I hate who I was in middle school

Hey I wish I kinda wish I said something to you today. But I could feel myself embarrassed to talk to you from someone I was not anymore and the way you looked at me like deer in the headlights. I don't think you wanted me to say anything and I'm glad I just kept walking because I feel like if I stopped and said something nothing good would come of it. I recognized you today and your big brown eyes and long brown hair you're just as pretty as I remember except now I know boundaries and I know you didn't really care to keep up our conversation so why make one up on the spot? It just didn't seem like you wanted that or maybe I didn't want that. I doubt you're overthinking it as much as I am right now. I hope you're ok I hope that you have people who treat you right who accept you. You really were so nice to me even if I was a confused kid I'm glad we ended on a better note rather than a sour one I think. I hope when or if you every think of me again you don't think I'm a horrible creepy predator. I feel bad that I may have made you confused I don't know what else to say our relationship was really complicated. Why dredge it up again on the spot? But I hope you're well. You always were pretty sweet and a ton of ** things happened to both of us. Well. Here's to hopefully you not thinking I'm a creep and just gracefully accepting things are maybe ok between us and that it was a good decision that I didn't talk to you and make things even more AWKWARD hah 0_0' (plz lesbian jesus)

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  • Man shut up blue eyed people are not evil and they cant even help it if they have blue eyes so shut up

  • Lmao wut 😂

  • Sometimes we are so nasty in middle school. What a lovely honest confession.

  • "Sometimes???" Middle school is nothing but nasty from top to bottom. All those hormones kicking in and kids shooting off their mouths while not knowing ** about how the world works. Yeah, I used "shooting" deliberately. Are you "triggered" now, kids? Active shooter scenarios happen because you're d.icks to your classmates all day every day. You deserve every bullet.

  • Gay

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