in this fetish.
    Also, remember we can post things with far greater security at the sloshedwife website (scroll down for the link.)
    It's a closed group, and everyone should take a vow to keep anything posted there to ourselves. Perhaps this might further embolden all the sexy wives to reveal more in pics or vids, to everyone's delight. (The membership is growing, but no one has posted anything there lately.)
    Here's to all the couples who share in our special fetish (hic!!!)

  • That is one Hot Tamale!

  • Wow, she is smashed! Looks like you guys had an exciting night.

  • Oh yeah, she was smashed alright! I love to get her like that once and a while, and she is much better in bed when drunk like a skunk. After I snapped that pic she tried to get up and fell face first on the bed lol she was going to let me open another bottle of wine (Her 5th that night!)

  • I love it when my wife gets like that, and (shocking truth) she's a f****** wildcat when she's drunk! There's a fine line between crazy s** drunk and passed out, though!!

  • Nice!

  • Have not posted for a while but had to admit to someone I finally had the nerve to take this new passion into public. Afer a couple of large Brandy's at home last Friday night, my boyfriend could not believe his ears when I said we should finally go for it. He wanted me dressed real slutty like i am when i drink for him at home, but that was a little too much for the first night. I'm shy :( We settled on a compromise. Tight jeans and a low cut top which made me happy but I had to give way on the high heels. He told me straight, I was wearing them and that was that.
    It was a pleasent night so we sat in a secluded position in the garden of our local pub and I got to work on the wine. A bottle later and confidence had soared. We originally planned to slip back home before I got completely out of control, you know, one step at a time, but when he came back from the bar with another bottle and several brandy's I knew this was not going to happen. I secretly felt turned on. The decision had been taken out of my hands and in celebration I downed another couple of glasses in quick time. I was now a right mess and loving it. Only now interested in l****** after a man who was clearly l****** over me. I'd dispensed with the glass and was now drinking straight from the bottle in public! God what has happened to me since I discovered this amazing fetish :) It feels so good for a shy girl like me. Things then get hazy as the remainder of the second bottle disapeared. I remember staggering into the pub to visit the ladies several times, but I cannot recall if anyone was looking at me in my heels, too drunk to care. My fate was sealed when he pushed the last 2 brandy's into my hands and demanded I drink them straight down. Now slurring terribly and unable to stand he took great pleasure in watching me stagger and fall across the car park and into the car. I remember sucking his c*** during the journey home and falling out of the car outside our house but that's about all. Morning revealed another virtually empty bottle of wine and a p**** ousing with c** so a good time was almost certainly had. He said I was unstoppable and get dirtier every time I drink for him!!
    Next step is letting him film my drunk slutty behaviour. I know I will love it both on the night and watching it back the next day, but the thorght of anyone else seeing me like this is a big worry. That's why I have never submitted any photos here, it's just too big a risk for me. Sorry :(
    The best I can do is keep posting my experiences, which mean I can get all these lovely thorghts off my chest but everything remains a secret.

  • Have you had any further "adventures"?

  • If you do a video and we watch we promise we won't tell anyone. The chance of anyone you know seeing such a video is very, very small. I wouldn't worry about it.

  • No further adventures unfortuantly, however my man and I have a cabin booked for this weekend. It's been too long and the cabin is so secluded, we are going to take full advantage. I have been thinking about it all week and have enough wine and brandy ready to get plastered all three nights. Got a hot tub as well so can't wait :)
    It took me ages to find this post tonight. Has it been banned?

  • We are patiently waiting.

  • Yes, would love to hear the details of your "drunk weekend"!

  • did your drunk weekend go?? Please confess all the details of each night!!

  • I have become very turned on by your posts. You find the same erotic pleasure in getting completely drunk with you mate. My old girlfriend had the same, and you are bringing those feelings back! PLEASE post more!!!

  • You should let go,post some pictures, you'll feel liberated!

  • My current girl loves to get good and drunk. She has monstrous t***, so its even more fun to watch my girl get herself blasted drunk and know that I am going to be squeezing those drunken t*** later.

    This is her passed out a few weeks ago

  • Holy mother of.... they are b***** amazing

  • Jesus man, get more of those pictures on!!

  • i may be a heath n***,so all alcoholic's are to report to one of my dead camp's right away.did i say dead camp's.i meant happy's camp's.where you will eat the finest meal's(slop).have nice heath care(dentist ripping out all your groose teeth).and be able to work out alot(back breaking shoveling Digging hole's for your mass grave).I am a heath N***,deal with it.My Mom was from France t***'s.We hate all english rat's.I hate you all.

  • What are "groose teeth?" Teeth from a grouse?

  • P.S i am a heath n***,meet me in the parking lot later.

  • ahh shoot,i mis-spelled health.Shoot.

  • I've done this also. It's great fun while it lasts. Then you soon realize she's no fun sober. Then you think to yourself did you ever really love her to begin with. Soon seeing that drunken mess stammer around makes you want to vomit. The thought of s** or any kind of relationship with someone that is for a lack of better words retarded haunts you. You start to feel sorry for her and wonder what kind of person would do this to the one they love. Because if she doesnt remember what happened why is it worth happening. And if she doesn't remember what happened and your the only one that witnessed it, who's to say it happened. Or for that matter that any of this happened (life in general). If everything happens for a reason then that means everything is pre-planed and you have no control over what's about to happen. If everything is pre-planed who's planing it. Soon you find yourself staring into her eyes wondering if there's anything really in there. That thought festers in your brain. 2-3 days a night you lay there unable to sleep. The thought of a meaningless existence with entities that want you to believe this is all real leaves you feeling numb. Don't try drinking alcohol at this point (i know from experience). At this point you want to have a real relationship with that drunk mess that has now developed alcoholism.

    ps: replace all those "yours" with an I

  • Ummmm - but she swallows when she is drunk and I like that - what should I do? She won't do it when she is sober.

  • The world is your's.naw,the world does not belong to anybody.

  • you all should get drunk,p*** your pant's and faint right now.Then how will you feel about your self.Alcoholism is not a game or a play-thing.Stoping treating life like a fun game all the time and move on with your life's.

  • Yay, another health n*** telling us how to live! Go f*** yourself.

  • yeh what that guy said . go f*** your self.. people r gonna do what they wanna do!!

    p.s u sound like u never have fun.. maybe you should knock down a couple of beers or SHOT's an see how u feel GEEK..

