It’s long time we had vacations ,as we both are working and our three children are growing up. But in this summer we got a nice package which we couldn’t refuse and decided to go ahead and reserved two rooms one for children and one for us.
We headed up spend all the day sightseeing. Then had a dinner we went to our rooms. My husband started to drink after a while asked me if We can go to the bar I agreed he said I can go in some sort of minimum dress, since we were on vacation and away from our city I didn’t mind after all we are here to enjoy.
I wore a see through red maxi without bra and pantyhose liked it, we went down to the bar, he started to drink the bar was almost full, I saw some eyes looking at me. After a while a young guy in his thirties came and asked if he can sit on our table my husband allowed him, he was drinking and staring at my b****, my nipples become hard, he asked me if I can dance with him, I looked at my husband who allowed me and continued drinking. During dancing he got aroused and I can feel his bulge, I started watering, we came back to our table my husband said let’s go to room. He was unable to walk properly, the guy asked if I he can help him till the room. In the elevator he positioned himself as my back touching his torso, with one hand he catch my b*** and said I want you.
Once we reached the room my husband fell sleep on the bed.
Guy came in front of me looking in my eyes, I immediately kissed him and put my hand on his c*** which was semi hard. He removed my gown and started sucking my b**** and fingering my already wet p****. Then removed his clothes and guided me to his c***. Which was double in size of my husband. Like 8.5 inches. I sucked it. And the he bent me over to the couch and inserted his hard c*** in my p****. And started pumping like there is no tomorrow. After a while he turn me over and let me to lay down on sofa pulling my legs up and again inserted his c*** in my wet p****, f***** me really nice. I told him not c** inside me, when he was nearly to c** he pulled out and put in front of my open mouth and shoot his load, I swallowed it wasn’t bad taste. We rested a while playing each other on the sofa as my husband was sleeping on the bed. I gave him a nice BJ and we had second round and f***** in all positions. This time he came on my ass. After a while he left and I went to bed beside my husband and slept.
I woke up by my husband who was licking my p****, and then he f***** my wet p****, came in very short time.
After breakfast he told me today he enjoyed f****** me.

Jan 6, 2021

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  • Femdom strapon

  • My husband is a drunk everytime he drinks till he passes out . but truth it suits me. it gives me a chance to be with my real lover . my father in law. . going on 9years now . . unknown to my husband his 3 children are really his 2 brothers and sister . .

  • It is a shame your hubby didn't tell you to come and F*** on the bed so he could get a better view.. maybe gett involved, sleeping waste the moment

  • Love your story ... do you think your hubby would enjoy watching you ?

    Would you enjoy him watching ?

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