Taking my stepdaughter and her friend to a party

My stepdaughter and her friend are both 14, her friend spends the night every weekend with us since my wife is gone on the weekends. There’s been sexual tension between my stepdaughter and I and we’ve actually had s** one day when I came home and saw her naked in her bed masturbating. Well I feel like she had talked about that with her friend because now she gives me signs. Well one Friday night around 10 I got invited to this party, as I was getting ready my stepdaughter asked me where I was going so I told her, she and her friend pleaded me if they can go so I said why not. They both came out dressed in these skin tight dresses. They’re 14 but these girls are really athletic so there bodies are tempting. I made a comment telling them that they look fukn bad so we took off. When we got there they had hip hop music on and instantly they wer on the dance floor. Grinding on some boys they go to school with. I sat back and watched them with a friend of mine and of course we had tons of beer. They both came back when they got tired and asked if they can have a beer so I gave them one. After a few hours I know I was pretty drunk and they wer to. I went into my truck to do a little bit of powder when my stepdaughter climed in and saw me. She said she wanted to sit in there with me for a while and she wanted me to put music. After a few minutes I kept watching her run her legs up and down until she pushed her dress up to where I could see her underwear. She knew I was starring at her and she said you haven’t seen how my thong looks on the back, she said her ass looks big with them on and she got up and showed me her ass. I reached over and started touching her, she bent over a little so I started rubbing on her p****, I know what she wanted. After I rubbed on her p**** she let her breast out. She is hot. She leaned towards me and started taking off my belt. I pulled my pants down to my ankles and she started sucking on my d***, I was super hard I put the seat all the way back grabbed a condom and she got on top of me and slid my d*** inside her. I remember being able to grab her fat juicy ass with my hands and helped her hop on my d***. She put her arms around my neck to hold me, the way that she moaned loudly in my ear got me going harder, I knew she was a little drunk. All of a sudden the back door opens to my truck and her friend jumps in and closes the door, I told my stepdaughter we had to stop but she kept going. Her friend said why do I need to stop, she said I was standing outside when she was giving you head and She was watching us. She said she was turned on. While my stepdaughter kept riding me, I couldn’t help but look back at her friend because she kept spreading her legs. I told her to jump on the passenger side because I wanted her to watch us so she did. I reached over and pulled her panties down I could feel that she was really wet already. As I slid my finger in and out of her she let out a moan, I asked her to take her dress off because she was next, my stepdaughter looks at her and said we’re going to make him c** so many times. She got off of me and I made her put that seat all the way down to. She knew how she wanted me to f*** her because she bent over and arched her back and grabbed the headrest to the seat and said do it hard. I got behind her and she instantly felt how hard and big it was, she let out a cry telling me your d*** is so thick I can feel your fat head and veins rubbing my c***. She turned me on even more by the way she was moaning so loud. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled it and instantly I felt her c****** on my d***. I stopped and pulled it out and she said no not yet I want more and I told her I only pulled out because I didn’t want the condom on anymore, I wanted to feel them both without it. I went back in and the difference was fukn amazing. I kept f****** that little girl so hard, they’re p***** felt so tight around my d***. I could feel how swollen her c*** was. I asked her to talk dirty to me I want to hear what I make her say while i was f****** her. And instantly she was telling me keep f****** me please don’t stop Milo, this is your p**** do what you want with it. I was so amped up I kept pulling her hair. Baby I’m c****** again she yelled. I wanted her to ride me like my stepdaughter did so we changed position. She put her feet on the seat and her hands on my chest and she was f****** me. She kept moaning and I told her don’t stop baby I’m going to c** and I exploded inside her. I wasn’t done though, now I bent my stepdaughter over and same with her, I came inside her so much also.


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  • I have two stepdaughters that I’d love to do this to, Ive talked to my wife about us teaching them but she’s not down with it.

  • When I was 15 my girlfriend was 13 and I would f*** her in her ass.

  • I love to do blow and f***. I would put some on their a**** and sniffed it off.

  • P*** is not like real life. 14-year-olds do not have sexual skills. This is creative fiction.

  • That is awesome. Now you need to get your s/daughter and friend touching each other. I love having 3somes with a guy f****** me fast and hard in the ass, as I am eating p****. Everytime he rams me hard, I go farther in that p****.

  • I’ll look forward to that. Honestly, I j******* all the time because they send me pictures

  • Can you send me some pictures of both of you. I love young p****. And c***. Bigdieselguy1234@yahoo.com send as many as you would like I got really turned on\hard reading this. Wish I had a step daughter and hot friend to f***...

  • Love stroking my d*** to yungp ussy

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