College Professor

I am a college professor in a small community. One of my female students came to my office for some help with an assignment. She was in her 30's, married with two kids. I, too, am married and about 25 years her senior.

She eventually started coming more and started telling me some personal things about her marriage. Long story short, we started going out to lunch together and started a bit of touching. At first she was very nervous about it, but eventually we were embracing and kissing each other.

The next semester we started going to a private parking area and begin intimate touching. She began to touch my h****** and rub it as we kissed and I touched her under her dress. Somehow it seemed like she always wore a dress when we went to our private area.

One day she unzipped me and took me out and began to touch me bare. I was so hot and h**** that I came almost immediately. The next time she surprised me and took me in her mouth. Oh god that was the best feeling I have had in a long time because my wife never would do that for me. We were at a public park and she kept asking me if I was looking to see if anybody was near. It wasn't long before I exploded. She laughed and helped me finish with her hands. It was a huge mess all over my console. I handed her a hanky and she cleaned up the best she could.

I can't type more now because I have limited time but I will continue when I get some time.

Jan 18, 2021

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  • Sounds like you had a great time with her. Are you still seeing her?

  • No, she graduated and I no longer teach there. Some good memories though.

  • Smooth operator!

  • I was a student in that situation. My husband found out and divorced me. It was good while it lasted

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