  • Try drinking 74 sherry cooking wine,you will all kill yourself's alot faster.P.S the government suck's ball's selling you all beer and who is the real F.A.G.It is the government of Canada and the U.S.They take your money,because you soooooo young and stupid.They kill you faster by giving you more Alcohol with your own Tax Money.You all will never save canada from the Government.The Government is the real Maggot C***sucker.they sell more bad Alcohol to kill the Younger save your Future Kid's from the fascim of the Government of the United State's and canada.And protest Alcoholism.You only live Once.There is more to life than just Alcohol.Be a Star.Show Tolerence and Respect everybody.I am your Voice.

  • My wife and I live in A city where the top floor of a particular hotel has wide sliding glass doors facing a pool and balcony area when it's about 3 in the morning we open up the curtains and put on a show for all to see

  • She's not my wife yet, but if she keeps drinking, who knows what could happen. Here she is, back from the clubs early, and getting good and drunk on a few bottles of wine. I love having s** with her once she is bombed.

  • Keep adding to the sequence number of those pics and you'll see A LOT MORE

  • My husband begs me to get drunk for him. lol he will do pretty much anything I want to allow him a "drunk night"

    When I drink for him, I end up getting sloshed. Then the horniness starts. OMG Its so hard to control. I end up wanting to get drunker to get hornier, and as I get drunker I want to get hornier so I drink even more and get myself sloppy. Its fun to do it in bars, because once guys see a sloppy drunk girl they want her even drunker and buy her more drinks, Its a damn good thing my husband takes control and takes me home, or I would end up a used s*** crawling around on the floor. Seriously, I am not in control of my puss when I am drunk lol.

    I guess since I am already buzzed I can post a pic from a few nights ago.

  • From the look of your pic you were made to share that drunken puss around like a good girl. Damn waste of prime puss

  • Smokin'. Hottest woman I've seen here. More please.

  • Very sexy pic. I would love to see more

  • Boo, the link doesn't work.

  • plz send me some pictures of you...

  • Looks like my husband had fun with me last night. I had a small hand in it as well. Drank my face off, could not walk, but I guess i was good for soemthing after all those bottles of wine!

    That was a whole lot of fun. And yes, I am his personal lush :)

  • You, my dear, are ridiculously hot! Drunk, sober, or standing in a hammock, I would f*** the ears off you.

  • Besides the beautiful lady, that is the most fantastic Butterfly I think I have ever seen. Reminds me of some work I saw in Mexico years ago. That's real Mexico, not the border. cc

  • About 4 years ago, we started doing this once and a while. My wife's name is Angie, she would start on a few bottles of wine (Its all she really likes to drink) and end up a drunken mess for me. This was one of our first sessions. I never took any other pics than this, but she is a load of fun once she starts slurring her words and staggering around nude.

  • Is that rely your wife, get her drunk again and lets have more pics of her, rely tasty

  • Very nice. Maybe she'd be up for some new pics. :)

  • I posted Saterday night when I was drinking. I was too drunk after to send any more posts, probably for the best as I was h**** and in quite a state. I could of said anything!!
    I was on the floor when he got home, bottle pf wine in my hand, begging to be screwed real rough. Alcohol unlocks something in me. I want to dress like a s***, act like a s*** with my man but just can't in every day life. Usually these nights are well planned but this time I suprised him and the first he knew about it was when he came through the door, His face was a picture, 2 very blurry pictures actually lol.
    He took control, had me drinking wine from the bottle and even from my shoes at one point. I drank over half a bottle of brandy and 2 bottles of white wine so things are patchy after the first f*** and non existant after the second. I remember him holding me up alot, he just loves watching me trying to stand high heels. He said by the time he carried me to bed I couldn't talk and my eyes were rolling heavily. What a night, drunk s** is just the best. Never felt anything like it, such a release.
    We are going to try and take this into piblic next weekend, perhaps in a small way. He gets me a little drunk and then takes me home well before I get out of control. Shy girl thats embrassing this passion with caution.

  • Yeah, now that is what I am talking about! Next time see if he can manage a few pics of you. Nothing better than a totally drunk woman!

  • My wife is literally a naive, sweet, innocent Mrs. Goody Two Shoes but pour her a few glasses of wine and she turns into a total s***. Poses for photos, is ok with making videos and does all kinds of things sexually that she would never do sober. She even took on a friend of mine and myself one night at the same time.

    Needless to say there is always wine in the house and actually I am very surprised, as far as I know anyways, that other men and even women have not taken advantage of her when shes drunk. I can tell you this, if the did they would be coming back for more.

    It like having the best of both worlds, A loving wife and a total s***, all in one.

  • Oh a fantasy come true. A husband who will share and at the same time.

  • You sound like MY husband!

  • My girl loves drunk s** too. Many times when she wants to have a good nights session of drunk s**, she will, out of nowhere, start guzzling down pretty much anything. This was from a few nights ago. She is kind of shy about showing her face but you get the idea.

  • Nice slim bod. I bet she was all over the place after that bottle. Love seeing my wife like that with her legs like rubber.
    Has your wife had any other guys c**** up her whilst shes been drunk as h***?

  • Wow, that is hot, I love it when women get themselves totally smashed at home. Bet you she was a stumbling mess later that night, thats strong stuff!

  • She was, she gets bombed like that a few times a year, she will walk into the bedroom dressed in not much or nude, with a bottle in her hand and just let me know she is going to be my drunk w**** that night lol

    We have been married about 5 years and the s** is amazing when she does this.

  • Wow thats hot, I bet you she got herself good and drunk too. I would love to convince my wife to drink like that.

  • Just getting drunk for my man now. He will be home at 11pm and i have been drinking for about an hour and a half. Had 6 large brandys i think, but already loosing count. Having to type this real slow so it amkes sense..

    Sitting here in a tight denim mini dress and some stupidly high court shoes that he bought me. I am size 14 with big bust and would never go out in an outfit like this, popping out everywhere and god these heels are high. He really wants me to wear then out and get drunk in our local pub garden but at present I'm shy about drinking for s** and only happy to do this behind closed doors.

    Just finished another brandy, made me shiver :)) Gettin p***** now. Will leave this page up and try and udpate you just before he gets homw. I'm gona be proper drunk though so mighy not make much sense

  • Hmm drunk and popping out of your clothing, just like I like it

    Keep on drinking honey, you will be blasted drunk in no time. Get yourself good and drunk and let him take you out once you are nice and sloppy. And post some pics!

  • when people get drunk.They lose alot more than their place in the world.They are so lone-ly.and maybe they will die alone.

