How can I get my wife drunk?

What is the best drink to get my wife drunk so that the inhibitions during s** go away. Whats the easiest way to get her drunk?

She does not drink usually

Dec 26, 2020

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  • Since I met my wife over 25 years ago she's always lived by the adage that if she gets so drunk that she passes out, she expects to get f*****. Just last month after she passed out 3 of her nephews took turns f****** her. Teen c**** are amazing, they f***** her over 20 times, in her mouth and p****.

  • Panty Droppers, Kahlua, Sloe Gin, milk shaken on ice, add a splash of Pepsi Always worked for my wife, in fact it got her into a few threesomes and even if not it put her in the mood I always got the benefit of her drinking them.
    Girls, if you drink these all night or you will wake up in a man's bed without any panties

  • Wine is best, select a nice soft of sweet white wine. She will love it and it will make her loose as well.

  • If she never drinks plan a date night candle light and stuff one glass of wine will make a diference i do that often it works

  • Try playing a drinking game where she has to drink when she looses. Then pick a game she's not good at. The rest will come easy.

  • Dont non consensually get her drunk just cuz youre married doesnt mean thats not rape.

  • Oh wow. So what's the difference between s** after and before marriage. I am not talking of s** anyway

  • There is no difference between s** before and after marriage. S** is s**, and consent is consent. Consent must ALWAYS be given, married or not, and it can be revoked at any time during s**.

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