Large Breast Infatuation

I have been infatuated with large b****** since I was a small child. I was always very attractive and popular . This made me fell like I was always supposed to be with the best looking petite Barbie types. Sure they had nice t***, but when I would see larger women with gigantic b**** I could only imagine how great it would be to be with such a woman. I moved away from home and started being with dozens of these women sexually, D cups, DD's, DDD's, sucking and t** f******. I would do anything for these women. Because of their anatomy I slept with black women as well, to date 40-50. I married a Barbie type for 10 years now, but have affairs with DD or DDD black women. I love black women, they are fun and easy. I give them oral so they keep wanting me. I try to stop, but I can't. I love this thick black woman at work with two of the biggest t*** I have ever seen, but I am the boss. What to do?


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  • There's nothing that does it for me like a huge black woman. But you've got your Barbie doll. You gotta work on teaching yourself to think she's sexier than the others. (But it won't be easy. Once you go black you never go back.)

  • Find yourself a fat lonely white woman with big t*** and you will NEVER be lonely. I like fat big t*** as well.

  • I don't want implants I am heterosexual. I like b****** on women. I wish my wife would get them though!

  • I love black chicks too, those soft lips feel so good on my c***.

  • grow up, that's what.

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