I'm not happy

I am not happy and I feel like no one notices. I feel invisible to everyone. No one ever wants to talk to me. I have no one to confess my true feelings to. My life is empty. I don't feel alive like a 16 year old should.

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  • hey that must be a great world where no one cares about looks because i've been hated on for my looks really but i have been friends with some really mopey people and i talked to them alot and made them happy because i was nice ok! :) Have a nice day

  • Noone notices coz your age group is completely obsessed with themselves.

    Ever think that maybe noone wants to talk to you coz you're a miserable unhappy person? Who wants to talk to someone like that? I bet YOU don't want to have conversations with miserable depressed people, do you? So why would others?

    Want to be happy? It's nobody else's job to make you happy so do it for yourself. Figure out what's making you unhappy and change it. If you're not the type of person who you would want to be friends with, chances are noone else would want to either. So figure out what sort of person you WOULD want to be friends with, identify the parts of yourself that are NOT like that, and change them. Oh a hint: It's NOTHING to do with what you look like, so don't even go there.

    Pretty simple really.

  • UH actually it has a lot to do with what I look like. My school judges people based on looks and I don't go moping around school wearing black and scowling at everyone I see. I smile I laugh and I joke with people. I understand that its no one elses job to make me happy I didn't ask anyone to make me happy...I was venting, I was mad and I'm doing it again.

  • if you don't mind i would like to talk to you so please confess your feelings to me i'm here for you every one needs a friend

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