Being used

My mum has been with her new guy for a year at first he was nice and she started letting him stay while she was out,few months after it changed he accidentally put a p**** on and asked if i minded seeing it i didn't as ive never seen one before,he was making comments about me looking like one of the girls in the movie that he said was fit,I could see it was turning him on and i told him i will let him watch it alone around 10 minutes later he came knocking on my bedroom door i told him i was fine and he opened the door and came in naked of course i was looking at his hard d*** and he asked if i wanted to touch it i couldn't even speak and he was right up close to me and i held it thinking that was going to be it he talked me in to putting it in my mouth next thing was he was having s** with me,he made me feel special and wanted him whenever my mum was out,it never always happened because my older cousin would sometimes be here having a drink with him,if i came in the room it would go silent, yesterday afternoon they both having a drink i was waiting for him to leave and when my mum's bf came up he said my cousin has left and we started fooling around and he stopped me and said he had a surprise for me and soon as he said it my cousin appeared my mum's bf said he told him everything and was up for it to,I was kneeling down sucking both c**** and then asked if i was going to be getting shagged anytime soon and it didn't take long before they both had there fun,I'm 14 and it's got to be the best thing ive done.

Jan 29, 2021

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  • You go girl, might as well get it when you are still young and all tight and attractive to let’s be honest (EVERYONE) despite what These anti s** d**** say. Could you tell how excited they where to get you in that way? How much effort was it to fit? Thanks for sharing

  • Well afterall she enjoyed it

  • The idea behind this is write fake and get real comments...Fuc k off

  • Written by a male.

  • O-o

  • You deserve a better life, young girl.

  • You little nympho lol im hard now

  • Same

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