  • The wifes father has always wanted in her pants. So one night he came over and was drinking with us. She ended up getting so messed up and sleeping with her dad and doesnt remember a thing. God it was so hot and the dude was hung like no tomorrow.

  • Have you repeated it yet, and if so, tell us more. That rely turned me on. I would love to see my wife and her father having it of.

  • *hopes this hot story is true*

  • Strip her, when she's almost gonna black out, and f*** her brains out, and be sure to have a videocamera ready. You might wanna post it on youtube for us to see.

  • Who knew this was so common. My wife and I have s** when she gets herself drunk. We also do it at home and on the weekends. She is a party girl and loves to party hard, and I just love doing her when she is drunk.

    Here she is, my little drunken woman.

  • Ok my wife agreed to let me post more pics of her blasted drunk. She had a few here later that night, out with her friends and some from other nights hanging out with myself and her friends at home. I am still trying to talk her into some drunk nude shots, trust me the body looks even better with the clothes off :)

    You just have to love a woman that parties and drinks this much, its loads of fun. Enjoy guys, her name is Renee

  • That is some woman. A whole of woman in a great package. Had a smaller version of her once but she got to getting at every party and dance, even if I wasn't there, and when she was drunk she was h****. Nuf said?

  • Fantastic - more photos or her booking, blasted and naked would be a happy making event. What a lucky person you are!

  • That would be booZing... not booKing! She looks all too sober - lets see her trashed if its a regular event!

  • Wow! She is so hot. Thanks for posting these. Hope to see more soon.

  • Mmmmmmmm! When a drunk chick looks as good as this one, I'm tempted to say "who cares if she is naked". Keep posting. Please!!!!

  • Holy F*** im in love with those t***

  • You lucky b******. Thats one of the hottest chicks I've ever seen.

  • What a sexy drunk. Please post some more.

  • please don't kill her by giving Sherry cooking Wine,drinking sherry wine is really bad and will kill her slow-ley and pain-fully.Please-please don't kill her by giving her Sherry cooking wine.I am serious about not kill her.

  • My husband likes to do this to me. He will take me out to a bar, get me totally smashed drunk to the point where I am staggering around then take me home, cake my face with his c**, and then make me walk outside of our house drunk, nude and covered with c**.

  • Ooh, this sounds soo good. I am the drunken slutty wife in our marriage. And TheSex is never as good any other time. I cannot stop climaxing and my husband does not stop helping me. We go on and on until he is just so exhausted we have to stop. Well, he has to stop helping. But like so many others here, he just loves to keep pouring the alcohol for me because he knows we are both in for an awesome night. And the hangover the next day is WELL worth it. Since we have been married a very long time, I would say it IS love. We love each other and I LOVE DRUNK S**.
    The only thing is........he is not willing to share me.

  • Just what do you mean "The only thing is.....he is not willing to share me"? You, madam, are a WIFE, you entered into a contract when you got married that you wnly be with your husband. Honor it and your husband. Fantansies are fine, but not the real thing. Enjoy what you have together.

  • drunk s** is awesome! my hubby and i have the most awesome s** ever when i drink! my panties get soaked now even just smelling alcohol because it makes me think about my hubby's big d*** and the awesome s** we are going to have!! :)

  • I have just set up a yahoogroup for us. Search "sloshedwife" join the group and post your more sensitive pictures and videos their!

  • Tried finding the yahoo group, but came up empty. Is there a link? Yhanks for doing this!


  • Yahoo says there is no such group. Did you close it?cc

  • Thats too bad.... My hubby Bob let's me get drunk too and then shares me with other cute guys. I love being a drunk s***.... Soooo sexy!

  • A time you have a drunk night, insist that he take pics or a video to post and share! Perhaps it will get him in the frame of mind to share you for real!!

  • Only 1 problem. I am 61 and NOT slender. I am afraid it would just gross people out. But anyway, the s** is very, very good. As they say, I may be getting old, but I am not dead yet.

  • Who cares.. I happen to like big women as well as small. A sexy drunk women is hot no matter what! We would love to see some pics

  • Hey, luv, no one's getting any younger. Would you drink to that?! I've come to this confession log regularly since it started, because I share the drunk woman fetish and find it very arousing being with a woman in a drunken state, and am VERY aroused by a woman who would get completely inebriated ON PURPOSE, both for her own sense of release and my pleasure in experiencing it with her. Tho single, I've had several relationships in which getting her good and drunk was HUGELY stimulating for both of us and something we did quite often.
    Now that the site has reached 100 comments, might it be time to establish some sort of private site elsewhere with a key code, so that above all, a wife might feel safer to do photos or videos relating to this special fetish, which they otherwise rightfully would be hestitant to do. I know the guys who come here are aching to SEE some things!!!!!

  • but wouldn't we still have the same problem at a new site after a while. What concerns me is all the talk that these postings are FOREVER. Just call me a drunk coward. My husband right now has a pic in his phone of me squirting. I love looking at it. Needless to say I was drunk in that pic. I could post it tho, no face, just puss. Also I need to set up a new email address, bfore signing up for account. Which one do you like?

  • I'm a wife who would go for that idea. We could have a site with a webcam..that sorta thing..I'd nbe up for that...I'm a lil bit drunk now and thing it woulbe be a great idea.!

  • Well, being that I have posted here for a while, I figured I owed some pics. This is all I could get the wife to agree to. I took some hotter shots, but she didn't want them on the net.

    She wants to do a video later as she progresses into a drunken stupor lol but for now these will have to do.

    One hot wife + one entire bottle of Ketel one vodka = a super smashed staggering slurring wife and a whole lot of fun.

  • So you're married to this woman and you're so cheap as to not put a ring on her finger?

  • Please post more pics! She is so sexy. Would love to see her whole body. Please please!

  • DAG GONE MAN! If we could only see that ass! She looks perfect and Ill bet every hole on her body tastes perfect too!!!!

  • Tell your wife, she looks a hot drunk s*** and if she makes a video and posts it somewhere we can see, she will have many, many men wanking over her.

    Better still, get it on Clips4sale, then she can earn money from all her admirers as well. They have a drinking section with quite a following!

    P.S Please in the mean time convince her we would love to see some more pictures!!!

  • Wow, wish I could talk my wife into that, an entire bottle of Vodka? She must have been fun after that!

    Let her know we want to see a video soon, she is perfect and would love to watch her get sloppy drunk

  • Yeah she does not drink often, but when we go on quick trips I always pack away a bottle of something. She normally will finish it and then be a drunken mess for me. She killed off that whole bottle in 2 hours and was so drunk she could not walk. It was fun watching her get drunker and drunker and still keep drinking. We had s** for hours after that most of it with her totally passed out.

