Wife Lea

I met Lea the year before I deployed to Heidelberg Germany for my second tour with orders to probably be deployed to either Afghanistan or Iraq and we were nervous..

She had delivered our first child Cloe our daughter just three months before that and I met Roger there he also worked in the motor pool and we became friends his tour of duty would end in three months and he would be sent back to the USA.

I am 6 years older than Lea but that is not a problem we both like s** and after our first child since our future was undecided on where I would deploy next was not yet determined .

The threat of going into combat was constant and we were both trying to cram as much life into what we had now and s** was very prominent we would spend hours trying every possible position ever heard of and Lea would get excited listening to my sexual past and she shared her past with me also and I got really excited when she would tell me about the guys she had been with.

Roger became a constant companion and he and Lea would flirt innocently back and forth and this articular Sunday he came over early to watch football
And we spent the day first drinking coffee but by the second game we were sipping beer and Lea had a glass of wine she was sipping from and Roger started teasing her about serving us drinks topless and she laughed saying dream on Roger dream on .

By the time Sunday night came on She served us sandwiches and again Roger said this would taste better Lea if I could look at your b**** and she laughed again Roger said I dare you to do it and she said why don't you kiss my ass and he said OK bare it and we all laughed but Roger said hey you said to kiss your ass and I agreed and I got into it saying yes you did hon I heard as they bantered back and fourth for a short time until she said OK buddy and she stepped in front of him and bent over pulling her shorts down far enough to bade her ass cheeks and I was laughing like an idiot now and so was Roger but he kissed her ass cheek then the other and he also bit her bun and she jumped up and said Ouch that hurt but again we were all laughing.

When the game ended Cloe was asleep so I took her and changed her diaper and put her to bed .

Lea and Roger were talking now and she laughed at something he said and laid her hand on his forearm and that seamed so sexy I just stopped standing still watching them until they noticed me and asked if something was wrong .

My ears were ringing and I found that it was hard to breath the image of Roger in between her legs f****** her seamed so real .

Roger said its late I better go but I said no we have been drinking all day you can sleep in Coles room it has a single cot and he said OK so we made up his bed and left him and went into our room and we undressed and laid down side by side my hand on her thigh and I felt hot I asked what were you and Roger talking about when I came in and she said oh nothing he was teasing me about running off with him and he told me that you were a lucky guy and I was his favorite wet dream well you know how Roger is .

My throat was tight and I sounded odd even to myself as my hand slid between her thighs and I started to gently rub her p**** and she laughed and opened her thigh up for me as I rolled onto my side and started fingering her and she was wet .

My I asked her as I fingered her p**** do you want to f*** him and she was breathing a little faster she is always h**** and she said NO honey we are married i couldn't do that to you but I said hey if I say it is ok then it is not cheating you like him don't you and she was getting really wet now her body was responding to my fingers and she said yes he is a good friend...... I asked would you f*** him if you weren't married and she said probably he is a good friend..

I said do it babe go and do it but she again said I cant but I persisted and said you are smoking hot right now what if I went down and told him to come in and f*** you but she wouldn't answer her p**** was sopping wet now and she said don't stop I am about to c** so I stopped and she moaned in disappointment I whispered go do it baby I want you to ..

She whispered I cant I mean what would I say for crying out loud he would think I was a tramp..

I said no baby I can guarantee that he will go for it just try and she said what if he is asleep i cant just wake him up and ask if he wants to f*** and she laughed.

She asked what should i wear and I said your see trough nighty and leave it open Lea said OK but if he is asleep I am coming right back here just say that you thought you heard the baby cry.
She slipped out of bed and wrapped her robe around her body but i reminded her to lave it open so she whispered I love you baby and left.
For several minutes I laid there than I followed in my bare feet .

It was warm for late August and I came to the room and the door was closed but I could hear her say I thought I heard the baby cry and his muffled answer then he said something and she answered you are not dressed for talking is Larry still awake had her reply no he is sound asleep.
It was quiet now only whispered sounds then silence and I guessed that they must be kissing .

I wanted so bad to open the door and watch but I decided that I better not so I roamed the dark house unable to concentrate I tried to go to sleep but i couldn't and I glanced at my watch every few seconds.

Time dragged by and I worried that I might be having a heart attack but I was in great physical shape and I laughed that off .

I finally went back to bed and laid down but I soon got up and went back to his room and listened through the door but all I could hear was whispers and the slap slaping sounds of flesh against flesh and harsh breathing
Again I went to bed and I drifted off this time but I awoke when I heard the bedroom door open and I sat up in bed and asked did you di it ????? She sounded tired and said yes can we talk about this tomorrow but I wanted to know everything and look at the proof so she laid back and let me push her thighs apart .

Het p**** lips were swollen and red there were traces of his sperm on her pubic hair and her p**** was open .

I commented on it and she said he has a really big c*** then she laid back and closed her eyes saying I am tired hon soooo tired and she snored softly as I sat there looking at her well used p****.
For long seconds I watched and then I stuck my finger into her and I could feel his seed in her I pulled my finger out and looked at it and it looked just like mine so tasted it then I pushed her legs farther apart wanting to smell her used t*** but I was intoxicated by the Oder and before I knew what i was doing I was licking her p**** tasting her fluids mixed with his and Lea woke up trying to push me awh saying stop it Larry he came in me twice stop it but I wouldn't so she laid back ad gasped for breath as I licked her to another o***** then I mounted her and f***** her in his sperm.
They had an ongoing affair until he rotated home.

Jan 5, 2021

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  • That was what made it great having a male roommate living with the wife and me, could have it and watch it, great times.

  • That is what good army buddies are for, share their fortunes (wives)

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