Ok this is really weird but...

This is a very embarassing confession actualy but i'm going to come out of the closet today march.8.2009 what i have to say is weird...i have this strange turtle fetish...i get very arroused when i see small tutrles i just get so turned on i just want to put the turtles down my pants and let there oh so smooth shell rub my p****...i'm not just just h**** when i see small tutrles it's much more then that i had a dream of doing kinky things with turles...the dream went like this...it started off in a chamber of some sort and there they were 15 small turtles chained up to the wall they were wearing name tags that were ever so sexy like "daddy" and "b****" ect. and there i was wearing a leather suit with a whip and i was whiping the turtles and they were making these little snapping sounds i don't know where it came from but i was very arroused by the end of the dream me and the 15 small turtles were in bed and some were on the pillow and some were down there..rubbing my p****...i'm glad i've got that off my back

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  • Turtle f*****! Stay away from my pets!

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