    She is one of those super sloppy drunks, and she tries to walk around nude once she is blasted. Fun to watch.

    I need to talk her into a sober to drunk video!

  • I love Drunk Women and would love to get my wife drunk!

  • So, who wants to have some fun with me next weekend!

    I am into drunk s**, and pretty much will let you do anything to me once I have a few bottles in me.

  • Ah Amy my love. I remember you well, hve a couple of dvds of you and hubby playing. That was a great couple.


  • Yes this is without doubt Amy K. Probably the most hardcore drinker ever seen on the net. Her husband would film her getting seriously drunk over several hours, usually he would get her to walk or stand, during her various stages of intoxication, until she was so plastered she ended up staggering about and passing out completely. So sexy!!!!

    I'm guessing of course but she honestly seemed to enjoy being submissive to him. Her drinking was always free and natural and she would at least attempt to do what ever he wanted.

    I doubt this is her though. All her vidoes vanished at the same time a few years ago and any vidose that crop up on the web now are removed very quickly. I wonder what happened to her, surely a fetish passion like this cannot just stop completely? I guess she just gets smashed in private now, what a crying shame!!!!!!!

  • I understand there was a charge of child abuse either filed or theartened against the couple. She was a real exibitionist, seemed to love to show off. Of course when she started drinking that knockout drink things came to a halt fairly quickly. I would love to have a copy of their 2nd "play" video, I've the first and it is wild.

  • Nice pics!

  • I think most of the posts w/ pics are fakes, at least insofar as they're random pics of drunk women reposted by random guys who then create a story.

  • I think the same thing.. NO WEDDING RINGS on 95 % of these women lying a*******!

  • Oh yeah, we are all just fakes,

    I will just sit here and keep drinking until I am real enough or drunk enough for you. lol

  • I'm certain that some photos and stories are real, but who can say which is which? Your note could have been written by a man with photos from some other site and we would never know with no identification on these notes.

  • OMG I would pound your p**** so hard you would c** for weeks after. You look good and drunk and totally sloppy. Yum, give me some of that!

  • Damn, you look good and plastered here, I would love to buy you as much booze as you can drink and have s** with you while you stagger around. You are hot!

  • You are HOT!!! Keep drinking...and posting!

  • Where are you from? Give me your email. Thanks

  • Yeah, I want to meet you! How do we make it happen????

  • The photos here are of the lovely Amy K, a most beautiful woman who participated in several videos in the 90s, going from completely sober to entirely smashed...and extemely sexy! If it is truly Amy sending the above messages...WOW! Hi, from a drunk s** afficianado, welcome! You're the lovliest.
    But if it is not Amy, then this entry unfortunately is a fake, sorry.
    BTW, did anyone start up a a yahoo group or somewhere else to post videos, pics, stories, etc?


  • Nothing better than a friday night drunk session with the wife.

    We have been doing this for years, Friday night is booze hound night. I buy her a few bottles and she goes to town drinking away.

    This was the result from a few nights ago. I love drunk s** with this woman!

  • I love it when the wife and I go out with the intention of getting her totally sloppy drunk.

    I let guys buy her drinks non stop, pour the booze in her like they think they will be leaving with her. I make sure she is totally smashed and can hardly walk or talk, then I come over, collect her up, take her home and plow the h*** out of my slutty drunk wife.

  • This is just how I like my women!

  • H*** yes. Love to watch them stagger around while guzzling a bottle down.

  • Can't believe I found this post.

    I love getting dressed up, mini stirt, very high heels and a low cut top when i go out and I go out with one thing in mind. To get titally smashed!
    I drink so much I have no idea where I am at the end of the night. I can't walk, can barely talk and latch on to the nearest man that will have me. I beg to be taken back to his and be f*****. Most of the time men can't resist a girl with big titts, especially one that is so plastered she can't say no to anything so I usually get exactly what i want, which is c*** and more booze!!

    I know I'm a s*** but I just love drunk s**. Sorry!

  • See this is the kind of girl who gets my d*** so hard it feels like it will explode. I love drunk s**** like this one, who drinks so much her c*** is an open book. You just keep giving acunt like this booze and keep f****** her hard.

    Damn girl, if you want to f*** around let me know, my d*** got hard just reading this.

  • I've love you lick your drunk lil' p**** all night!

  • Wow, where do you live, I would love to get a few rounds of s** with you. I promise you will be a drunken staggering mess in short order AND on top of it, I will bring the wife along so she can get smashed as well. You both can go at it while getting each other drunker and then I can pound both your drunk p******!

    Im serious, I can meet you if you are near by

  • i lyk to fck my hand in the shower and fantasize about sexy babes and when i blew my load i rub it everywhere on the walls and lick it

  • wtf you sick c*** licking your own c** wtf

  • Before we married my wife and i shacked up.
    it was my birthday and she bought(secretly)a
    dallas cowboys cheerleader thong bikini,a nice meal ,wine and some weed.
    i came home to find the steaks burnt to a crisp ,the wine gone and her passed out on the couch.
    she really loves me and was very apolegetic when i woke her.
    she needed to puke so i took her to the bathroom and she hugged the porcelain god (on her knees of course) as she was puking i slid the thong to one side and drilled her ass good. Every time she heaved ,i hoed in the opposite direction.
    she was grinding into me and shuddering all the while.
    i pumped her good and shot a load all over her back and ass,

    then i left her curled up around the toilet to sleep it off.
    she has not forgiven me to this day

  • My favorite way to spend an evening once in a while. We have two kids and live outside the city so these night need some planning, but are well worth the effort. We typically find a family member to take the kids for an evening, reserve a nice hotel room near lots of pubs and places to dance or watch and find a nice but not over the top place to have an intimate diner. After some wine, food and a walk after diner we'll smoke a J and go dancing. She will drink what ever I buy and I'll do what ever she wants. After a few drinks the imagination improves and things can get a little crazy. One night after several pub stops she pulled me over to the side unzipped my pants and went down on me so fast I came immediately. She grinned looking up at, licked me like a lollipop and fell on her ass trying to stand up. We were asked to leave after that. Didn't matter it was time for a bed and a few night caps.

  • My wife and I went to our local bar and bumped into our neighbour. A couple of hours later we were really hammered and she invited him back to ours for a nightcap. She sat next to him on the sofa and started rubbing her foot up and down his leg. I pretended to be asleep and was then treated to a fantastic show. She opened his trousers and started to suck his c*** while his fingers slid into her p****. After a while she said "do you want to f*** me" and they both went into our bedroom and I watched them f****** on our bed for a while before going downstairs. They came down the next morning and we carried on as if nothing had happened. What a buzz! Hoping to do it again soon!!!

