I Wanna Be Groped and Stuffed

I want to be groped by someone. I want them to see my body and have the uncontrollable need to just touch me over my clothes. I want them to forcibly drag me somewhere and make me take every touch of theirs. I want them to use my body to satisfy their own sexual needs...I just want to be teased super deeply inside and used. I want to be stretched and filled by this fantasy guy or girl. Im not biased. I also want to get impregnated by a nice and handsome man to give birth to beautiful babies. I wanna do so many naughty things!!!

Jan 18, 2021

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  • Mmmmmmmmm!!!! How I wish

  • Kingtraphic@gmail.com.

    How I'd looooove to get me a woman who wants to feel used

  • On a train or crowded bus...somewhere that is difficult to move or escape: the hands of a stranger beside you, taller, handsome acting as if he is doing nothing but all the while he has his hands traveling , testing and exploring your clothed body. First you were just going to work and now you are feeling a strangers hands. They’ve found the curves of your ass. They’ve discovers your hips, your waist your back your arms. You can’t escape as his hands fondle your b****** warm beneath your blouse. Your nipples become hard even though you don’t want them to and he’s found them !.... his fingers test them. your p**** is drenched beneath your skirt and he’s reaching to find it. You’re knees are weak. You’re clothing is discheveled. You can’t stop him

  • I want to see your body and feel you all over. I'll caress your whole body inside and out before giving you my love muscle. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

  • Wow 😮 Love your Submissive fantasies ! Would you enjoy Submitting to a couple ?

  • Where do you live?

  • U fem

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