I love my coach

I have had a thing for one of my coaches for a long time, The other day I finally acted on it and it worked out so much better than anticipated, I spent hours at home coming up with the perfect outfit and sprung my trap the next day. After practice I went to his office limping and told him my ankle hurt.
I sat down, and lifted my foot and I could feel the cool breeze up the leg of my shorts and I knew he had a full on stright in view of my vag, I watched his bulge in his pants grow as he checked my ankle then when he went to get me an ankle support I adjusted my shorts even more and he sat down, Lifted my foot and put it on his lap, Held my foot and carefully slid the ankle support on, I watched as he pretended not to be looking at my vag and he was so nervous.
As he asked if it felt better I reached down and touched myself then looked at him and said "Coach *****" He instantly started appologizing and I still had my leg on his lap and he went to stand up, i winced in fake pain and he aplogized.
I looked at him and said "Relax...It's a v*****, You're married and have kids, You have seen them before", He explained why it was wrong to see mine and I said "Well, It's too late now, You already seen it and I don't care so...", He looked at me and said "You don't care if I see it?", I scoffed and said "No, Whatever, It's a vag, Every girl has one and like I said I am sure you have seen lots". He looked at me and gently put my foot down, I left with my fake limp and the next day went back to see him telling him I couldn't get the ankle support on by myself. I had a skirt on and when he lifted my right leg onto his lap I lifted my left one and put it on the back of his chair, he looked right in and said "Stacy...No", I said "Just take a look and get it out of the way so it's not awkward anymore" He stared and I reached down, started rubbing it and 15 minutes later I was bent over the desk panting and gasping for air after my first o***** with a helper and he stood behind me pumping his load into me and thumb rubbing my butt hole.
So many better days to come.

Jan 28, 2021

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  • This is why I'm not a teacher. My attractions are not appropriate.

  • I swear, just putting teen p**** in front of a make teacher is all they need to get driven to f*** it.

    I agree with other commenter, he probably f**** every athletic girl on campus now. Goes home to his wife with empty b**** and a head full of good memories.

  • Ooooh, you got him hooked now. He's gonna be blowing loads in every freshman track and cheerleading class he coaches. Good on you, tbh, it'll probably make him a better coach - letting out some of his frustrations with his girls by roughing them up in the bedroom (and office, apparently ;) )

  • Wow. I did the same with my track coach in high school.

    It’s funny, when your young mature men are the best. Now that I’m 50 I crave young men.

    Sooo funny.


  • Sounds like you took lessons from my wife

  • You stupid girl!

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