My wife’s tasty body

I totally love to lick my wife’s a****** . She just lets me do whatever I would like ( aside from f****** ) her ass . I’m working on that though..
Once I was fingering it and I could feel a peice of poo inside and she just let me play around with it for a bit.
I don’t know I it is because she is Asian or not, but she lets me do what I want within reason.
Her feet are so beautiful . I c** on her feet and she rubs in my face . If I c** in her p**** she lets me lick it out. I’ve always wondered if she would let me cuckold . Honestly, if another guy came in her I would f*** her and lick both out.
I’m going to try to c** on her again tonight. I’m so h**** just thinking about it , so Hopefully I get lucky !

Jan 18, 2021

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  • Lucky lady.

    I’m 49 been married 25 years. I love watching my hubby f*** our neighbor then I lick her clean.

    I’ve always wanted to have my hubby lick me clean but he won’t. One time this summer I tricked him. My son’s friends were swimming naked in our pool. I was watching them. They were so hot. They are 19 year old twins. So fit and so hung. Man what they say about blacks are true. Well they caught me watching them from the bedroom. They came inside and said “Ms Sharon, you need some help?” See I was fingering myself. I had four fingers deep inside.

    Long story short I had my first MWM experience as a 49 year old mother of 3. I also had my first twin experience and my first experience with BBC (x2). And my first a*** experience as well

    It was incredible. I don’t know how many times they came inside of me. The left me practically lifeless in bed. Totally spent due to all of the o******.

    Right after they left Jim came home from work. He saw me laying in bed naked. He stopped off his suit sooo fast as we had not had s** in months. He then went down on me and ate my p**** while my p**** was full of c** from the twins. He was soo excited saying “oh honey you taste soo good. I don’t ever recall you being so wet .” I the gabbed his bald head and forced it down and told him, “shut the f*** up and eat my p****. My p**** has been bad and she needs a good eating followed by a good f******”. I then had the most intense o***** ever. And we had the best s** ever!

  • Wish I someday get to eat a p**** full of delicious warm c**

  • Love to fell your P**** up
    Eat you out clean & wear your
    Dirty panties text 417-241-3529

  • Fascination for faeces - coprophilia
    What ever floats your boat mate!
    The rest of your fetishes me feel queasy.

  • Sounds amazing

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