I love to give head to married men

I am older married male and I love to meet married men and give them head I find it so very enjoyable to have a mans c*** to suck and being there marriied to I always feel safe when they c** for me and I swallow

Jan 20, 2021

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  • I can relate to this guy, I am a older man and love sucking married and straight c***. A married guy appreciates my lips parted and wrapped around his swollen c***, as it is a pleasure for him in that his wife is hesitant to do or is just no good at it? Being a man I know the pleasure points, especially on the head? When he goes off and c** starts flowing I always hear his moan. , and you know what the married gents usually return for seconds, I do what I'm best at,

  • Sounds normal to me!

  • I can't get my head around this one! You are married and you want to do this sexual act with other men. If I was married to you, I would have walked out the door - No questions asked!

  • I am married but wife would never agree to this. i do tho want to explore this but cant seem to find anyone for me in nz. get so hor...y just thinking and wanting this

  • I am a straight married 30 years and wear panties 24/7. I my wife loves it and is so kinky. She always fantized about me sucking a C+++ and watching me. I tried it and now I cant get enough. I love P++++ eating and s** but love the feeling of warm C-- in my mouth. now I understand how woman love giving head. True story!

  • I am bi.i love my panties thongs,short skirts no panties.like you i like to feel a c*** in my mouth c** pulse up the shaft in to my mouth.giving head makes my feminine side c** out.

  • I'm in my early twenties and recently married and my wife is fine with me in panties. I mostly bottom because I was pretty good at it since I was a preteen. I also s#ck c@ck but still looking like a teenager with a fresh firm @as has been my best quality.

  • How can you claim to be straight !!?!!?!
    You are sick. Normal straight blokes DON'T suck d*** !!!

  • Said by a homophobic who never tried it.

  • Mmmmm I absolutely luv giving head and my wife has watched me blowing our fwb's making him nice and hard for my wife to enjoy

  • My wife likes to watch me suck c*** we have even tag team a few guys toghther.she likes my crossdressing to.she has watched me get laid she even took his c*** and guide into my butt.

  • Where do you live? I would love to go down on you! Married also and wife loves knowing I love C+++.

  • I want to be sucked dry by a guy as wife watches

  • I love to also

  • I'm in high school and $tuck married guys all the time.

  • You are f****** sick.
    Proper men don't suck c***.
    Only faggots do that.

  • A f***** is a bundle of sticks. And I am pretty sure they dont suck c*** like I do.

  • Not true

  • But still I love to eat p******.....

  • Me too. But hot c++ is so sweet. I never thought it would turn me on so much.

  • Real man eats p****...

  • And will suck a hard C+++

  • Tell me more

  • I like it

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