  • Been married for nearly 20 years - our s** life was very ordinary. Last month my wife went out for a girls night out - first time in years. I sat up and waited for her to come home but went to bed at 1am. I awoke to feel a hand around my c*** and her tongue in my ear. As I rolled over she kissed me on the mouth and rubbed her t*** and thigh against me. She was naked - hadnt come to bed nude in years. I asked her how her night had been and she was heavily slurring her words. Before I knew it she had her mouth around my c*** and she brought me right to the edge before she climbed on top to ride - she fell off a couple of times - god she was wasted. I luv how noisy she is when shes drunk. Anyway - since then I have got her drunk each Saturday night and the s** has never been better. We start with a bottle of wine before progressing to rum or vodka and soon shes all over me rubbing her t*** in my face and talking dirty to me - last weekend we didnt make it to the bedroom - stared on the dining table moved to the lounge floor and ended up in the bathroom before she vomitted. God I luv her!!

  • Hubby and I did this for the first time last weekend. We had friends around for dinner - we all got a little tipsy. When they left my hubby poured me a vodka or two. I went and got changed into my sexiest dress and highheels. The drinks kept coming - got I was so drunk. I remember stripping down to my bra and knickers for him and drinking straight from the bottle - cant remember much more. He told me the next day how I just went wild - absolute s*** - facials and lots of f******.
    He wants to met me in a bar in a few weekend times and pretend we are strangers - can't wait!!

  • Now this is sexy.. thanks loved it!

  • This is just plain dumb - its hard to tell what is more stupid - the original posting, or the drivel from the r***** brigade in the comments section.

  • At least no one is having s** with their brother or sister unlike other posts

  • whatever dude....

  • Yeah, its my goal on the weekends to get the wife smashed at least one night. The s** is amazing :)

    This was from a few weekends ago. She was super smashed, and tried to pose for me.

  • Hey man, your woman is very sexy in this pic, sorry dude but I'd defiantly tap that with or without you permission!

  • Hey I would love to f*** her! Can I, Can I?

  • Love the pic, very sexy , she looks wasted !!!!!


  • nice b****....

  • Wow, she looks totally smashed and my GOD those b**** are HUGE. Would love it if my wife was into getting that drunk. She gets a bit tipsy from time to time.. but I can never manage to get her sloppy drunk.

  • Wow, you are definately one luck guy to have such a beautiful wife!

  • Wow, so we are not odd. Wife and I do this once and a while to spice things up. She gets herself good and drunk and I "Take advantage" of it. She also has a tendency to get really REALLY drunk, once she starts drinking heavily.

    Here is a pic of the drunken wife after 4 bottles of wine. Needless to say, she was a whole lot of fun that night

  • YES!.. Your wife if one hot woman, I'd totally hit that!

  • wow, so hot. I love when my wife drinks. she usually quits after 3 glasses of buzzed, but i can't get her to lose control yet. i am so envious!! thanks for the pics. please more and keep her drinking!!

  • Nice , my wife would just kill me if I did that ,

  • She doesn't mind when she is drunk, she actually likes the pics when she is drunk. She goes from nice normal woman to 100% total s*** once she is that drunk, and its loads of fun to spice up the s** life once and a while.

  • Me ex wife used to get very drunk for me with some pleasure as long as I respected her few rules.

    We would always start a "drunk" night with a nice meal out, she refused to sit in all night drinking, just to turn me on, but would happily enyoy some nice food, while spending the evening somewhere pleasant. In return she would make sure she drank with a purpose to get drunk.

    We planned home time, on how drunk she was. She always drank wine when out, but with her full agreement the last couple of glasses of the night out, always had a double vodka in them. Quite a strong cocktail! Get it wrong and she was a complete mess in public, which did happen once. It took only this one occasion and her embarrasment the following day to nearly loose all my drunk privilages permenently!

    Weird thing was after a stack more alcohol back at the house, she would gladly go out again, despite the fact she could not even walk or stand without my help. We had somewhere we used to go, which took us ages to find but I insisted, as it had to be a place with a very minimal chance of being seen. I was very worried about being seen in public with a girl too drunk to walk or talk. Obviously she was the one wanting to be out but she was way too drunk to explain that to anyone we stumbled into. She was always into f****** outdoors and this would really come out in her when she was paraletic. She would beg for us to go to "the place"

    The risk of getting caught made it heart stopping, but who was I to refuse after all that wine she had put away for me, not to mention how sick she would be the following morning. Plus I would always insist, if we are going out, you better wear something slutty, by then she was drunk to argue.

    She loved the out of control feeling. Once she got over that tipping point, there was no stopping her. As long as I promised to take her out, keep her safe and ply her with more wine she would agree to any request I had.

    Great times! Girls like that are rare and I know one thing for certain, I'd love another!

    P.S. Yahoo groups idea sounds cool, I could dig out some photo's.


  • would be a good place too. It's only $50 a year, and it's a private adult site/forum/community. Very respectful of everyone. Tons of good homemade p*** as well. Worth a look.

  • Yes we do, and I need to get the wife drunk more.. lol

    Check out this guys channel on youtube, some amazingly smashed women getting drunker and drunker..

  • We need to make a fanclub.

  • Post it on

    Im still trying to talk mine into doing a sober to drunk video, its gonna be fun. She is really thinking about doing it.

  • My wife loves drunk s**, always has. Once and a while we get to play. We have a huge back yard, so recently we decided to have a bit of a drunken picnic.

    I got 8 bottles of cheap champagne and 2 bottles of wine, and she decided that she was going to finish them all as fast as she could. Bubbles got up in her nose.. lol but she managed to put them away like the little drunken champ she is!

    Something so sexy about seeing your normally reserved sweet wife getting herself totally blasted drunk and staggering around nude in the back yard! Needless to say a good time was had by all once the bottles were empty. I have never seen her that drunk before.. what a turn on. Her name is Susan, and here are some more safe pics from the afternoon.

    She was already VERY drunk in this pic, and got the booze up in her nose.. lol What a lovely drunken wife she was!

    And once she was a sloppy drunken mess, she started guzzling down the wine bottles, topless of course.. lol

    I promise to take more pics, perhaps I can talk her into video of her staggering around drunkenly slurring as well.

    She kind of likes the idea of me taking pics of her when she is really drunk.

