Party time

We went to a place for a friends stag, We had a big suite and called in three "Dancers" They showed up, The guy organizing had ordered the three youngest girls they had and when they showed up he asked their ages.
1) 20, Thin, Cute blonde, Tiny t***, No ass.
2) 20, Thin, Cute blonde, Average t***, Nice ass.
3) 18, Average build, Brunette, Great ass, Huge t*** for her size, Beautiful face.
The girls did little dances and slowly removed clothes, they playfully touched each other and then girl 1 fished out the one guys c*** and started sucking him, The guy who organized it all had gotten girl 3 bent over and pulled her thong aside, Girl 2 made the mistake of speaking up and saying "Go easy on her...She's new", Well..., One guy asked how new and she said "Like this is her first party, She had two customers last week, She only works weekends".
Everything kind of came to a halt and switched directions from a lap dance party to an all out f*** fest, Poor little girl 3, She got so f***** and had come from her head to her toes, Literally, She just laid there getting her poor little p**** f***** over and over while the other two "Fluffed" d**** for her, You couldn't even touch her she had so much come all over her, She had her face all scrunched up and closed her legs saying "Ok, Ok you have to f*** someone else for a bit", She rolled over and wiped her face on the blankets and laid there with her hand over her p****.
We started on the other two and hammered them for a while, There was 8 of us and just f***** them over and over and over popping v***** and molly. I straddled girl 3 from behind and she moaned saying "Oh god, Really?", I spit on my k*** and slid it in her tight little p**** as she said "Oooohhh, Owwww", Once I was in she got a little better with it and said "Ok but slow", The other guys had the other two going down on each other and one guy stuck his d*** in girl 3's mouth.
One of the guys pulled girl 2 out of the pile while most gang banged girl 1 and we got girl 2 sitting in front of girl 3, Girl 3 shook her head no and said "No, I don't do that", I slid in deep making her squirm toward girl 2's p**** then I pushed her head down and forced her to eat out girl 2's c** filled p****, Girl 3 gagged and cried while we made her eat out girl 2, We got girl 3 on her back and made girl 1 and 2 take turns sitting on her face dripping c** on her face as she cried and gagged and licked their p******. Finally our 3 hours were up and we paid the girls, Girl 3 stood there pouting with her bottom lip trembling as a couple guys played with her t*** until payment was made and she was allowed to tuck her big t*** away.
We all drank and laughed and eventually went to our own rooms and left the suite for the maids. She may rethink her career choices after that.

Jan 4, 2021

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  • Didn't happen.

  • Nice. Wish I was there. Nothing tastes nicer that a p**** juice covered c***

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