I like messing with him

I been flirting with my cousin it's just a little fun,I'm 13 and he's just turned 16 he knows what im doing and tells me to stop but i do it even more, the other day i was asking him if he was more of a man than the few lads i been with i just kept going on to him and he quickly grabbed me by my wrists and held them above my head against a tree and i was still teasing him and with one hand he stuck it up my denim skirt and yanked my underwear down i kept saying he doesn't have the b**** to go any further and he said i will see and then undone his jeans and seen his hard d*** and moved in to position and in he went hard he was calling me a dirty s*** i did say to it easy but he wasn't listening and when i told him not to c** inside me he did he back away and laughed and said next time it should be somewhere warmer.

Jan 24, 2021


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  • Love it!! Use a little reverse psychology, ha you hooked up again since?

  • I let my young teen brother do me twice

  • Well done

  • 👍 nice

  • I've f***** my cousin multiple times and love it.

  • How long ago and A/S/L?

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