  • We're going to try doing a video as well. But Michelle seems to be game to start the video sober, then start the drinking and chronicle her progress... say over 3 or 4 hours. Any ideas where to post?

    We did one of her smoking weed a while back. She went from straight to extreemly wasted... but could for so many reasons... not post it anywhere.

    It really seems that many of us here need a web place to call home...

  • post on the forums or email to the blog moderator! it's an awesome site that it sounds like you guys would love!

  • Would love to hear from some more of the women who are in to this.

  • My girlfriend tends to get drunk from time to time with me. But the last time she was totaly waisted. She coundnt stand or even talk. But she stil want s**. This night was amazing. We are going to repeat it soon. She is so hot when she is sober. So when she is totaly drunk and h**** its unbelievable.

  • Damn! Only one pic? :)

    Bet you were lots of fun after all that!!

  • Had not been back here in a while, but yes, I was according to my husband! All I remember is staggering around a bit after that pic was taken. Woke up in the AM a still drunk naked mess of a woman!

    I came back here because my husband wants me to get that drunk out in public tonight. We are going to a small bar down the street and he wants to see me a smashed drunk woman in public so we are going to try it.

  • Ok so The husband took a pic of me from Sat Night. We started out at a bar, got pretty tipsy thanks to him, then we got home and I changed into more "comfortable clothing".. lol and I started doing shots. I have not been that drunk since college, I was totally smashed, but we had a great time and all I can say is the s** was amazing. Here is a pic of me once I got home and right after I had done about 10 shots of Rumplemintz.

    I think I need to do this more often, its a great stress relief! I was amazed at just how much I drank and how much I wanted to drink more! OMG So Horney! We should start a yahoo group for pics. Posting the pics are fun as well :)

  • U have more pics of u after u r drunk u look good

  • WOW! That lady is a doll. I do hope that you 2 keep posting photos and perhaps videos. I bet you like to show her off when you go

  • That sounds so cool! Have you ever thought of letting someone take you out while he is at work - get you smashed and he would have to come to a bar and pick you up? My x use to do this and it was so sexy t bring her out of a bar drunk and rescue her from someone that might have taken advantage of her. LOL

  • Most likly, if my husbgand did that with me, I would end up going home with like 12 guys, cus my c*** needs a pumping when I am drunk like ai am now! Gonna finishs sasnother bottle and rub my posyussy! I am so gfuking horney!

    F*** ai am drunk, Im gonan try to to take some pics, but I am fujckin smashed. I mayd not even make it till husband comes home, I ma f****** naked and drunk!

  • Wow, that sounds hot, you look like you are getting good and drunk. Please try to take pics!

  • OH my gohas I am so druk I want some c*** and Soon, I cant even dfind my camera, my c**** iwet and I want my husbbyands didck but he is making me drink more. i cant even ewalk right now, MA such a f****** s***. I sauhre hope he takes picstyuir of me tonight becuase this c*** is going to drink herself to the poing where I am just a usedhs up s***, he is laughing at me trying g to typel as I guzzel down more vodklya f*** i am sdrunk.

    WHO WANTS my drunkend t******! I wannt tp post pics now! come here and used mjy c*** up while I ma facdehd. God i anwt c***.

    mORE asshots! im aognna get soc f***** dupa.! I qwihs i was in a room with 200 horney men I would suck them all and fuckd them lall too. I am notghing more but a drunken c*** and i want c***

  • Phony story

  • Wow, now this is how I like my women, all f***** up and sloppy drunk off her ass. Bearly able to walk and staggering around.

  • My god, I want to put my d*** inside of you when you are this drunk. you are such a drunken s***! I love it.

  • Well sweetie, I will have to make a point of posting again swhen I am drunk like that night. I was totally nude and drinking my face off. I think I got f***** like 20 times that night. I am totally a s*** when drunk

  • I love your t***, I could suck on them all night long. Whats the biggest c*** you have ever been f***** by.

  • Thanks sweetie, my t*** are my best asset :) Not sure about the biggest, but im willing to bet it was in the 10 inch range.

  • wow, that really hot!

  • Thanks hon, I am sitting here right now getting myself bombed for my hubby. He should be home om a few hours and he wants me to greet him at the door, totally smashed, so looks like its party time for me. I am really liking this drunk s** lately. I think tonight to change things up I am going to get myself good and drunk, then get nude so I get to greet him at the door just like he seems to like me lately, Drunk, Nude, sloppy and staggering!

    If I remember I will try and snap some pics.. but I will most likely be too drunk for that lol

  • Ids it wrong to say that I want your c***?

  • So...dis you remember to ask hubby to take pics that night??

  • Hey there sexy. If you are still checking posts, send another message now in your drunken state. Tell us that you will promise to have hubby take pics of you tonight and post them here!

  • Please a few extra pics like the one. I need these. I can't stop thinking about getting my wife drunk. Ideas on how to do it if she's resistant? I've thought about spiking her drinks.... please help!!!

  • My friend would get this urge to really party 3 or 4 times a summer. I would fix her a drink in one of those large insulated mugs from the convience store, put in crushed ice, 6 to 8 ounces of vodka, e shot each of any and all the other liquor in the house, add diet Coke, sweet and sour mix and a drop of lemon juice, then stir like crazy until it's quite cold. Tastes good and almost can't tell it has any liquor in it. I would drive us around the area and when we got back home she was quite drunk and ready to

  • You are a lucky man. Trying to get my wife into this steps. Looking forward to the pics. is a good site for posting/sharing such things, if you'd rather they be slightly less public. :)

  • I will try this weekend. She already told me she wants to have a drunken s** night on Sat, so I told her that I want more pics of her I can post.

    She is such a lush.. lol she is already stocking up on booze.. we are planning to get her all dressed sexy, and take pics of her progression into sloppy drunkness. :)

  • Here's hoping you can convince her! She's quite attractive!

  • I will have to convince her to post some more pics. She loves taking them when she is drinking or getting drunk.. but not sure she wants all of them posted :) That one I got the OK on.

  • Love it. Wish there were more pics.

  • Email me I can share some

  • Yeah, and people wonder why I like getting my wife drunk before s**.. lol check out this pic from a few nights ago. First one is her at the party, getting sloshed and sloppy and the last one is her at home once she was almost too drunk to stand. You can tell in the first pic, she is holding herself up already. I just love getting her drunk!

  • I love getting the wife drunk. She has been pregnant or nursing for the last FOUR years and just stopped nursing. I just want to get her really drunk and have a blast! So so envious of you guys; I love drunk women and can only get off picturing her smashed!!!

