Drunk wife

I let my 3 friends take turns f****** my "drunk wife " me and them all creamed on her face and chest. The next day she told me she pretended she was drunk but was only drinking water not vodka. Kinda hot actually.

Jun 18, 2018

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  • My husband was always letting his friends group f*** me. I loved it even tho i never expected it or asked for it. I know they all including hubby enjoyed making me their w****. H*** the day of our wedding while in my wedding dress him and his best man and groomsmen g********* me in the bathroom. I had all their c** and p*** dripping out of my p**** and ass the whole procession. First night of our honeymoon in my dress he had 8 huge cocked black guys gang f*** me so hard and they made me cry. The worst was(only time i didn't enjoy because of the nasty farting) the time on vacation in the urinal 20+ men took turns holding me down p****** and farting on me and destroying my p**** and ass hole while they made me their human toilet/p*** w****. But he knew ever since i was raped as a little girl (after they finished i asked them do it again) i Love being raped and often i put myself in positions to be raped. My favs were the times i didn't know him and his buddies were gonna force me like when i was sleeping or alone at work. We're divorced now but i miss the force f****** and would luv again and again. Any men around Louisiana wanna? I'd love it happen to me and my daughter at same time either at my house or like a dark parking lot.

  • Cumslur

  • Wanna rape mine with multiple guys after dosing her strong let them do anything

  • So hot wanna g********* my wife

  • Can I be your friend ?

  • She wanted to get raped

  • So you have ensured that your wife had a good time. At least your friends wont feel guilty that they raped your wife

  • All women are s**** anyway. Who cares if my buddies f*** her. Bros before hoes.

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