I’m trans

Transphobic people say you can’t change genders but that’s pretty obvious lmao we can change our outside and insides to match the other gender also it’s not a choice stop being bothered by someone’s happiness that’s some weird b**** s*** also just stfu and go live your life stop being annoyed by someone els obviously your to busy as home sitting in your own s*** and p*** being transphobic online but can’t pop s*** outside XOXO tranny 😘

Jan 29, 2021

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  • Transphobic people and people who don't mind trans but are sick of their pushy noisy bullshit are two very different groups. The fact that you refuse to differentiate between them tells me you are just as closed minded as the transphobes.

    That is not surprising. Extremists (who are usually mentally ill) all share the common trait of "I'm right and unless you *emphatically* agree with me, you are not just wrong but also bad"-- IOW, the opposite of open-minded, a quality which you keep screaming for like a hungry infant but won't offer in return.

    Grow up and get help. Like a lobotomy or a Lithium Rx.

  • Not transphobic ... Gender dysphoria is a real mental health issue and you should be in counseling as the suicide rate is high in the dysphoria community. My only issue with transgendered (those with gender dysphoria) is they think they should be allowed to compete in woman's sports. They should not...

  • Exactly. Because MEN are still MEN even though they remain convinced all it takes to be a woman is a dress, long hair, and acting bitchy. No, retards, the BIOLOGY is still there, even if you have your w*** cut off. I know you fuckwits have heard of hormones, well, your body makes them too. They're not just injectable. And the on-board ones will still be around no matter how many drugs you shove into your overloaded bodies.

  • Your all dumb it don’t matter how you was rased I was born in Nebraska very strict conservative house hold and I still grew up trans it’s not a choice and it don’t make use mentally disabled lol I make 25$ an hour and I own 5 card and own my house if I was disabled I wouldn’t own everything

  • What are you trying to imply? If you believe the human race is blemished because of tranny people, what are you going to do about it? Seriously, you can not eliminate these people off the planet just because you can not tolerate them!
    There are worse people in our universe who you have failed to overlook. Murderers, rapists, podophiles and the list goes on...…….. As long as you don't harm anyone, I consider people to be relatively civil. People are becoming complacent and accepting violence, aggression, perverse and devious behaviour. It is becoming the 'norm!' These days, if you are honest (truth teller), you are considered a criminal. I believe that if we don't start living harmoniously wit one another, another Hitler will be in the making.

  • You have been so busy "believing" that you have missed recent events. And humans will never live harmoniously, especially as long as the attitude of whatever I feel is right and everyone else is wrong is the rule of the land

  • Ya rite we todully believe u cuz ppl who makes english like u do rilly own a house n lotsa cards, i have lots of cards too dat make me rich an stuff lol

  • No thank- you. I don't need your intervention or need you to persuade me, otherwise! Thank you all the same.

  • It's almost as if trying to force my personal beliefs onto everyone else is like a BAD thing or something.

  • Just hope i don't come across you ill beat the sense back into you

  • There are more notable issues than knocking back someone's gender. If you change your gender, does this make one mentally unstable or a freak? If we put our differences aside and accept people for who they are, there would be more LOVE in this universe. So if I have a different opinion to another person, this also puts me in the category of being crazy or a freak. If we accepted people for who they are and respected peoples opinions without the hostility or judgement, this world would be a better place. Until that day comes, we are always going to have hostility and indifferences towards our fellow man. Look at Carlotta. Nothing stands in her way and some people respect her for who she is! A lot of famous people were transgender. They put up with a lot of bullying and hostility towards their gender. Who are we to judge when they are human beings like you and me. Just because they change their gender, does this make them less worthy? I should think not! If they are not hurting anyone and doing their best to survive and do what ever makes them happy, then we have no RIGHT to judge.

  • We have the right to judge when we are being bludgeoned with the other person's ideology and are commanded to not just accept it, but loudly adore it.

    There would be more LOVE in this universe if people didn't use their personal beliefs and feelings as weapons.