  • wow, that blog there gave my wife some good ideas for roleplaying while i get her drunk. I think it got her all worked up, she just got back from the liquor store with 4 bottles of peach schnapps. Looks like its gonna be a fun night here tonight!

  • I don't have a wife or a girlfriend at the present, but I love drunk women. They are incredibly sexy!There is an internett community for pople who are turned on by drunk women. Check out the blogg thegoodscenes redux for a start.


  • I have to agree, my wife is most often very straight and resevered, and she freely admits that while she does not often drink, when she does... watch out!

    All to often, it was the benefit of others, she would go out to meet friends after work, have a few drinks come home mildly buzzed and 90% of the time the s** that followed was magnificant!

    A few months ago, I got a call at work, my wife Michelle was asking if i minded if she met some people that were in from out of town for dinner and drinks, while I thought we had plans, I pretended to be disapointed for a bit and then suggested that I could easily forgive her if she would do me a little favor, to which she said, what's that? I told her I could be much happier about the situation if she might try (if the circustances were appropriate) do just try to get a bit more sloshed than usual, I would of course be willing to pick her up where ever and whenever to make sure she got home safely, (I know at least two of the people she'd be with and could count on them to take good care of her), she all but lept at the offer and then asked how drunk would I like her to get? I suggested that she should be the judge of the situation and surprise me. Also, if possible just keep my exhilaration up it would be cool if from time to time throughout the night she checked in with me. All agreed...

    That call was at 4:30, the first call came at 7:00, they had already had a few drinks but were headed for dinner, she wanted to let me know that things were progressing well and thought it would be good to let me know where she left her car in case she forgot.

    By 9:30 the next call came, they were driving to a club after dinner and there was n mistaking her condition, her tongue was getting thick and her response time to my questions was seriously poor... my excitement was building!

    The next two hours were h***... wondering what was going on and what kind of shape she would be in when I talked to her again... then at about 12:15 the phone rang! It was her, lauphing out of her mind almost incoherent, telling me that she thought she could get a ride home, I said no I want to come get you, after a minimal protest she agreed that it would be OK to pick her up, that there was some discussion about going to someones hotel for a nightcap and did I mind, I finally agreed and went on my way... exhilarated the whole way, which took nearly 45 minutes to reach.

    By the time I got there she was drunker than I have ever seen a woman before! She could not get up out of the chair and it was almost impossible to understand anything she was saying, yet at the same time she had this erotic, sensual vulnerability that was captivating! So after a few more minutes at the club I agreed to drive her to the hotel, (actually my plan was to get a room and enjoy her condition before she crashed and passed out.

    I left her with the friends at the hotel bar while I checked in, stayed for one drink and had to nearly drag her away. While on the elevator I asked her what happened to her bra, she fumbled for her purse, opened it up and pulled it out...hmmm I thought "care to tell me about that"? I asked... Probably not she said... at least right now... lets go play... while I still can.

    Moral to the story... be careful what you wish for... you just might get it! I have to say, everyone in this thread made the right choice by staying home and someone in control at all times. Not to say that hearing about what happened that night was not also very exciting, it was, but thats another story...

  • My husband has this fantasy so I gave it to him as my gift.
    He thinks I was out of it but really, it just gave me an excuse to let other man finger and fondle me with him watching. If he came home and caught me, he would be all p***** but if he thinks if is his idea and I am drunk, he is loving life.
    We hit a few bars, I got pretty tipsy and have to admit, went farther than I may have otherwise. We played pool at the last bar and he lifted up my mini skirt to show off my ass as I took shots. I could hear him telling them to not make noises or I would hear them and know what he was doing.
    We were offered to come back to a guys room to enjoy the view of Honolulu from the 14th floor,
    I hit the room and went to lay on the bed.
    The man said "She is really out of it, isn't she" and my husband said "She wont remember a thing tomorrow" and the guy sdaid "can I eat her out?" and he said "yes, just don't put your d*** in her".
    They both had some fun removing all my clothes and having me spread wide open on the bed. The man started to lick ly legs from the thighs to my nipples. I have to admit, I almost came on the spot. I could tell they were both having fun and pretended to kind of wake up and not recognice that it was another man sucking my p**** out and I said "O baby, you always treat me right" and laid back on the bed with my eyes half opened.
    The other man hearing me talk to him with approval said "I have more for you baby" and I could hear my husband reminding him no d*** and he sais "OK, no problem, I'll be good" as he worked me more.
    My husband says to him "lets make this a little bit more fun, you wait here but remember no d***" and again the man acknowledged his request.
    My husband runs down the hallway to the bar and tells what seemed like 20 men that I was spread wide open naked in his room and that anyone that wanted to watch the fun can follow him. He was gone about 5 minutes and propped the room door wide open so any one walking by could see me spread wide open being eaten by this other man.
    The man said to me "honey, you want my d*** in you now?" and I being a bit drunk said yes.
    He slid his rock hard d*** into me and gave about 12 thrusts and was about to c** when I could hear my husband running back to the room.
    The man quickly jerked out of me and shot his load accross my chest just in time for my husband to watch the show.
    He said what happened? and the man said "she is so hot, I came but I was not inside her like you asked"
    Right then about 6 guys from the bar came into the room and I could hear their comments of "Smoking hot" and "O my god" and "you lucky SOB" and I would love to tap that" and more.
    He said, your welcome to feel, fondle, finger, suck, lick, nurse, tongue anything, anyplace but no d***.
    I was the best massage I could have ever got in my life,.
    Here I was being fingered, fondled, massaged, licked everywhere all over my naked body with 8 men now feeling me up and one of them is my husband.
    I still pretended to be drunk to the point of not knowing what was really going on but I was in heaven.
    They all had their way with my naked body and they insisted for my husband to f** her while we watch.
    As he complied, I could head them all j********** as he was thrusting into me repeatedly.
    I came 3 times and got awesome memories out of it all.
    He thinks he got lucky last night but having 8 men totally in my control, I think I was the lucky one.
    He still thinks I don't remember a thing.

