Touch my boobies

I just want someone to suck on my t***. It could be like a dry nursing or just someone obsessed with fondling and sucking t***. No s**. Just sucking on my nips and squeezing my b****. It could be male or female, any (legal) age, any size. I'd even like a stranger just grabbing my b****. I just like the way it feels when my t*** are fondled and sucked. Am I weird?

Jan 28, 2021

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  • A couple times a week I put a small wad of money in my purse ($1, $5, $10 dollar bills) and drive around. I wear a super translucent, or lace, or open knit top with a button shirt or jacket over top. I scope out homeless beggars pandhandling on the street corners and median strips. I make sure my shirt or jacket is wide open and I pull up to give them money. They almost all see and look, some ask if they can look or touch, some have just touched, one asked if he could suck them and I had to pull into a parking lot to let him. I had one tell me my shirt was open and they could see eveyrhing (no s***, sherlock!) I return to the man who sucked them every week or two and I frequent the ones who will squeeze or pinch them right away but sometimes its fun to discover a new one. One woman said she'd eat my p**** but I said no thanks. And if anyone else sees me I just pull my shirt or jacket closed and no one's the wiser. It's sexy, I feel good and some bum gets a few bucks of charity plus gets lucky! Nothin' illegal here, officer.

  • Thats a good idea i am going to do that.
    I drive sometimes with my b****** exposed

  • No perfectly normal

    Enjoy the process of discovering yourself


  • No you aren’t weird. I’ll suck your t*** if you’ll suck my d***. It still has some of my mother in laws p**** juice on it from earlier.

  • Pervy troll

  • Ok..I promise I will just suck some milk and puss juice and let you go...wh d f r u ?

  • Yes, you are weird!

  • You are about as normal as it gets. The b****** are sensitive for a reason and you should enjoy that sensation. Thanks for your honesty and have fun! You should have no difficulty finding participants!

  • If they are as stupid as you, of course you would have no difficulties finding rat bags like yourself!

  • The other poster is right. Everything is designed to encourage reproduction. This is Biology 101.

  • No, you are not weird ... you know what you enjoy and want to explore it. Just curious: would you like more than one person to play with your t*** and suck on your nipples ?

  • One on each teet sounds good to me. Suck them udders.

  • With all honesty, do you need anyone? Just pleasure yourself.

  • She can't suck her own nipples, dummy.

  • Do you honestly need anyone? Just pleasure yourself.

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