I crossdress and my wife knows

So how do you tell the girl you like that you like to wear **?
I was dating this one girl and it was getting to the point were I should tell her I like thevfeel5 on nylon on my skin, to start with and see how it was going to go.
So I just told her I had to wear some ** when I was younger because ran out of underwear (it is true) since I told her after I took a hit from my pipe. She didn't say a word she just got up and looked around do i smoked some more. She came back and handed me a red pantie with 3 rows of red ruffles across the back of the **, not a bikini type and not a full granny pantie it was between the two. She said why don't you go to the bathroom and put them on.
So I did just that, I probably was saying Oh my God. I couldn't believe what was happening but I was wearing the ** all that night and the next day. We went to the store in Chicago and I got my First PINK Teddy with a pink ribbon to tie around the waist. And now I will get her ** she has that she doesn't like anymore or her Bras that again she doesn't like the style or fit.
So I have more bras and ** than her. And as for night gowns and such we share or I get what she has a harder time fitting in ( she has large breast and mine are like a A cup. It is the BEST thing I ever did. And if you tell the girl and she doesn't like you feeling good about yourself she is the wrong one for you.
We are soooooo close, we are closer than than most couples and others see it and want to join in on our fun. We were talking about ** Mico fiber or nylon and a woman came over and said that she heard us talking and wanted to join in.
You will find the right girl and have the best time of your life.
Did I mention that we got married and I wore white lace ** under my suite. We are married over 40 years and still have lots of fun, follow your heart because dressing will get stronger as you get older, so I have dresses, blouses everthING female I want and we both take great care of our faces and apply lotion after washing up and other women see my "Glowing Skin" as my female neighbor said one day last summer.
You only live once, I'm writing this with a bra and pantie on with leggings and women''s dress pants on along with my jewelry 5 rings 2 necklaces and 3 bracelets on. I have so much jewelry I have 3 jewelry boxes and we share when we want to look different.
And the body lotion is also lots of fun after every shower.
This wearing woman's clothes only gets stronger as you get older, so enjoy yourself.
You are a 2 Spirit Person there is nothing wrong with you, you can relate to both sexes and what is wrong with that? Nothing I hsve come to the rescue of 4 females in my life that were hit or verbally abused, so I showed up to help her out till it was over and I like that!!

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This ** of a Human Resources worker fired me

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  • I'm a Crossdresser and my Wife knows.
    And other women see it in our relationship.
    We were at a home fix it store and we kept going up to the same beautiful check out woman about 22 years old. She comes over to my wife and says " My Next new boyfriend, I want him to be just like you "..
    Wow what a great complement for a crossdresser, while I'm wearing a bra and ** and winter leggings on.
    Women really see what they want and now they have had enough of some big macho guy that lies and only thinks of himself.
    While at Walmart they had ** on closeout at the front of the store so I showed my wife and we went to the rack, my wife bends down and starts looking at the sizes of Vaseret ** for only 1 dollar. Other women are standing next to us and my wife says " What Size " I said nothing as the other women were listening so my wife said louder " What size" so I told her so the woman could here "size 6 or 7 " and the other women still hanging around as my wife starts handing me ** in pink. We ended up with about 8 ** each and hers were slightly bigger than mine.
    Oh life is so good!!!!
    And this is just one small store incident, last time at a resale shop we looked at nightgowns and someone put a white dress with a zipper back on the rack and my wife said do you like it. Yes, I said will it fit me so she looks at it and now I have the white dress, I hope it fits!!

  • Business opportunity to make clothes cut for guys but out of that smooth silky materials that are used to make womens clothes

  • Blokes DON'T wear.women's knickers you effeminate **. Ugh !
    You are a disgrace.
    Boxer shorts are spacious and comfortable.( especially if like you a person has no ** to put in them ! ).

  • Hi Bloke,
    I'm glad to say you are wrong on so many different levels.
    You think your a Real Man, but you probably have a problem with relating to women and don't understand what your talking about.
    Boxers are not soft like satin or polyester or nylon. And ** do have space for your junk and it feel great to feel them slip on your skin. Try ** on for 24/7 for a week and if you can tell the truth to yourself you will find that they feel wonderful and comfy and soft.
    That is wrong with any of that???
    If you do not open your mind up it will be closed your entire life and you will miss an awful lot of great things and experiences.
    So boxers are not better than **!!
    Try the ** on and tell me how bad the experience was in detail....

