My little girl and her best friend

My wife died about 3 years ago. My daughter page lives here with me she is 12 and she has a lot of older friend. She had her 14 year old friend over megen. We had dinner and later that night. They went to bed. Around 1 I woke up to my d*** felling worm and wet. I looked down to find megen sucking my d*** after a while she moved up beside me. I slipped my d*** in to her pussycat as it went in I could feel her finger digging in to my back. As I slipped all the way in. She asked me to stop so she could get youse to my size. She held me tight and told me how she had had s** before but never had one that big before. I told her that it is 11.5 inches. She smiled and said she was h**** after her and page. Had been talking about s** all night and she couldn't sleep because of it. I slowly start on her and soon I was going to told on her after a couple minutes she she moaned out stop so I did. She struggled to get her breath thin she said daddy I won't to be on top. So I slowly moved her on top of me. She started slowly moving up and down and the she said daddy I have never squatted before. She thin said I just did 5 times. After a minute went by I felt her go again thin she said daddy the reason why my and page was talking about s**. Is she really wants her first time and she wants it to be u to give it to her. But she is afraid she will mess it up and she is taking about getting a hi school guys to f*** her so she will know how. I told megan that makes Sher she makes it home a virgin tomorrow after school and I will make sure she is not on win she gets up the next day. Megan kiss me and start reading me hard. I could feel it about to go a said megan I'm about to c**. She replied with yes daddy as she started rubbing harder I could feel her squirting on my d*** as I came I feel asleep still in her. The next day we woke up glue together with c** we ended up f****** again so she could get wet to get apart. That night my daughter got home she was mad that megan would not leave here alone win she was trying to hang out with a guy friend. I told her that sucks. Thin I told her dinner was ready so we went and eat I had d nice meal set up like a date. So after we we went to watch tv. I put on a nice kids show. Thin I complained I was cooled and asked her to set next to me. She came over and sat next to me I put my arms around her. A few minutes late she said daddy do u like me. I sad yes and she said ok after a bit I moved some and (sat on the remote) cousin it to switch to a p**** I was watching earlier. She tents up and said daddy yes. So I asked do u want to watch this or do won't to switch back she was so focused on the big boobed blond sucking the plumer’s d*** to answer around the time the blood was getting it doggy page said daddy do u like me. I replied by kissing her on the mouth. After a second she asked daddy an I sexy. I kiss her open mouth thin lifted her up on my lap with my d*** pressed against her but and said baby it is for u if u want it. She replied with yes daddy and kissed me. Thin I removed her short and start rubbing her pussycat I slipped my uther hand under her shirt and start rubbing her Small b**** as we watched the p*** after I was over I cared her to her room and sat her on her bed and started eating her pussycat soon I was in her pussycat I was going slowly for her first time my d*** was covered in her blood she was so tight I know I would not last long. So I asked her whare she won't my c** she replied with in my pussycat so I did we f***** several times that night and every day since


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  • I'm really impressed that so much High-Density BullShit could be packed into such a small space.

  • Its fake

  • It's that f****** sick dreaming paki again ! Every post contains the same spelling and grammatical errors !
    C*** !

  • 11,5 inch....keep dreaming

  • Fock off sick focking pedo. May a bullet find your sick brain

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  • This is so hot let’s talk about this it gets me so hard I might have something you like wickr lollagucci

  • Sick, sick sick. If I had your address I'd send you a 'get well' card

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