A Story about the Founders

That I think, the founders of our country were all rebels in one way or another, and they defied Great Britain, and against all odds, won. Now, I feel like the system has become more about money and less about Love. The government expects you to ask them for things when you have your own authority within you that answers to no one, except God.

Jan 19, 2021

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  • I only answer to Cthulhu.

  • Same

  • America was a nation founded by revolting against the mother country leaded by anointed king.

    That is what today's political parties especially the Democrats fear the most. They know the tiny police forces and small domestic military force can not protect them from the people.

    I don't care either way who rules, they are all liars and crooks. Play the system who ever is in charge.

    They stay in power by paying a small amounts in welfare and give aways to the fools who vote for them.

  • Imagine being a republican and making life worse for the rest of us who want equality and socialism

  • Do we ever listen to that loving God? We just keep making the same futile mistakes, over and over again! In reality, we are not really learning. LOVE & GOD should always come first.

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