  • OMG!! you are so lucky!! my hubby is so jealous he would never ever be open to anything like this! this is my absolute fantasy!! this is what i fantasize about while my hubby is eating me out or f****** me!! lucky b****!! lol :)

  • I loved getting my ex wife drunk.It was the best s** ever and waas such fun watching here get drunker and drunker.I even had her drunk looking out of the window watching people walk by outside in the afternoon as i did her doggie.Thank god for alcohol mmmmmmmmmm

  • Hey, you are not alone. This post came up as my wife and I were searching this topic. My wife Dawn and I were having a few drinks last night and I mentioned to her that I never had s** with her when she was drunk haha that was all she needed to hear! She told me she was going to show me what good sloppy drunk s** was like.. and we were at home so I was not going to stop her :) Within an hour or two my wife could not talk, walk or do much more of anything other than crave s**. Completely nude in my living room stumbling around and a very VERY slurred voice asking me to have s** with her. I was so turned on it shocked me. Watching my wife just go totally nuts and guzzle down booze to get herself drunker was a turn on!

    We had a great time and she thought it was weird that I liked having s** with her when she was so drunk, we googled it and here we are. I think we are going to make this a weekly thing. My wife went from sweet sexy woman to hot trashy bombed drunk bar s*** and it was a blast!

  • To the woman above me, NICE haha you remind me of an ex girlfriend. She liked to have s** when drunk. You look pretty sexy and VERy drunk.. lol I would not mind meeting you in the back of a bar :)

  • Well I finally got up the nerve to show you what happens when I get myself very drunk for hubby. This was from a few nights ago. I was totally BLASTED in this pic.. lol but it was fun.

  • I have to say I agree, my husband likes to get me blasted and have his way with me, I have noticed he will just POUR the drinks in me sometimes and next thing you know, I am getting pretty damn drunk. Its not like I am complaining.. lol I am the one who lets herself get blasted drunk, (I do so love drunk s**)

    Last time he did this was at a friends wedding, he startred in early getting me glass after glass of wine, I was pretty bombed at the reception, but once he got me up to our hotel room.. oh my god, he pulled out ALL the stops and fed me non stop peach schnapps. WOW was I drunk :)

  • Wow and all this time my husband thought I was nuts because I liked when he get me shitfaced drunk and had s** with me.. haha who knew it was so normal.

  • Ok so my husband read this last night and we tried it.. WOW ladies, you are not kidding about the s**, I was blasted shitfaced within 2 hours and all I thought about was s** s** and more s**, He had me so drunk I would try to get undressed and stagger around like a loon.. haha man, that was one fun night!

    I think that was perhaps the best s** we have had in years.

    He has pics of me in the living room naked, with a bottle tipped up in the air in my mouth. He tells me I guzzled down an entire fifth of vodka in one shot! Lord knows I dont remember.. and yes, by the end of the night I felt like his used s***! Oh my god give me more of that. I think he is gonna do it again to me tonight! WHOOHOO!!!! Im gonna be his drunken w**** tonight!

  • Sounds like a plan, I had mine so drunk last week she was letting me do her doggy style while she was guzzling down an entire bottle of wine. My baby was so blasted she could not talk, walk or stand up right.. but she sure knew how to take care of me! I love our "Drunk s** nights" We always make sure we are safe at home, and then I let her loose into the wine bottles.Her record was 10 bottles one night and my little petite brunette was a wasted blasted s***!

  • Ok so I let my boyfriend try this on me last night. We got 2 huge bottles of vodka, and I started drinking. Well lets just say I am a lightweight. I was smashed drunk in less than an hour.. then it hit me.

    I was H**** as h***, but just on the verge of being too drunk to do anything about it. I remember getting naked, I remember carrying the bottle around as he laughed at me drinking and drinking but WOW does booze make you h****. It got so bad he told me he had to carry me to bed.. lol I just lied there screaming as he uhmmm took care of business. We were going to get me drunk in a bar but its a good thing we did this at home.. i cant imaging being that drunk and NAKED in public.. lol

    He told me he watched me guzzling down the vodka and knew that if I continued drink like that I would really be drunk before the night was over. Man oh man was he right.

    I think I am going to become a little drunk w**** with my new boyfriend tonight. :) YUMMY

  • Drunk s** is always fun. My x use to do it all the time. I am married now and my wife does not drink and I miss it. I would love to get a girl drunk even if I had to giver her back before I did anything. LOL

  • I am with the woman above, My husband and I do this sometimes. I'm always the one who winds up so drunk she cant walk.. lol but its just in fun.

    You are right about the "Slutty" thing. most of us woman cant be slutty.. lol day by day, but we CAN be our husbands out of control drunk s*** sometimes :)

    Hubby has to stop me as well.. lol cus when I start getting drunk I don't notice it and the next thing you know, I am naked, cant walk, staggering around, can barely talk.. and wanting to do perverted things.. He let me go once and I kept drinking till I passed out but the s** is AMAZING.

  • Wow my husband and I always thought we were weird.. lol we do this from time to time. I dress up and start a drinkin' next thing ya know I am smashed (Im a lightweight) and he goes to town on me.

    For the woman its sort of a release, see normally I am a pretty reserved person but this allows me to go all out and feel like a total out of control s***. I know it sounds strange but its loads of fun.. hubby just has to stop me at some point because between the s** and the drinking, I have been known to get VERY out of control.. lol

    We have never done it in public because I am not one to get smashed at parties or bars.

  • Hey, trust me, you guys do NOT know what you are missing.

    Here is a pic of her from a few nights ago. Can you just imagine the fun we had?

  • All I get when I try for the photo is a blank page. I have tried it twice and got the same results both times. Any ideas?cc

  • Hmm you are giving me ideas.. I KNOW my wife is wild when drunk.. perhaps this weekend I will load her up with booze and have a party.. lol

  • Hey whatever makes ya happy man.

    My wife and I used to do this.. we called it our drunken wild s** night, except she was the one who always ended up sloshed out of her mind lol we had loads of fun.. made her dress up in sexy underwear, put on tons of make up and look like a real h*****.. then proceed to get her bombed and do her! It was a blast. We got older and dont do it much anymore but its fun.

  • We did it again last night at home. My wife Michelle had a great time. She is not a drunk, and if not for me, probably would never had a drink in her life.. she just enjoys making me happy.

    I start her out with some wine, she drinks a bottle or two, next thing ya know she is naked in the living room downing bottles of vodka and staggering around.

    She does NOT do this outside the house, h*** she doesnt even drink outside our home.

  • What's wrong with that? She's a grown woman, she's the one who keeps on drinking. It's a husband and wife, at home. She's not out somewhere, causing trouble or getting hurt. She gets drunk, her husband thinks she's hot, they f***. Big deal, doesn't mean "that can not be love......" Lighten up people.

  • that can not be love...........

  • she is a great f*** when she is drunk, ive never found her reserved even when sober

  • That's just stupid!

  • I like my wife
    hey with out drunk feels better/keep love 4

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