Helping my girlfriends best friend out

My girlfriends best friend has just started to become a web girl performer on a chat/m*********** site. I have watched some of her performances and jerked off watching them. She suggested that my girlfriend and I join her and play on camera. My girl said no because she doesn't want her face to be seen on a p*** site so to speak. We have all had s** together on occasion so it would have been no big deal. So she meets a guy who agreed to come on cam with her but the problem was he was a 2 pump chump and didn't last very long then couldn't get it up again. So she asked me if i would come on cam with her without my girlfriend knowing. I only had to provide the hard c*** and maintain it for a period of time. I agreed as long as my face would not be on cam. So i get to her place and everything is set up. We go over the "script". For the first 20 minutes she is in her bra and panties and plays with several toys and chats with her followers. I took up a position in a corner chair and got undressed. I sat on the chair stroking my c*** while she did her thing. It was hard not to come watching her. Then i was brought in for a 10 minute or so b*******. God she is so good and deep throats so well. I had to concentrate so hard not to c** . Then the f****** starts. She has preplanned positions and can watch us on her monitor .Again it was so hard not to want to c**. I had her squirting all over. It was great. Now the finally i am to j*** off into her mouth. After delaying c****** for so long it was difficult to get to the climax. To get me there I grabbed her thong that was soaking wet from her juices and put it to my nose. A couple of minutes later i shot 4 big spurts into her mouth. She shows the camera the load in her mouth then swallows it. Shows the camera that she swallowed the load then blows a kiss to her followers and turns the camera off. She asked me what I thought, I said it was awesome but i still needed to lick her p****. I got her to put her ass up in the air and i tongued her from behind. Her p**** was so wet so I cleaned that up then moved to her a******. I love tonguing her ass. I put 2 fingers in her p****, my tongue in her ass and had her squirting o****** in no time. When I finished she noticed I was rock hard again. I said well ya I just ate your p**** and ass out. She said f*** me again. So i am f****** her from behind. I pulled out and pressed it against her butt hole waiting to see what she would say. She said yes please! I grabbed some lube the pressed the head of my c*** in. A little more a little more until I was all the way in. Then she says now that I am in her ass it can't go into her mouth or p**** any more. I made the most of it and pounded her ass until I came. She said next time on cam i can f*** her in the ass. I said that would be great! Before I left she said btw we made $220 for our show. Wow that much for an hour and 20 minutes. I could get used to that.

Dec 31

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