Getting my wife drunk

I like to get my wife drunk at home, and watch her stagger around drunkenly.

Last night she was so drunk she staggered around naked in front of an open window of our apartment building and kept drinking and drinking until she could not walk or talk. She is SO HOT when drunk, something so slutty about my normally reserved wife getting herself bombed drunk and staggering around.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I was faithful for the first 15 yrs of my marriage then my best friend and me went to a winery festival for a long weekend a couple of years ago. OMG we started drinking at 10am. A bus took us from winery to winery. I was so tipsy by about 2pm. I remember ordering a shiraz and the barman was telling me about the unique taste of it and did I want to know how it was made. He took me to a cellar, opened a bottle, unzipped himself and poured the wine on his c o c k. I smiled and licked it clean. He poured more. Soon he got a b******* and I got to taste c u m and shiraz - yum. From then on it was just a drinking s** fest! Debbie (my friend) got so drunk and had s** with guys in toilets and behind winery buildings. By the end of the night I fell over getting off the bus at my motel - luckily I had a young man to help me to my room who stripped me naked and f****** e d me until i passed out. The s** was amazing. I woke up the next day still drunk and so sore. I never told my hub and felt so guilty. But Deb and I did it again this year - it was so hot staggering around drinking from wine bottles talking dirty to guys, flirting with them and letting them use us. Can't wait for next year. Leanne

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  • I relate. My reserved wife seldom drinks but her inhibitions are broke down when she drinks. Example: The first year we were married a buddy if mine was over and we were drinking. My wife joined us. By midnight she said she had enough and was going to bed. She went to the washroom and a few minutes later she walked out totally naked said “Goodnight “ and headed off to the bedroom.

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  • My wife wanted a bottle of whiskey and I said "take a when I get back you are to be naked". She agreed and she didn't know I had bought a p*** star d**** earlier and when I got home I told her to put a blanket on the floor. I turned the web cam on,told her to spread her legs and handed he the d**** and told her she had to m********* first.

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