I jerked off to pictures on instagram

I created a bullshit Instagram account and found my cousins daughters page. I have not seen her in years and she has grown up to be a beautiful, sexy young women. She posted pics of herself wearing a thong bikini. well i used them to m********* to at least 7 times in the past week. I even left her a note saying how sexy she is and that i hope she posts some more pictures so can j*** off to them as well

Jan 20, 2021

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  • I am a guy 17 as is my girfriend Jenni. Two year ago when she was 15,she finially made her First Holy Communion with the class of 2nd graders.She was dressed like the little girls in her class in a cute,poofy,short sleeve,knee length communion dress and veil with lace socks and white patent leather shoes.Under her dress she wore a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants just like the little girls wear.She sent me some selfies of her in her tee shirt,diaper and plastic pants before her dress was put on,then a couple more of her with her dress and veil on holding up the front of her dress and showing her diaper and plastic pants.I printed out the photos of her on my printer and now look at them when i m*********!

  • Ya I do too and I don’t waste a drop

  • My story is a little different. My niece was always close to me when she was a child and young teen. She went off to college and did not see her much for years. She married a great guy and now she is in her early 40s. The family would get together a few times during the years and I had an occasion to chat with her husband. A few years ago I spoke to him and the conversation included some suggestion talk about the wife and niece. I told him while he is young, if he gets the chance, he should take some pictures of her and if possible some nudes. I said one day when you are old like me you will have those pics to look at and remember how great she looked. Fast forward 10 years and they came for a visit and at some point I asked if he had made the pictures that we had talked about years before. He surprised me and said yes he did have a pic or two. Of course I said how about letting me see one. Well it took some time but I got to see a beautiful 40 year old in all her glory. He would not email a pic but I managed to have my phone on video and with some effort I got the pic and he never new it. I have since reviewed every inch of that pic and yes I know I was wrong but for just a minute or to that pic made me feel younger that I have been for years. Can’t wait til they visit again!!!

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