Drunk Soccer Mom

I can't stand watching kids' soccer games. They are terrible. Seriously, the only way I can make it through them is to mix a stiff drink and put it into my travel mug, so I can drink during the games while I'm in the stands. Those little s**** are awful.

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  • I coach my son's basketball and can't enjoy the game unless I smoke a blunt in the car before the game.

  • Oh, this is the best confession I've read here. I shower your with All The Hearts.

  • What a waste. You could read a book, chat to others, run the line. Yet you f*** your self. How dumb.

  • Or run a line

  • LOL!!!

  • I hear you. I did the same for eleven years (through three soccer players). I was so bored, I had no choice but to drink. Well, I had no choice until I began an affair with the head coach. :)

  • I used to coach girl's softball, and, knew one or two moms who didn't share their squeeze water bottle. Found out they were going to the car in between some innings and pouring themselves drinks...Many games, I couldn't fault them. And I was the coach!

  • I lol'ed

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