    Redirect your histrionics to where they belong, with ANYONE who tries to force feed their beliefs to anyone else. That is the opposite of loving, and if you cannot see that, you have no place having hysterical fits on a stranger's behalf.

    Good day to you.

  • Please explain!

  • PLeAsE eXpLaIn, i rEaLlY wAnT tO hAvE a uSeLeSs fIgHt sO i cAn pLaY mArTyR

  • Do you need pictures colored in crayon? READ, fool.

  • Transphobic people can go kill them selfs your why the world is f***** up you b****** can get anything through your heads what so ever your all so stupid and backwards all you can say is at least I’m not trans like is that supposed to be an insult ? Cuz it really isn’t being trans made me Beautiful and helped me so much it made me feel better plus I got no hate it’s just funny how it’s always transphobic people who just sit at a computer and talk s*** l**** if I walked in your room 10/10 of you wouldn’t do s*** cuz I would beat yo ass

  • Oh shut up.

  • LOL, confused little badazz wants to be a lady but talks trash like a boyyyyy, talk about unstable

  • Boys and girls talk the same stupid it just depends how you was rased

  • Trash talks the same language, STUPID. "depends how you was rased"? Go find a grownup and a dictionary and begin to learn from each, you diseased ret@rd.

  • It’s pretty funny how a lot of you got mad and we don’t yell around that we are trans we just go about our day but it’s always the stupid conservatives that like to push there religious beliefs on people who don’t give one f*** also nobody cares if it’s unnatural at the end of the day everyone sees me as a girl and I will forever be a girl cuz that’s what I am stop being childish and grow tf up and go make money that’s why your all broke and can’t afford thousands of dollars on surgeries like I can

  • Dude, if "you" (more like your mommy) can afford thousands of dollars on surgeries, then YOU can afford some tutelage in basic English composition. One long run-on sentence makes you sound breathless and hysterical, and there's nothing in your verbiage to counter that, so it's probably accurate.
    So shut your idiot mouth, open your empty little head, and learn how to live IN the world. You aren't even remotely "above" it, despite mommy telling you so since before she crapped you out. Welcome to reality.

  • The time for precious idiots like you is coming to a close. "I have decided reality is THIS way and if you disagree you suck!!!!1!!!"
    The same freedom that allows you to whine and yell about being trans allows others to tell YOU how THEY feel about it. If you're so fragile that you can't abide hearing anything but mooing praise, you're not fit to live on this sorry planet.
    Grow a real set and sit the h*** down.

  • First of all nobody said we need to be praised it’s just the fact that your such a loser you need to be bothered by something also being trans isn’t a choice and it’s an actual fact

  • If you don't need attention, then you don't need to be praised. If you want to live "normally", then you learn how the world around you works and you find your spot in it without applause. Now stop screeching at everyone who disagrees with precious little YOU, because all you're doing is sounding mentally unstable, which doesn't help your cause one bit.

  • Born a man you die a man born a woman you die a woman you can't just wake up one day and say your the opposite s** you THINK you are but your not so try again dude 😂

  • MtF always seem to think long hair and a dress = "I know exactly what it's like to be a woman". That's the first and best red flag that you're dealing with someone delusional.

  • Even the ones who take hormones to grow b**** do not know what it's like, and never will. The opposite is true too, which is something that Page person ought to be learning right now if SHE has a brain in HER head!

  • Get mental help. Not from a liberal psychologist who will say it’s normal. It’s not

  • It actually is pretty normal your just to stupid to understand it

  • Keep your butthurt politics out of it, moron

  • You have a mental illness you weirdo

  • And I fix it by being trans

  • No, you fix it by getting help and shutting up once in a while. Or just keep wailing every time you don't get backpats for being special and burn out in your 20s. Either way, you seem determined to be a big sparkly waste of life. Be a quiet one, unless you lack any sort of inner strength.

  • F****** weirdo q****.
    Go boil your head

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