  • Dude you are just saying this bcuz you really don’t know what your saying,, I myself have tried on woman’s undergarments out of Curiosity ? & I am straight &,, still straight lol not that that really matters &,,, let me just say: they really feel good/nice I wore the old fashioned stockings that you need also a garter belt or,,, girdle to hold them up in place so they don’t fall down along with a matching color bra & woman’s underwear & even went as far as wearing heels 👠 not really to much of a high heel call me cR aZ y I’m sure people on here can & will call me much worse but I’m just saying what I experienced & how those clothes felt again I’ll say it,,, I really enjoyed the way it felt!!! &,,, I’ll even go as far as saying this,,,,, I can bet that if a guy does what I did try on woman’s clothes &,,,, be (truthful) & don’t f###ing lie,,, you would be saying the same as what I am writing here now but also let me say something else to,, I know also (not) all guys will like it & never do it again but it will be a small percentage of men & the rest of us guys,,,, can & become what’s called a cross dresser that’s what I became &, now I turned into what’s called a,,,, transvestite bcuz I took a,,,, next step,, so to speak,, by wanting to see what I would look like by wearing a wig & makeup 💄 &,,, just to say again I didn’t turn gay,, not that matters hmm? You know what??? Maybe I should say 1 more thing this way I can save all you Guys out there,,, don’t do what I tried,,, & what I still do from time to time,, bcuz you’ll get hooked on this & once you do,,,, wow you’ll start to spend a lot of money 💰 there’s makeup the shoes & wigs the dresses,, skirts,, the endless buying of stockings lol &,,, the real girls at the bars that cling on to you for some reason? P.S. they feel safe believe it or not with us so,,,, also I speak for myself,, leave me alone with what I do,, I stay to myself unless someone approaches me & is NICE 👍 & it usually ends up a nice peaceful time

  • I'm glad that you can be that honest with yourself and the world.
    There is nothing wrong with what you are doing but you are breaking down some barriers that society has put up so you wound not do this.
    Is it normal, Yes it is. What is wrong to have a softer side to you, not a thing and because you are confident with yourself it will show and others will see it in you.
    When I told my girlfriend at the time, I felt strange about telling her this. But now she has made me feel great about it and you push the boundaries on clothes, so I have worn women's dress pants to the stores and I only got one look from a woman that figured out what I had on. My wife is very wonderful about building up my confidence to wear what I like.
    I hope you find the perfect woman that will make you feel better about yourself.
    I discovered that in other cultures we are treated as a person of great respect.
    They call us " 2 Spirit Person ".
    You know how it feels to be both male and female, and what is wrong with that? Nothing!!!
    Dress as you like because it will get stronger as you get older so that means you will need a Bigger Closet for all of your clothes!!!
    Be happy with yourself because you know way more than many other men will where know and or feel about them selves or others.
    Stay a free spirit and follow your feeling and all you have to do is to enjoy the trip your on and it never ends.
    My wife and I are so close that it shows and others want to be with us and talk to us. It is a very special love and it will show up and it will last you a life time of true compatible.
    And to think I almost killed my self because I didn't understand what I felt when I was so young, thank goodness for the Internet!!!!!!!! So others can find out that they are different but not bad or wrong with how they are!!!!
    Stay Well and Safe during this virus time!!!

  • You can feel that way like your a really man because you wear boxers but they are made of cotton and ** are made of many different types of fabrics and my ** feel great in them.
    I started to wear a bra years ago, my wife said and I like you better like this. She is talking about how I am interacting with her much better and it was even better than before.
    Do not think I'm a pushover over!!!
    I have come to a female aid 4 times in my life. I was her instant Big Brother and I protect them till the problem will go way. So Bloke you think your so strong how many times have you helped out a woman that needed help?
    Put on ** for a week or a month and wear them 24/7 and tell me that boxers are better they are not!!!
    I had a young woman at a check out line come over to my wife and I and she said " I want my new boyfriend to be just like you ". She is very attractive but women see what they like and will go for it because so many guys are not telling the truth to them selves or there SO.
    Be the best per5 you can be and you will be notices in a good way!!!
    I hope you learned to listen and learn.
    Have a good and safe life and be the best person you can be to everyone, that makes women feel safe with you!!!

  • Hey I just wrote above what you wrote that’s great that you have a awesome wife to share this with &,,, I got to say it,,& I’m straight,, all tho? There’s something new & different that’s in the back of my mind,,, but that’s just,, I guess? Only some sort of fantasy to want to???? Maybe? Try? & it involves a,,,3-sum a real woman & man & me dressed up & us (guys) sharing the woman &,,,, this is the weird/ different thing,,, for me,, to,,,,,? Maybe???? Want to help the women with **&,,help but only help suc,maybe??idk?but that’s it no ** 4me or him but anyways enjoy your dress up time together

  • Yes she is awesome wonderful woman and she really Loves me.
    I thought I was going to have a problem in life with wearing woman's ** and she is all for it and more.
    Life is wonderful and it is so important to be honest with yourself and your woman and you can have more fun than you would think in your own mind!!
    Have fun stay safe!!!!!!

  • You enjoy wearing them. ** are so much fun with a wife or GF. Thats all I wear! Boxers make your b--ls hang and are for old men!

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