I feel confused

So I'm 13 right now and my 15 friend says that he cummed like a week ago and said I can't in a week and we bet 50 bucks on it and i didnt know what c****** was so I did these things to get me to c** that the internet told me to do but I came across this site and for some reason some how I filmed for 5 minutes straight standing over a toilet c****** I was so disgusted eh and the smell any ways I got the50 bucks but isn't it weird a site worked and isn't it weird I'm 13 and c******!?!? Is that bad or good?

Jan 18, 2021

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  • I’ve be coming since I was 10

  • Never do it again.

  • It's weird that you can write like you should be able to at your age.

  • Mimble mimble "I'm confuuuuuused" mimble

    Yawn. Overdone to death. NEXT!!

  • I am a 45 yr old man, divorced 5 years,,went 2 the beach 3 yrs ago,,,,had a great experience, I was wearing a white c thru blouse, no bra,I have nice t*** due 2 meds I take, black mini skirt ,no panties, iwas sitting on the sand dunes, I saw a beautiful blonde ,big b******. We started to chat I I was getting hard as H***.,she saw how aroused I was and told me that she would relieve me if I wanted,.we went to my room and DAMN WAS I SURPRISED, SHE WAS A S******,,,I STARTED SUCKING HER T***, STROKING HER BEAUTIFUL D***, I HAD NEVER BEEN WITH A MAN, BUT ALL I WANTED WAS TO SUCK HER GEORGOUS D*** ,there is nothing better than a s******,,I let her F*** me n d ass 5 times that night, now I want her to do it all the time I swallowed my first load of man C** ,I LOVED HER TASTE

  • F****** weirdo.
    People like you make me puke.

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