What just happened.

My best friend and I were at a party last night and everyone was getting drunk, Her BF's parents have a hot tub so of course everyone was in their underwear swimming and whatever, My friend and I were sitting in a big round sort of lawnchair thing, Camping chair, Whatever you want to call it and her boyfriend came out of the hot tub, Dropped his underwear and stood in front of us.
I looked at my friend, She was staring at his...You know what and then looked at me, He grabbed her right ankle and lifted her foot, Stepped so he had one leg between mine and one between hers and then she lifted her left foot and he turned her sort of so she was part way on my lap and I was stuck there. He pulled her panties to the side and half squatted down with one arm across in front of me kind of holding me there with her half on my lap and slid his...Junk in her, She grabbed my arm by the elbow and gasped as he slid in and I was looking away but...OMG.
So there I am, My friends bra comes off, She is moaning and making noise, Everyone starts to notice, Next thing there is a crowd, People start thinking it's funny to be grabbing at me and I playfully laughed it off but was so embarrassed, My bra goes missing, My right foot ends up on his right shoulder and people are pulling my panties to the side, People take pictures and videos of my privates, Her privates, Us all together, Guys are shaking their weiners at me and rubbing them on me and then...
He pulls out, Shoots his load across my chest, I gasp, He shoots a load on her and turns back to me, Shoots one and gets it on my neck and chin and then wipes the last few drops on her b*** while he rubs his load all over my chest with his hand. I start crying and slap him, He laughs, I punch him and say "F...The F...OFF" and he realizes I am serious. He let me up and I tried to find my bra which was gone and everyone was laughing and taking pictures/Video, I found my shirt and shorts and walked home.
Just a word to the wise, If you see a video fitting this description as I am certain it will end up posted somewhere just be advised that it is illegal and I am sure you can figure out why all on your own with your little pea brain and little other things so you may not want to watch it....Just sayin.

Jan 19, 2021

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  • Honestly, you're just lucky he didn't turn his c*** on you and make you carry his load. Maybe you'd feel better if someone f***** you good and pumped you full at the end.

  • Fake! How does a man shoot 5 loads in one sitting? Sounds like a man wrote it.

  • Some can shoot more dude

  • If anyone finds the vid post please

  • I get what the other comments are saying, obvisously you should try steering away from that type of crowd but that’s not the point. Whats in the past is said and done and you can only move forward. Whether or not people were drunk or on coke, they violated you and that’s not okay. That’s definitely sexual assault. I was reading this and thought I honestly thought it was leading to a rape story. I’m truly sorry you had to go through that. But it is NOT your fault that OTHER people do not respect you enough to ask for your CONSENT to preform a SEXUAL act. That’s absolutely disgusting (on their part) and LITERALLY ILLEGAL. I really hope this comment brings some sort of comfort because all these other comments are honestly either from the same kind of a******* that would do that or could possibly be people that have also gone through it and have normalized it as a part of their life. It’s not normal. Please don’t let people tell you otherwise. Trust your intuition. If it feels wrong, it probably is.

  • Sounds to me like your friends need to ditch your childish "It's illegal" ass and find more mature people to hang with that understand sometimes parting with alcohol and hot tubs can get messy. Bitchs like you is how people just having a good time end up in trouble where there should be none.
    For those that don't like what I said, p*** off. I don't care.

  • I agree with the latter comment. B****** like you ask for trouble! If you want to get drunk and hang with the wrong crowd that is your choice!

  • Um i understand you getting stuck under your friend, but how did your clothes get taken off without your consent ? Im sorry this happened to you and I hope the video doesnt surface, but you should pick better friends and try drinking less.

  • Damn. That's pretty f'd up. Some friends you have. Really hope that you are ready to contact the authorities when that is eventually posted online because what happened to you was straight-up sexual assault.

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