7th grade a girl put foot between legs forever changing my life

I had developed a strong foot fetish in the 7th grade when this girl in class that I had to partner up with placed her foot on my chair between my legs. She started off with her Reebok Princess. The next time her shoes were off and she had socks on and finally before the school year ended on a hot day in May this happened. I felt her foot between my legs I glanced down and I saw her barefoot. It was not touching my Hotot it was like in the middle of my thigh. Immediately my hearty rate increased and other stuff was going on down in the privates area. I had this strong desire to feel her foot touch my d*** through my pants. The desire was so strong it had completely taken me over. I could not focus or concentrate on anything else. The thought of her foot was like a shot of euphoria pulsing through my veins. She got up to look at the project options that we had to choose from. The moment she got up my mind started to race. She looked like a 10 as I watched her barefoot walk one row across to the table. She was really a 6 - 7 but she got extra credit for her feet being between my legs and that raised her to a 10 plus she was barefoot with pretty painted toes that were a light pink color. I came up with the idea to lean back in my seat so I had to slide my but forward in the seat. This moved my privates much closer to her foot if she puts it back up on my chair. She sits down and quickly puts her foot back up where it was and vroom her foot made sudden contact with my erection in my pants. She lifted her foot back and pushed it straight into my hard private and said Sit back in your seat. I scooted my butt back into the seat and it was like she was also pushing me with her foot. I sat all the way back and her foot remained in contact with my hotot. I could feel her foot my d*** was pressed under the sole of her right barefoot. It was as hard as it could be. I was now nervous because sometimes when I am really hard my hotot pulsates and kind of flexes on its own. I was concentrating this would not happen. It happened it started to flex a little and she must of felt it but she did say anything or show any kind of gesture that she felt it. A few seconds later she pushed her foot forward and my hotot started to flex on its own. It was trying to get harder. She made no reaction a few moments later a smile went across her face but she never looked at me. This moment was the first time in my life that my hotot had been so hard and under the soles of a pretty barefoot. I wanted to touch her foot so bad and move her foot against my hotot until It released a load. I sat there for a time every now and then glancing down at her foot the sight was pure extasy for me. Just the feeling of her foot touching against my hotot in my pants was absolutely the best feeling I had felt so far in my life. Our project had something to do wtih cars. We started talking about driving and I was trying to ask her key questions that might make her push her foot foward and it worked. I asked her something like did you floor it when you drove. and other questions somehow related to revving or flooring the gas pedal. When she answered most of the questions she pushed her foot and it made me feel like I was possibly her gas pedal. The whole incident changed my life . She finished our project and she started telling me about how she took her brothers truck a Ford Ranger to a field near her home and she did donuts flooring it and it was stick shift. She really pushed her foot against my Hotot really hard and she looked right at me and ask me if that was my Hotot her foot was touching. I responded with yes it is and it feels really good just your foot being right there. She asked me what it feels like? I just said real good . She starts to rub just a little bit her foot up and down on my hotot and she asked me how that feels? I could hardly speak when I said omg amazing.. My first thought was this must be what heaven feels like. I glanced down to look at her foot and as soon as I did I felt this hot tingle inside my body like it wanted to come out and I started to c** really hard in my pants and underwear. I was done coming and I had to grab her foot with my hand to stop her from rubbing my hotot. She ask me what happened I could feel your thing pushing against my foot. I just stared at her for a time I could not speak. Finally when I was able to talk I quickly whispered "you just made me c** and it felt amazing. I rubbed the sole of her foot just below her toes with my thumb. She said that felt really good for me not to stop. I owed her that much.

Mar 20

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