Master of my staff

I'm a 40 yr old male, and I can't get off when I stroke my member unless I am doing it while I also talk with a female on a text prayer chat, or preferably have her lead me in prayer whilst I rub my staff. In know that I sound like a freaking pervert. And I probably am. But, listen to how this came to be. When I was 12, I was at home alone and stroking my c*** with a pair of my best friend's aunt's pretty panties. I was wondering what it would be like to m********* with the panties while I talk to a lady on the phone who's unaware of my activities. This situation sounded good, actually I was just wanting to get it off (my c***) and I really thought that I was in for a treat. It was for sure! We'll, I called different places like JCPENNEY, SEARS, lingerie catalog phone operators. They all have such sexually motivating voices. Made me feel great and I wanted more from them. As I ran out of places to call, I furiously stroked on my c***, to keep the fun going. Then the idea of thinking about a Nun, crossed my mind. Something about her being virginal. So I called a Church Convent A soft spoken, yet very sexy, and young, and very nice and interested woman answers the phone. Immediately, my shaft gets harder. She asked me why I had called.... well I dilly dallied around for a bit., she was very nice and cordiol. She said nicely, what can I with you? That sounded funny, but also like an invite from her to continue with her and tell her my needs. I was just floored. I believe that she knew from this point on, that this was going to be a little bit different type of request. She absolutely already knew that really wanted, and needed, to C** in her presence. Well, phone presence anyways. I'm sure of it. Then I asked her to prayer for my sins. Past and current. We'll she asked me what I may need forgiveness for, and after a short time explained that I was obsessed with m*********** and I was wondering if she wouldn't mind if I did just that while we prayed. She acted like she thinks I was being inappropriate with her. Of course I was. Taken back by the request, She said No at first, but didn't hang up on me. So, I was able to keep up with ( Stroking my self) her beautiful voice talking about how much God loves us and that I really shouldn't be masterbating my member because Jesus did not want me to do it in and again, all of the time. I politely explained how good it feels, I wanted her to understand that I wasn't trying to upset her or anything, I just wanted to get an o***** with a woman. Even if it was just talking to her on the phone. Well, she was very accommodating to me and continued to talk with, and eventually even led me in prayer. She ended up staying with me on the phone until I came. I was satisfied that I didn't have any more s**** to m********* and e******** at this point. Well I was wrong. She talked about m*********** and fantasies and how my urgent masterbatory needs are natural, but the way I went about the whole situation is cause for reflection. I probably spent a total of 45 minutes speaking with this beautiful woman. After I made my shaft explode the first time, I couldn't help doing the best stroke job on my p**** I could during the second part of our chat. She could hear me rubbing my p**** a second time, letting out little moans and heavy breathing, and she didn't seem to mind too much. In fact, I truly believe that maybe, just maybe, she had a bit of fun staying with me, throughout my fantasy phone prayer request. Truly, my fondest solo s** memory. Now I know you all are going to have a field day with me. But having that first exciting attempt at what ever I had just gotten away with, I guess I was really excited about this new found way to fulfill my m***********
needs. And I was just enamored with the young woman whose guidance probably gave me two of my best o****** and favorite m*********** memories. The perverted aspect of the Acts also really turned me on.
Now, like I said, it's nearly impossible for me to climax other ways. I've tried everything to stop completely, the prayer partner part anyway. Most of the time I get off while talking with phone call center agents, mail order catalogue operators, texting chat lines, but every so often I can't help but feel I need to talk with a prayer partner. Their the best, hands down. Sorry if I offended anyone's sensibilities.

Jan 13, 2021

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  • Dude, I believe you! When I was a teen I did the same thing, but I would call those suicide hotlines and tell that I wanted to die. When she asked why (it was always a woman, I don’t remember a guy ever answering the phone, maybe once or twice, but I’d hang up and call again in two mins) but I’d tell them something like “my sister walked in on me “playing with myself” I figured it sounded less “s3xual” than “j3rking off” or “mastverbating”. Then they would start telling me how natural it was and how everyone does it. Well at that age it only took me two minutes to cvm without calling anyone, so the calls weren’t long but hearing a female voice talking to me while I j3rked off, made me c** extra hard, and very quickly. So, while I don’t believe that a nun was “into” s** talking a kid into cvmming, I have no reason to doubt that you called and j3rked off while talking to a nun! H***, I even came while talking to my mom! I didn’t mean to, but it was after school, and a “softer side of Sears” ad came on tv. It showed some scenes of women in their Sears underwear, and that was all it took to get me horn3y! I was j3rking off when the phone rang I was close but I answered it b/c I knew it was probably my mom making sure I was home. But I was so close that when she began talking, I began cvmming! Not my proudest moment, especially when she said “what are you doing?” Because I was breathing heavy. I just said that I ran to get the phone and now I had a cramp. So don’t stress the “fake” comments. I basically did the same thing. (Although, there is no way I, or anyone, would ever believe that she knew and was into it… that purely your fantasies. Take care dude, and keep it up!

  • Perverted stalker! The idiot feeding your sick needs is just in need of help like you!

  • Just so f****** fake

  • Fake

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