Best Friend

I had an experience with "Mans best friend."

Just laying in bed. No clothes on. I felt my dog jump on to the bed. Not unusual.

Then there was a feeling. Her tongue licking me between my legs. My first reaction was to push her away, but I didn't. I let her do it. I got hard and then she licked that too. I came all over my belly, and she cleaned it for me. I'm okay with this. My best friend.

Jan 14, 2021

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  • I like when my friends dog pushes his nose into our vaginas (through our clothes of course). He roots around so forcefully against my c******* that even through clothes I can get an o*****. My friends house has so many people in it constantly that we can't do this often.

  • A friend made his dog lick me once. He had to keep spreading peanut butter on my p**** because the dog would lose interest too soon. I thought the peanut butter was gross. The dog's tongue felt great but I just don't want that disgusting peanut butter on me again. Then I heard you can get diseases from dogs licking you and then someone mentioned about dogs licking their b**** and a**** and now the entire idea grosses me out. I still wish I could do it but I'm always so conflicted about the negative stuff so I get depressed that I can't do it again.

  • I'm a girl, btw, and I wouldn't want a dog to f*** me.

  • Since i was 12 iv been letting dogs lick me out, honestly nothing like it!

  • H***.

  • Should try f****** her lick her p**** you will love her taste

  • You. are. sick.

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